Asmr | Cranial Nerve Exam (Everything Is Wrong)

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Oh, my, gosh. You're. Back. How are you? Okay, our last, um examination. That was rough wasn't it. I still awake at night.

Frequently thinking about your case, well, good to see you again, how's the family. Okay, um. What brings you in today? It could be a myriad of things I'm.

Assuming you hit your head. Oh, dear. God.

Okay, um. Do you mind if I take a look I'm, just going to examine your head? Oh, my god that is we're going to have to run some tests here, it's possible that you may have damaged some of your internal systems. Um, I think we should probably run a full cranial nerve exam on you today to sort of see where you're at in terms of. Basic functionality, all right, um.

So that means we're going to be testing your site, you're hearing your smell, your taste, your sensation, your ability to feel have you noticed any issues with anything regarding those things in your sight problems with your site, you're hearing you're having problems with your hearing your smell, your sense of smell having problems with that. Uh, your sense of taste, okay. And any loss of sensation. Yes, okay. Oh, all right. I'm going to have to do all the tests I have on you then.

Um, starting with your site, we're going to have to just jump right into it. If we want a hope and a prayer of getting this done today, all right. The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to look into your eyes with this light. Okay. So I'm going to go ahead and stare at my nose, my nose, stare at my nose.

Nope, no, no, no nose. Okay, you know what stare wherever you'd like it's, fine, that's, weird. Uh-Oh, okay, oh, hmm. Uh, that's.

Not good. No it's. Not, oh god. Okay. Well, I don't think I've ever seen pupils like that.

In all my years of practice to be honest with you can I have you just follow the light across your vision, just don't move your head just follow the light follow all the light follow this you're having a lot of trouble with that, uh, I'm just going to go back the same way follow the light. Hmm, yeah. You were all over the place that was that was terrible. Okay, um follow the light. Don't. Move your head just back up down all right? This is my little eye test here.

All I need to do is read me. Some letters here, let's start with line. Four, okay. Can you tell me what this letter is? No no.

Okay. We'll get a little easier. Let's, let's, go to line.

Three let's, see if you can read line, three, okay, can you tell me what this is that? But this one how about that one I'm sorry to say that none of those were correct actually let's let's go to this line? Can you read this letter for me?

How about that one? No? Okay? Can you read this letter for me? You can't?

Okay, that's. Fine it's, not fine. But you know, all.

Right, okay, I'm going to test your peripherals using this little tool. Okay. Now, keep your head straight, keep your head, still I'm going to be moving this out of your site. And you tell me when you stop seeing it. Okay, all right here we go.

You don't, see it anymore. I've barely moved it. Okay. No problem. Um, we'll.

Try on the other side here we go. You don't. See it. Okay.

Same thing. Stare? Right ahead. Tell me when this leaves your vision, you don't, see it? Okay, um. One more time tell me when this leaves your. Vision, it's left your vision already.

Okay. Can you see me I'm, just making sure just making sure there just wasn't really positive about that? Okay, uh, one more test I'm going to take my fingers here, and I'm going to move.

It is closer to your face. Okay? I want you to keep your eyes focused on my finger this time as it gets closer to you.

Here we go. Try it try a little harder, a little harder. Okay? One more time.

Focus on my finger, come on just focus on my finger, focus my finger. Okay, I don't know what. I expected that is all the ideas I have for you, um, let's, move on to your hearing all right for this test I'm going to be leaning in and whispering a series of numbers in your ear. I just want you to repeat them back to me what you heard?

Okay, all right here. We go. Four, three, seven, six, five, not quite um. Let's. Try the other ear, six, two, four, three, one, let's, just try one number I'll, whisper it in your ear. You repeat it back to me, nine, no, okay. How about four?

Okay, I'm going to be just. Say, some basic vocabulary words, and you tell me what you hear, okay, picnic sneaker cat. Doctor, interesting, it seems like you're, comprehending my words.

But when I whisper something in your ear, you have absolutely no nothing. No, no recognition of the words that I'm, whispering can you not hear them or? Okay?

Let me see my other hearing test for you is I'm going to make, um a bit of a humming noise. Pardon me a bit of a humming noise, and then I'm going to make a second humming noise. And I want you to tell. Me whether that humming noise is higher or lower? Okay, here's the first noise here's. The second noise, no, okay. Let's, try that again, here's the first humming noise here's.

The second humming noise, sorry, that is not correct. One more time. Here's. The first numbing noise here's. The second humming noise. No, the second one is higher you hear.

It is lower that is so interesting. Okay? Well, that's all right, um, let's just move on let's move on to the smell test. This is a fun test. Everyone loves the smell test. Okay, here we have our smell tubes. Okay.

Each tube has a very distinct smell that according to our lab tests, 99 of humans that have come into our lab do recognize these scents unless they're in, you know, is something wrong with the olfactory nerve? Um, you said, you were having trouble distinguishing scents or even smelling at all distinguishing sense. Okay? But you can't, you can smell things all right? Well, we'll, take those small victories as we get them here's. The first smell test, go ahead and give.This is a whiff, I think that's strawberries.

