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And welcome back to NASA studios today, I'm in can the French riviera where I was born and raised we're about to do a beginner abs and glued workout. So if you're ready let's jump on our mats and let's begin all right. Guys. Go all the way down on your back and center yourself on your mat, let's begin by activating our core lift, your head and shoulder and bring one leg in table, top extend it and bring it back tabletop. Just like this, your arms are reaching long by your hips, stabilizing, the leg, extend. And then lower it down and bring the other legging tabletop, repeat the same motion, try to keep your chin away from your chest, your shoulders away from your ears, and the abdominal are scooped in and up lower the leg and release your head on the mat, bring your knees into your chest, give yourself a little stretch here moving on both leg and tabletop lift, your head and shoulder, reach your arms by your hips.

Now, you're going to extend one leg at a time and switch it up beautiful, just like this your hips. And shoulders are stable your arms are reaching away from your ears. And the breath is relaxed and in sync with the legs few more here and bring both leg and tabletop, stay there. One more breath and bring your knees into your chest, release your head on the mat and stretch your legs, bring your hands behind your knee, crease rock yourself up to assisted position now go into a c curve open one arm to the side come back center, targeting the obliques, so you're, creating a little tilt in your pelvis. Protecting your lower back here, scooping your abdominal in and up and keep alternating your arms, keep breathing deep inhale and exhale and now reach your arms to the ceiling, stretch your spine around your back square again, expand articulate bone by bone and roll halfway down keep going like this massage, your spine and round it up stretch it to the ceiling beautiful. And now lower all the way down to your mat, bring your knees into your chest. And now we're going to stretch one leg at a time, keep.

One into your chest, extend the other leg long on the floor and switch it up the leg that is on the floor is reaching away from you find the stretch in your hip flexors. And now place one hand on top of the other behind your neck, one leg to the ceiling. Other legging table, top you're going to lift your head up lower the straight leg closer to the floor, lower the head and tap the legged table-top to the floor lift your head up lower the leg, bring your head down and tap the toes down, keep going like. This we're working the coordination, beautiful and again, lift your head up. Lower the leg, lower the head, lower the leg gorgeous, the abdominal are scooped in and up and switch leg, extend and tap the toes again, reach up lower and have the toes. Great job.

Guys, keep going just like this and give me a couple more here. You can do it lift your head up tap the toes down and bring your legs closer to your chest, stretch the back of your hamstring we're going to move on to the scissor lift your head up and. Shoulder, grab behind your calf and switch leg, pulse, twice towards your chest and switch. It up keep the leg as straight as you can go as low as your body allows you to and pull switch, pull switch and bring your knees into your chest. Let's take a little breather, you're going to extend your arms by your ears, your legs on the floor. You stretch your spine, and we're going to move on to our shoulder bridge feet on the floor, knees, hip distance apart lift your lower back middle back, upper back. Into your shoulder bridge and lower bone bible again, initiate from the pelvis.

You lower back your middle back your upper back and lower bone by bone, try to have a diagonal line from your knees to your hips and shoulders and roll down again, keeping your rib cage soft, your chin away from your chest. And your breath is relaxed bring your arms to the ceiling now and lower halfway down and squeeze behind your glutes, stabilizing, your shoulders and up beautiful gorgeous that requires a lot of stability. A lot of control now, lower your arms bring the back up lower by your hips and up to the ceiling, try not to lower your hips. Your abdominal are engaged. The back of your leg is tight, the arms down and up and couple more beautiful work here and lower bone by bone to the mat, rock yourself up to a seated position. And now let's move on to our all force shoulder, right above the wrist and hips right above the knees, curl your toes under press and lift your knees, a couple of inches off just stay there. Beautiful tabletop, try to keep your hips on the same level as your shoulders.

Now you got to press your hips up to the ceiling, extend your leg in your downward facing dog, bend your knees and stretch your legs go to the balls of your feet. Lower your heels again, clean your knees reach up roll of it. Lower the heels, bend the knee, you're going to feel a nice stretch behind your calf in your hamstrings press in the palm of your hand. Your shoulders are away from your ears and relevant resist. When you go. Down now just relev and down, no bend in the knee anymore, working our calves, gorgeous press down and lift back into your all force, untuck your toes and get into a child's pose reach your hips closer to your heels arms away from you and roll up Bombay bone, all right, let's get back into our old force, curl your toes under lift your knees up.

Now you have to tap one knee at a time with the opposite hand, we're trying to keep our hips level. So if you look at my body I'm, trying as hard as I can not to. Bring my hips to the ceiling, we are really targeting the obliques here and the back of the legs and lower your knees down untuck your toes. One more child's pose here.

If you want a deeper stretch lift, your hips to the ceiling and sink, your shoulders closer to the mat, your chest is releasing on top of your thighs. Beautiful job, guys all right. Let's, go back into our old force, and you're going to extend one leg at a time into your plank and bring one knee in one knee in go back into your plank. So. You're alternating the leg coming in and the leg coming out, same motion we're, trying not to have our hips go higher than our shoulders press into your hands shoulders away from your ears, abdominal scooped in and up and stay in your plank now, beautiful squeeze your glutes and lower your knees, bend your elbows go into your cobra, stretch your abdominal here, extend your arms look to the ceiling. Take a moment here and let's begin our last exercise for today. Extend one leg behind you and the opposite.

Arm by your ear lift, the leg up bend your knee elbow to knee and reach out crunch in and lengthen to the opposite direction, arm and toes beautiful. The arm that is on the floor is pushing the floor away. And now tap the leg down and up down and up that's it working the stability in your hips in your core glute is engaged now bend the knee and pulse it up for ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two last one and let's reverse. Extend the other leg along behind. You opposite arm by your ear and. Crunch inward knee to elbow and lengthen away that's it just like this gorgeous shape here try not to arch your lower back, so you're expanding, but you're, not arching. Now tap the leg down and up down and up, especially here it's.

The back of the leg is the glute that is active, not your lower back abdominal, engage bend your knee and pull sit up four, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one beautiful job. Guys. Alright, guys you did it beautiful work today. Thank you for your trust. Don't.

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Dated : 19-Apr-2022

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