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What the hell hello to all rally you find today we are going to make the essential of French cuisine, their favorite dishes, certainly of the French, the banquette de Beau, an easy dish to make, which is not very expensive, and which makes part of the 100 essential recipes that you find in my book and that you have to know how to do at home. Ok. So sharp. Knives, washed me subscription done. We can go let's, go I'm going to CYA Morse code, or you could water.

Start when I used the shoulder or the collar after. Depending on your budget you take the cheapest part, of course, since the interest is you too, inexpensive, recipes, I peel and carrots with a good peeler. And a part of setting up vegetables, let's say.

So by the time, the meat whitens, this allows you to prepare all the vegetables feel much more after the carrots, the leek there is no green of the weight. You really feel there t-part then I'm going to peel the onions then voluntarily. You won't see my face since every time I have more onions I cry when the. Little advice if you want not to cry when you peel the onions, well, you do it do to someone else. That's. If you're sure not to cry.

The audiences have peeled I'm happy with ouch I only crush a little. In fact that I crush a little like that allows you to peel it more easily, Tulane I'm going to remove the gm, which in the middle and this to avoid bitterness, I'm, not going to like carrots to put them. Third, the sea serpent it's, the same I cut into small pieces because afterwards, I, therefore, recover.Then it's easier to recover against a large piece. I can drink fewer people talking about large pieces. It cooks a long time. So it's, nothing to do very small pieces would be overcooked a little thyme, a little bay leaf.

Here. I go skim all its IMU rest, which have come up from the veal see it's, an oath fairly low temperatures. It doesn't boil its in heavy boils Samoa, a slight temperature rising in power.

But go ahead I'm going to season with coarse salt together with coarse salt. Because there is. Liquid and coarse salt will necessarily dissolve its queen, put fine salt, and the poorest games roll my lemon on the board and to squeeze it. Well afterwards, and I pass it in a pass is the juice to avoid having the pips in my broth and there we will let it cook for a good hour and a half on low heat, I will pass the pieces and the broth recover the pieces and vegetables and the pieces of meat in a Chinese. Yeah, I, recover the yoke filter on the other side, recover my juice, I will have it deposited, but. As I was doing the recipe live for the book and to be as precise as possible.

Here is me, I, weighed do not worry. All the proportions NS are in my book. So you don't have to do that there I make the roux with the butter I make my butter strong, the roux will be used to bind mass.

When the butter is melted, I, add the flour and mix the flour and the butter, so you're, just judging, mixing butter and flour, don't charge it any further we're going to get a brown roux and that's, not what we're looking for. Here's once these mixes, and you stop, and which we incorporate the broth to bind it, then in small quantities to avoid lumps mix the liquid well with the roux, it will thicken necessarily must be well. So we cook over low heat must not be full ball 1. Otherwise, it will hang.

It is not the goal. It will take some consistency, but it must remain well coated in play, but the rest of the broth to reduce by half approximately to concentrate the tastes during this time I will prepare the mushrooms I pass them. Under the water quickly for wash them, then I do not leave the mushrooms in the water. Otherwise, I thought, I had still taken water, knowing that the mushrooms are composed of 75 % water.

There is no point in leaving them in the water. I cut them, serge cuts bills into four, but are waiting for a mushroom. Escalopes cutlets. A champion tour is so there I'm trying to spin a mushroom it's, just to make the town and show that I know mushroom tour.

But in fact, it's no use nothing in the recipe. Now, if you want. To have fun doing this it's for me that's. If we have time to waste, we turned mushrooms, and after the stopover let's, stop having fun.

So I scalloped, the mushrooms I shot, one or two just for fun. It was for me and especially the trimmings guys because it can be used to put in a stock in a poultry stock in a veal stock here above all do not throw the talk of mushrooms, manage with a good half of the juice I had left I'm going to incorporate it into my sauce it's going to spice up the taste again, I. Still want my sauce here's, a coating consistency, hadn't been too thick, one either it's useless.

And there I'm going to make the whipped cream done rather than put liquid cream, I, whip it. It will bring body to the sauce that's. Why it is not too thick either. And the whipped cream will allow giving the sauce. Some smoothness of the lightness good. There I'm going to whisk for the five short minutes and I haven't changed hands, I'm going to add a lemon juice, because it will tighten my cream.

The turn a. Pass helps for the TKS of the glitches inside, and then I'm going to put his pancakes. Wow, was in my sushi sauce is hot. Of course, it doesn't boil. It never moves a tension and on low heat, a little of palette pepper, right before it's always to raise the point of salt sauce. Go I mix.

And there I v, but add this whipped cream that it will finish my sauce. You will see the result. I will not say more about it.

Soc, god I told you. So the fact of putting the whipped cream, it really gives a smoothness. And a lightness to the sauce that we don't have this register, the liquid cream it's, just the little trick I would say to finish the source so that they wrap the pieces there I'm going to prepare a pan to salt the mushrooms. So the pan heats up I, recover my pieces of meat, my healthy vegetables for the hot ones we go. We salt the mushrooms and always caramelize a little of salt a little of pears. So the pan is hot enough for me to sear it, on the other hand, must sear the mushrooms for them.

Caramelize so it's, hot pan, very hot, even and this little coloring that you see on the mushroom is what gives the taste also it's important, it's useless too much the mushrooms it goes quite quickly. I add I the pieces of the moors in the sauce. Yes, like her and killed seven Saul, Silva tablecloths and my pieces I, add the mushrooms. So I, just caramelized them. No need to cook them too long, and I cut my carrots into pieces will have large pieces beveled, no.

But frankly, it gives what you are. What you see. The difference do you notice the difference I, notice it and to finish a little of chives, of course, we could have also added coriander it's. Good c. Does it change with the banquette? It can do it also wanted to break through 6, the first tunes that you have here. So allow me to tell you that when you made this recipe, you made a sublime veal banquette, okay.

And frankly, you can read it to all humility, it's, great. Here, I, am, I enjoyed, myself and I didn't, finish because I'm going to taste it. Afterwards, with Simon, necessarily because via a little helping hand if this recipe did you like it make your comments if you had any difficulties make your comments, send me your photos on my Instagram with the hashtag program. Man, Thor, it will make me really happy. It will make me happy. And then all the material that I use for my videos. You'll find it on my site.

Ok, I've made it clear. Go. Enjoy you enjoy and see you soon, hi to equip you with quality equipment. Everything I use is available on the. Online store, so you don't, miss any video and become real chefs subscribe by clicking on my head. And for those who missed my last drop video is right there.

Dated : 05-May-2022

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