Amerie's Book Club Nov 2020 | Luster By Raven Leilani

Hi, everyone, it's Emory, and I'm here today to announce the amorous book club selection for November, which is luster by raven Leland. I've been meaning to pick up this book for a really long time. The first thing that I heard, or I guess like the essential thing that I heard was a young black woman who gets caught in the open marriage of a white couple like a white suburban couple. But what I found was it's a lot more complicated than that. That is something that happens. She does fall into this open.

Marriage, but it isn't like she's propositioned by this couple who also happen to have a young black adopted daughter, although one could argue whether it's happen to have is how it necessarily is if you ask the couple, they probably say she just happens to be black. But if you asked someone else, they would probably say, there's, a reason why they chose a young black girl, she's, an older girl, she's, a young girl, but she's still older she's, not an infant, and she's, not a toddler there's. Another reason why. It's imperative that this situation does not implode. So the main character die works at a publishing company, she's involved in many relationships. Many not even relationships. She has many interactions, let's say, with lots of people a lot of them being at work.

She did not get the memo of not doing things where you eat like she didn't get the memo for that. So she becomes involved with Eric before. She ends up losing her job when she loses her job. She ends up moving in, but it isn't because he. Necessarily invites her it just kind of happens when his wife catches her in the home. And then it becomes this weird acceptance, pseudo-friendship kind of thing. You know, the phenomenon in which a man is cheating on a woman.

But the woman tries to find out information from the other woman. And what ends up happening is they develop this odd kind of relationship, it's, not a friendship because they're still antagonistic toward each other. However, there's this like dependent dependency that can can.

Happen, I think that has a lot to do with the relationship between die and the wife. And of course, with all of this, there is Allah, who is the young girl who knows what's going on because she's, again, not a toddler she's, a young girl, she's, a preteen and her whole thing is like look whatever's going on. Please don't mess this up for me because I'm, finally here, and it's, not perfect, but it's working out for me. So die ends up taking the girl under her wing doing the things that the parents don't. Really know how to do, for instance, her hair that would be one of many things and essentially helping her navigate her preteen years, which I refer to as my angst years like my middle school years were my angst years. They were just the worst.

So although this book is about a young black woman who gets caught in the open marriage of a white couple who also has a young black child, you're really just witnessing what it is to be young unsure making all the bad decisions, she's extremely promiscuous. But it's, not because she just loves sex she's, looking for something she's looking for herself. She is not grounded at all she's lost, and she's struggling to maintain struggling to find some kind of center. And you feel that throughout the novel, although she's hilarious, you can see how much she's hurting. And this journey is so fascinating and heart-wrenching to see it's been a really hard life for her, and it's been that way since before she was even born things were set up in a way that me.

Would have a lot to overcome when it comes to her self-esteem like all the Emory's book club, selections, highly recommend make sure you join us with the hashtags read with Marie Emory's book club. And ABC also check out the IG live conversation that we will be having at the end of the month with raven Leland so bring your questions. But if you really want your questions to be answered, it's better to submit them at, so I can have them beforehand. And of course, follow us. On IG at Emory's book club, and then my personal IG, Emory and happy reading.

Okay. So that's, good that actually went pretty well. I see what you guys did there in the design team for Lester.

Dated : 13-Apr-2022

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