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With more people like you are welcome to a new free fire. Video. This time we are going to be doing the color challenge once again. So people I want to see everyone leaving their like and subscription with active bell if they like this series. So nothing stopped me from talking and let's start with the video.

You can already see in the title. We are going to be using things only in black that they have been asking me for a lot. They were also seeing other colors, but it seems to me that the color black.

Wins so we are going to start there ventilate the character put it well, father fire hit. It is going to get interesting I already thought of a combination of more or less, good clothes that can be in black I. Am I going to put on the top this little hat that is black that It's the same as this one, it's, already, it's, very cool, too, well, in this little hair, but I think I'm going to keep the little hat in the part of the masks, I'm going to wear the mask for this.

One Rita is from the incubator, Which I think was the last one, the previous one, I, don't know which one was promoted with this mask, I think it's already taking shape, it's like the blackest. One I, met later, let's see, She doesn't have the blue line there, but I still It convinces, It convinces me, it's, a very good mask, and it's all black, black, black, like our future. Crack, He refuses it on the chest, we're going to go to the bottom of my clothing gallery and put on the turtleneck that's.

All black There is nothing blacker.Then this, but the spray fire currently as clothing that hides the vest on top, This is the best, the best, the best of all, So we are going to put on the turtleneck that I came out on recently at an event again and nothing. It doesn't matter that I'm going to wear the good turtleneck in the part of the pants I'm going to take off my good angelic that meets as black, but I want something even blacker, so I'm going to wear these pants quoted EU, and I think it's the blackest thing I have, which is. The golden jazz one, all black, Nothing else has these details, it's there on the multicolored side, but I think the angelic one is even blacker, so there's, no grave, it's, looking good fa cello.

The character in the part of the shoes I decided on these the black tennis shoes that uf I, don't know about you, but they give me a feeling of facade. These sneakers, no, no. They are also incredible some that are even blacker. But although these accomplish nothing more, they have the bottom part, the sole they. Have nothing more than a white color.

So people like that we have the character a file of well, well, failed this challenge. And we are going to go now to the part of the weapons. It is what regards the weapons, the m4 I'm going to have to remove the corner, because there isn't any black dragon lacquer skin, I'm going to leave it a little black and blue. And it wouldn't be the same because it's black and brown. It has I think if it's more black and brown and Carl black and blue, so I'm going to leave the.

Aragn on the m-14 I'm also going to get the 5 that you move. They must use Carlos has most of the area take out I don't have here I'm going to leave it is in the gross also death must remove the skin in the dry one that is also not there is not this one has this has black. You are like more bold than until the same girl Jessica here in the thumbnail below the right seems black. But when what is like a color and a half gray and mustard, no, it doesn't come like how to describe that color, m24, 9. We leave it without skin fame without skin SV de cine, km, 8, m, 60.

We are obviously going to leave 94 without corner without skin plasma without whom it seems to me that they don't do this to me woman without a corner for it was the cinema without wood, picker, cinema and skin SMG, mp, cinemas who almost all the same I think I'm going to leave her without skin. The BCS the same to see this one has attributes, and we're going to leave. It is then mp, 40 I'm going to put the buffoon that I eat.

Pretty. Bold more than the m-40 cobra that has red white black and others worth selling also without a corner. And no, no I'm not liking. This challenge anymore.

I'm not liking that this pace. The average is 14 am and little in the fast. One great has 6 black the quick ones. And there we are without corner stations, 15 a sniper rifle skin. Everyone is without pistol skin, I think.

So, but we are going to leave it for later. What is the frying pan? Well, we are going to buy put the typical frying pan that we all have.

In our good houses because not now it is also rusty. Just like this phrase, it seems to me that it lacks a little rusty wash. It is later we have in regard to the machetes I. Am I going to put this one that has a little of black there. It is good it. Facilitated this machete. This is the same as me what the system temple to the world.

The magician of realizing that I have the last one I have in regard to the bats I. Think we are going to leave it is from the Katina I. Am I going to leave this one and. Laos the same and the fists let's see if there are some that are no, there are no fists black. They are not or there are not there.

