18 Straight Even Grains On This Cricket Bat For Less Than £150 Amazing Value

Hi guys, it's, honey from eclipse, all sports I just wanted to bring another quick video review today, we're going to be looking at the DSC Condor Drive cricket bat. So this offers exceptional value for money. I will just show you what you're actually getting for your money. So if you look at those grains, absolutely stunning, this is class as a grade 3 grade, 4 cricket, bat. And yeah, just look at those grains, beautiful nice. And even through the toe, pleasant, thick toe as well looking around about a thirty. One.Thirty-two millimeter thickness in the middle around the 25 towards the edge, they're, not perfectly straight, but the pleasant and even, and they're running nicely through the face of the bat.

You've got tongue a little of hard wood down the right under outside edge. You got a little of fiber tape, added that goes underneath the stickers as well. These edges are slightly rounded. The face is flat.

And the tour is pretty flat as well. So if you have a look at that edge, thickness, it's, pleasant and even all. The way down the edge, and you've got a pleasant even Boswell, and you're looking at 37, 38 millimeter edge. But just look how thick it carries on all the way down the blade and up towards the handle as well. So a very even thickness and same on this side as well. And then if you look down, the spine, there's, very little would take now I'd like to say, a pleasant, thick, two, and those grains are going pretty well through the back you get quite a lot of stickers on the back.

And then the spine up into the handle. The. Biggest plus for me is this handle it's very thick, well for an Indian bat is very thick handle for an English, but I would say it was a medium thickness and pleasant semi oval. Bottom hand, round towards the top, a pleasant diamond, dimple grip as well.

And you've got the three clock inserts in the handle. And so if you just look at that shape, you've got a pleasant duck ball, to ship, a nice even spread of way across the blade as well. So yet, the wear on this one is to 11.5 rounds, so it's a medium where cricket bat. Ball see how it picks up, and then we'll give it a tap with the ball. So for me, it picks up very well, I reckon with this stick handle. It certainly helps balance on the pickup.

And it feels really pleasant in the hands and I would say probably feels an ounce lighter than they the dead weight. So around the two ten point, five comes through the drives really well. You don't really feel the weight through the drive. And if you pick it up above your hip, you can feel the weight a little above your hip. So if.

You've got some pores. You can feel the weight a little, and then probably a couple in next sessions. There are quite a few see marks on the face there. So it's, not firm press, it's still quite soft, but I, just think it needs a bit of planing. So once it's been knocked in it's, probably going to take a few net sessions before it starts reaching this peak performance. But yeah, it's a very good cricket. Bat from what I can see and value for money.

Wise that you're getting this for a hundred and forty-nine.Ninety-nine, so that is exceptional value for money, you're looking around eighteen grains on this one. So yeah, we'll just show you those grins again, beautiful looking bat. So if you like grains, and you want in the back of the budget then this one is the one for you. So it also comes with a free DSC back cover. You also get free. You can mail and delivery as well.

So you want to purchase this cricket bat. You can click the link in description, it'll take you over to the website. We do ship all over the. World if your destination country is not coming up in the shipping quad, then drop me a message or an email and I will look an at the website and create a shipping call for you. So for the currency exchange, a few people are asking for us to convert pounds to rupees.

If you have a look at the top right-hand corner of the website screen, you can see the different currencies that are available. We do update the currency exchange quite regularly. So it should be fairly accurate.

So the PayPal exchange rate. May vary slightly from what's given on the website, but there shouldn't be a massive difference. So it should give you some idea of what kind of prices you're looking for in your currency.

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Dated : 04-May-2022

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