This is actually mint that's that's mint. Can you smell mint? You just smell strawberries. Okay? Well, that's all right?

Plenty of other ones to try next. Okay, give that a smell you think that smells like chocolate. This is actually pickles.

This is pickle juice. This is pickles, it's, very pungent. But you smell chocolate.

I might have to get down my colleagues in here. This is let's, just try another one. How about this one? Okay, this is a nice strong.

One. I think. That smells like peanut butter, uh, this is coffee. That's, coffee, coffee, smell coffee.

Okay, there's. Three more. You can still get you can get one right here.

We go. Here's a pleasant one. Okay, unfortunately, no. That is not brussels sprouts. This is orange it's, orange. Unfortunately, nope. That's.

Not that's orange. Okay. Let's.

Try another one here we go. What does this smell like roses? This is pure alcohol. This should be burning your nose should not smell like roses to you. Okay. One more might as well. Yes, this.Does elderflower extract very good.

All right, oh, have you gotten them all wrong? I don't know what I would have done all right next. We do want to test your taste. You said, you're having trouble with that as well. Now are you tasting the wrong things? Or do you have no taste at all tasting the wrong things kind of like the smell?

Huh? All right? Well, I do have these taste sticks here.

Each one is loaded with a different taste on it. Once again, these tastes are widely recognized in the lab in our. Studies so you shouldn't have any trouble identifying them I'm going to put this on your tongue. And you tell me what that tastes like it tastes like leather like shoe, leather like clothing, leather, no, no, no. No. No.

No. This is banana its banana. Okay. Second, one, laundry detergent, nope, blueberry, it's, blueberry. Okay. What is that tastes like dirt like earthy dirt from the ground? Hmm?

Okay, that's cinnamon. Getting closer, that's, fine. Okay. Okay. How about this one cat? Food? Oh, why do?

You know what. That tastes like no, no, no. This was whipped cream.

Whipped cream, just a light, sugary marshmallow, type whipped cream. Okay, how about this one? No taste at all? Yes, this one had no taste. Oh, once again, you are coming in right at the end here.

Okay. Next I'm going to do a little pH test of your saliva. Now I do have a number that I am looking for in particular that would indicate, um health, all right. So, go ahead and stick this under your tongue, and we're going to leave that there for a moment while I set up. The next test, how was work going?

You got fired I'm so sorry to hear that. Okay, I'm going to stop asking questions. Okay, let's. Take that out. This color isn't, even on the bottle. How is that possible? Okay, I'm just gonna I'm just going to write that down.

I guess, okay. I want to move on to your sense of touch your sensation. So I'm going to use this q-tip here. Okay, this little baby, cotton, swab, and I'm going to use the soft and the hard side to touch different parts of your face. Tell me when you feel it did you. Feel anything you know what this q-tip is absurdly, small, let's, try this one.

This will be much better for testing. Okay. Close your eyes.

Tell me when you feel the q-tip on your face to feel anything this probably is too it's. Okay. We can use this q-tip. This will be. This is good.

This is better, um, close your eyes and tell me when you feel q-tip on your face. Okay, here we go. Do you feel anything it's? Okay, that's. Fine, um, we'll. Try the pointy side I'm just going to trace around your face here. And you tell.

Me where you feel this deck? Okay, do you feel anything nothing? How about here here is your entire face, numb you don't, you don't feel this okay, did that happen before? Or after you hit your head. I see. Okay.

My very last test for you is just to do some simple facial movements. Okay, just to see if you have control over the basic muscles in your face, um, if you don't, then we need to send you for more help. I am not equipped for this. Okay.

Go ahead and raise your eyebrows. Go ahead anytime just. Raise your eyebrows? Okay, how about furrowing your eyebrows? Can you do that? I saw a little movement?

Okay? Can you stick out your tongue a little more that's as far? Okay? Um.

Can you puff out your cheeks? Can you smile? Oh, you got a very nice smile. Okay. We have the smile.

Okay, that's. Good. That's. Good, that's. Good, um, how about frown? Well, you'll always be happy. I guess, um.

Can you turn your head to the side, no to the side to the side? What about the other side look up? No, no. Look up.

Okay. Look. Look down. That's, fine, that's, good, no down.

Okay, well, you can look up and down it's just okay, um now I'm going to try to open your eyes. So what I want you to do is close your eyes I'm going to try to open them. Okay, oh you're supposed to stop me from opening them. Okay, close your eyes again, that's, fine, just a little of weakness. There that's.

Okay, can you shrug your shoulders for me? Just put your shoulders up? Okay, I'm going to try to push them down.

Oh, no, no, no you're supposed to not. Let me push them down. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and give you a little of a some medicine, a little injection here, and then I'm going to need you too immediately. Go see a specialist give them this paper, tell them I sent you, um, I have a little injection of brain juice, okay. And since you can't feel anything in your face, I'm, just going to go ahead. And that should help you get to the specialist tell them you need to be seen right away.

Okay, I yes, please. Let me know how it goes. I am gravely concerned all right? Well, hopefully. They can give you the help that I could not possibly give you and good luck with everything nice to see you again, bye, you.

Dated : 14-Apr-2022

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