We are not going to leave these. Then we put the grenades, the grenades if it has to be black black. This is what it can be is not here. We go Let's, put on this one, which is the headhunter grenade, to see how it explodes, well, it's half red when it explodes, but well, the black light wall, obviously, well, well, well, There Nevis, yes, I think I don't have any. Other if the black light wall in others, well, 1,079, all this that I think I'm not going to use and well, people I think we're, ready. I have a black background in the account.

The mascot is black and white. So I, think it counts, and we're already looking cool. He provided the character to the parachute, the parachute.

They told me a lot in the last video that it has to be black, so I'm going here for this one. And folks now we're going to start with the little game that today they're going to play the. Flute for me, you'll see, ok, people I'm throwing myself in what becomes the pic area to see if they don't break me, please I ask they don't destroy me. There is one in the barn I have to be very careful. There are people I have friends. I didn't start to put 19 put a pigeon.

Oh, oh, oh oh oh I started beating up more people I can't, believe it, even though we have a baby, 40, great, great, great, great, great. Be careful. We have a wall of light let's fight. We just put a wall brother, just in case, a shelter. It was. Great great great, PVC all the cliff there is perfect. We have an inhaler where is the one from the barn I'm going to spray this be careful falling?

Just in case, I run, spliff, I, run I run for red. Red, I think I'm going to climb. No, no, no I don't have to see and his voice and his voice from his blender. None of him, crouched Brazilian tomb of shots. He moves if he goes, if you go, you won't.

Go let's. Go here. First, the first here, the first here, the excellent I knew I wasn't going to let him live. This is kind.

Of innocent cu Given that in the image of here in the background that you hear them shooting, there are people who first had a head. There are shooting I'm going to go I'm going to go people here are those who are complying I have a lane down here I say, be careful to go up. He was very willing to shoot me. No I go up to him friend Chico, and we break his head.

Exceptional, excellent. Exceptional. People. Second here.

Second here and be careful that there is still an image. He comes up here lie. Go up. To catch what I am, and we break the illusion.

My friend is to catch flight. No, where is he no? If I want a shot, I, can't, believe it. He blew me up I'm going to leave his like and Merrill into like the man, there's good that he sneaks crack good crack. There are people first try good there. It can happen.

It can pass people, so we're going to go for a good. Second, try people you haven't seen anything? Ok, guys.

We got Bermuda, shorts, remastered. And there are these people who have the island I have put an oops I. Don't get involved. UE, to put a little more fashionable. It seems to me because you always with the penguin vegan in fall, but as always literal that is no no.

No. They do not beat me that there is crazy. Well, no matter his death. He has committed an equally very good. Nobody play. My lord macro, dick, we are guys perfect. Exquisite for mountains.

Here is the one who is going to like. And that subscription, there is a good video. I will be. Excellent.

There are two there are three there is one in the background. Also look at this guy, and that is really called strategy. We are going to see what to do. Yes, we are not only we are going to go I, don't know what to expect I don't know what to expect we are. And we regret the practical head. They must have the tools Carlota also like those. We put together we reserve spraying.

We will spray. Exceptional, excellent, new here. And there perfect interruption, other ions and pagan after coming back, no good, poor thing, that's, how the crack fell if it never pose if it fell in.

Front of me in an incredible way, and we put it here then perfect. Well, everything for me, we are going to put a turn of light. I do not have for.

And the exceptional thing is I think we will fight sedated for the rest that I did not get the 40 that says, we are not going all head your house, your head. Exceptional member of 40, never fails. Me. Never My.

Mind fails, me, 40 guys, ok, guys. We are in factor. And there is a guy who faces a guy who faces slight plans that he sees me there. We are. We gave him two shots to.

The chest, even if it is already, we checked that we are here I said, hello, I think I'm here let's see let's see let's see let's, see, let's spray. The right, Jaime vice stop your water kit that Gmail shot him for, oh, oh robot where he looks at it. There are sections.

We are I, don't know how he doesn't care. If I'm here I started, how can I miss him shoot button? One I, don't know, the truth, it's, something incredible. The first time someone happens to you that, ok, good because it doesn't do if you're a whole and. Look nothing I gave him that he also sprayed left. Right? We go back crack we're back.

