¡Increíble Pero Cierto! | Update 6.02 De Ps4 No Elimina El Virus | Cuidado Puedes Ser Victima De El

Greetings, I am the crazy gamer and today, I bring you. What is a very interesting, topic, incredible, but true, even with the 6.02 update, the error that you have to format your console is still alive, well, First, let's go with the hype, let's go. There , very well, Let's. Start with this issue. Since many people told me that it was solved, You know, Then, when you give a piece of news, you have to follow up and say, if it is solved, not only is it enough for me to make a piece of news.

And say, for example, they attacked sonny and left the news and didn't update and say, look, it's solved, They're here and it solved. The problem, I started to investigate. Because many of my subscribers told me that it's already been solved, but to be honest, the virus isn't, still there like I call if it's. Not a virus. Many people tell me crazy, even though it's not a virus it's. This is that good the error we're going to see the error it's still there with the 6.02 update it's, still the same virus.

There they will see on the screen a tweet, you are an officer where he gives you some instructions as a solution to prevent this that I have already given him, but I am going to give you the instructions as he tells you they are. And in this tweet, they are very good. And he tells you that you have to download their application for mobile, or for one more table, the application eliminates, the message put the console in safe mode.

And then you give option 5, which is like restoring databases. And thus. Avoid what is the problem?

No avoid. I was wrong here, not to avoid, but to solve if the console happens to you, what happens to you not having to format the console, but there are people who have done these steps and still have to reset the console format. It put it in the factory, and you would lose everything As I was reading because I took care of this reading and looking for information also on YouTube.

They have clarified it that it follows what this issue is. This error is and what it gives you. Is a solution, but they are, and it has not been eliminated, or the error has not been eliminated the same way and I see many people saying that if they are misreporting, because the error continues, they are and what it gives you is a solution for you to fix your console. If it happens to you and to avoid it this avoids it, you already know what to do all this, although it must be clarified that this tweet came out on October 15. And the update I think it came out on October 17 yesterday.

This is still. The absolution of son, and this is what you get for that, or that. The update was not even to cover this error had nothing to do with that, but they are, and it gives you this and tells you look. This is the solution. Supposedly, it is not a solution. They give you a solution, but why to correct the error if it happens to you, but I will tell you something if you have Many friends and a friend of this already know that there are many trolls, you sent him a message, believing that your friend has him on his.

Friends list and this happens as he wishes, it will happen to him, He will have to do these steps. And if it does not work, format, the console that have Looking at a list of friends. You are still in danger. Because if that friend sends you the message again, the same thing will happen to you. The error is still there. They are and nothing has been solved.

And many people are misinforming. And people are trusting I, don't know, don't trust him or put him in friend mode, because you don't know who wants to. Hurt you and send him this happy message, because even with a friend who is the option of friends, if they send it to him the same, or if he leaves it open, many people sure wouldn't leave it.

But it says, well, as they are saying out there that the problem has been solved, you can leave it open. What is the messaging service? And if they send it to you again, the exact same thing would happen, and you have to follow those instructions that they are. And they give you that's the way it is and a lot of people. Saying, crazy, it was solved and saying on YouTube that it was solved or on the forums. And it is a lie.

The error is still there, and it has not solved anything. Because after this update that the statement puts it only says improvement in performance, they are nowhere. And it says that this error has been eliminated. Nowhere. Does it say it only the statement says improvement in system performance, but the error remains the same. It has not done anything they are.

And it is incredible I, don't know what. Engineers they have, they are and I, don't know who they are. And instead of looking for good engineers to solve this.

He hires them to look for them. They know experts new people, new blood for marketing for PlayStation 5, looking for they already know professionals for this news that they are stuck when already they know, new blood, This marketing expert, people with a lot of potential, but better start looking for high-quality engineers, They are, and because your platform is, and it has more holes.Then a strainer, which a strainer knows, this, straining thing, I don't know how it is said in other countries, look how it is the security of Sony as you see it on the screen. I am not getting wet. I am not launching m. Furthermore, I am saying a reality, and it is what happens. You cannot def understand this. And there are people saying that it was solved.

There are people saying, for example, speaking badly to sonny, I'll solve that, come down, you're, a hater because now on YouTube, they want to mix you with. Others who are haters, but if you say, for example, you give your opinion impartially, as I always tried to give it, There are people like that who classify you as a hater, because that is what you are now, You are a hater for telling the truth, Nobody wants the truth to be told, They want it to be played freely now. And nothing is said. And if you say something you are already a hater, it is incredible.

What is happening here? There are people who know how to abuse use their style. They really do harm. They cause toxicity. There are many who do it. But for example, in my case, they want to put you in that group, or they want to make you a hater for telling the truth, and it really amuses me how YouTube is doing right now that everything is. You are a hater.

For example, with this video me, clarifying this. So that people understand what that it hasn't been solved and don't make the mistake of believing that it's already been solved and come back, or if it hasn't happened to you, let it happen to you, They'll tell you that you're a hater because you're clarifying this and that's how they catalog you, look at the oil, I'll, tell you the Honestly, gentlemen, to be honest, I'm going to continue the same way, I, don't care. What they say, there are people out there, now that you know, everything bothers them, It also bothers them, As you go up, they throw you, like you, pulling, but I'm, not in anyone I'm, not in anyone, and I'm. Here I know why? My channel tells me I know what my principles of my. Channel are, but if I had been really toxic I, tell you today I would have had a lot of subscribers I would have had a lot. Because if I had wanted to be, and I would have had much more because I am a person who knows how I would grow up on YouTube being a hater and which company to attack right now because right, now, for example, If you are a defender of X company, that brings you what it's those subscribers because the whole world is divided and that's what's happening, but I try to.

Inform, I, try to say, reality, the error continues, the problem continues, they are, and they haven't done anything, gentlemen, They haven't done anything, They have only updated supposedly to improve the performance of what the system is. But the dam is also funny. The press is very funny, because it says that it believes that it believes that it is believed then it is incredible these gentlemen, why do I know the press lends itself to not really reporting, but to say, well, it was updated.

And it is. Believed what an informant they are if it's not for many YouTubers. The truth many users would have a hard time if it were for the press because what the press wants is to cover up as much as possible. You know, why there are few press of truth that supports the player who watches over the player. And these gentlemen are unbelievable, but they are. And the truth has to be reviewed how it is possible for them to release an update and users believing that.

This update has resurfaced. The error is gone, but. What are they? And he has not even said in his statement that this error has been solved and people believe because it is updated that the error has already been solved. But a lie is still there. It is like the example, I said about the hole in the street. It is still there.

And if they send you a message from a friend, if you have it that friends send it to you, it can happen a million times if you don't remove the option, you will have to disable the messages disable the messages because you. Don't trust anyone, at least if you have friends that you know close. But if you have many friends that you do not know from many countries, I recommend that you enable this option. So that no one sends a message to anyone, because if someone thinks of sending that message to you, what will happen is happening to him, or what has happened to many people, and he is going to have to follow these steps that sonny has given. And if it does not work for you to format, everything and lose everything, very well, I. Want you to write me in the comments How? Do you feel after knowing that the console is being updated?

And the problem is still there, What are they and have not solved anything? I want you to write it to me in the comments? If you like my channel, if you like the content, I, invite you to subscribe I, am the logon gamer, I say, I even commented on what to block there until next time with the bye.

Dated : 29-Mar-2022

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