Crazy. I go crazy, I'm going crazy. Now we break our heads work Clark. We break our heads. Guys. Third here we are crazy. There are people we wanted to achieve it because Mateo guys just dialed the scanner that there is a guy in the house and knowing that color in mustard.

There is a guy in the background. It's happening Willis. We broke his head brother, all layer, manitou all layer.

We broke his head with the AK-47 dragon I. Knew it was a good option to win everything today, they're shooting boys they're shooting at me. They're shooting at me. The truth scared me, I, scared.

Brother, I got the scare of my life, where is it? Where is it blogging? Let's? See come on.

Come on home. We are attacked. They started to appear.

It doesn't. Move here going all the way around here it's something here. And there also the tide is in front.

We broke it Nobel but I didn't. Take it to my house brother to the house if he ate feint I did. The one about the bug, Liz about the bug brother there put on a right-wing boy's dress and do it. We burst brother.

Well, there are only ten people left I can do it to myself I can do it to myself, but be careful because these are on the map it shows very dangerous. There is a type of car where analysts and I listen to it listened. It was there we have work. We are going to spray Qatar.

Yes. The mouse came up, Go son of a and the ball. Not only enters that he threw this at it there. We are. Here for a lot with laws error another one put look it has to be here.

Yes, or yes, but brothers to be so thirsty. The grenade is that way he put look falls. So he has to be by station I'm not going to wait I'm going to grab the motorcycle. But there isn't a guy there who broke the house. Well, whistle I'll be dead, dead, dead, dead. You knew that had to work, yes, or yes, but I am car is coming.

We made it run. Run run run another author, but Ferrari is coming to step on me. Please brother this game is crazy. This game is crazy brother, what happens to them? What after others guys from the sea as a precaution I'm going to be at home, we're all in quarantine right now in the game, we're all in little houses, there, we're perfect.

Now to see the places around here, there we're, perfect. Incredible. Unbelievable.

We have tremendous what we have. I, don't know how many walls and like 20 walls, there was a box happening, not like 20 walls and 38 thousand and inhalers brothers. But we have a home run that I know is here, but. He just doesn't know that I know he's here because I saw it a while ago, heap, a little place in the window that's, how it went that you were crack great.

Great. Mission I, don't have an area I thought that if in the house that's, why time was running out the guy? Well, they don't have it when they're finished I'm going to go in and put a crowbar perfect. Nothing happens. No one sees me. No one sees me. It seems like air.

And in the tree AITA, ok, don't shoot him in the head. He comments, totally incredible. That's great, there are four people left guys I'm going to zone moved area.

There is someone here on this wall. I guess not because the guy on the phone should have fired less attention team. Ok, I'm going to die on the left. Everything on the left calm down. No one sees me. Well, the guy k, wind chest, but we killed him. Perfect I.

Think there are guys many concentrations I'm, sweating, brother, I'm, literally, sweating, right now. Sweating. But liters of sweat is not believed.

It's just to see I. Guess it won't. Appear mine, please I asked you to move in a truck it's, one of the roads, I'm going to fight for ahead. There is a bass and another base. And it has a grenade and I want to crack eye eye eye. It put the bug and I have another idea. No, what idea I have nothing a tribune, a cook I need to get the Europe out I'm going to put Europe and see if as they say, if it lands there, we like to cover up for this dead man.

Now, I have my friend, and the boys know that I have a problem with people's heads, because we are. Perfect, it comes from the front. It comes from the are note comes from the front, careful, capable, The boy does not control much, A very sad, ending, brother, diverse, 32, We enjoyed it, and we won it, boys, a brother, wow, And we took it, Incredible people, Unbelievable boys, This game, brother, 10, which lasted 10, killer hand, We sent each other, what a good game, by god let's see there we are going to show those rates those little points, plus 38, plus 48 improvement, and it's. Ok. We have 30 and. Fragment of pigeons and 10 kill 2700 of years game. Those people well, guys, I hope you liked the video. Thank you very much to everyone for having seen.

It doesn't, forget to upload it. You have to subscribe and activate the notification bell. So you don't, miss any video and see you in the next one. Thank you all for watching Brazil bye bye and.

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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