Ballet For Kids | Episode 1 | Cj And Friends

Hey, guys, thank you so much for joining us in our first ballet class with CJ and friends. And today I have my special friend, Casey who's going to teach us a couple of ballet moves. So Casey, why don't you take it away? Hey, everyone nice to meet you.

So guys, we're gonna start in first position. So all you're going to do is put your heels together. I mean, your toes are going to be turning out and grab onto a big bouquet of flowers. And just put it down below your belly button.

Everyone says, first position, thanks. Guys so from here, you guys, we're going to learn eight to do all you're going to do is point your toe out to the corner and pull it back in and then point your toe out to the corner and pull it back in. So watch just my feet point out to the very hippy top of your toes and then slide your foot back. So your heels come to kiss again, let's try the other side slide to the hippy top of your toe and back so that your heels come together again, can we do it together? Let's try four times here we go one and. Two and three and in last one, four and back in nice job, give someone a high five awesome or yourself give yourself up.

So you guys did the first move. Can we learn a second one? So the second move is a pli. Do you guys know what a pli is it does need to bend, and we're going to be bending our legs so go back to grabbing those flowers? Your heels are kissed pleasant and tight together from here, you're going to make a diamond shape with your legs.

So your knees open wide, you sink down just a little, and then. Straighten those legs and guys when you go for that, pleading make sure that your heels don't lift off the ground. You want to keep your heels glued tight to the ground. And then you straighten up there, we go pli and straight again, pli and straight two, more pli and straight lost one pli and straight pleasant job. You guys learned your second move. Are you ready for the third one?

Okay, this one's kind of tricky so put on your brave face. You guys got it. You've got this from here from your first. Position your arms holding your flowers all you're going to do is relev that means to rise up on your toes, perfect, pleasant and tight, pull your abs in your belly, nice and strong.

And then take your heels back down to the ground that's. All there is to it let's. Try a couple more let's, go up elev and back down good up relev and back down last one up and hold it. Hold it.

Hold it as long as you can try not to wobble, but it's. Okay, if you fall and come back down to your toes, awesome job. You guys, how do you. Feel good I feel pretty good I. Think we can do one more move.

You think so lets guys already doing. Okay. So this is our bonus move it's called a beret. Turn. All you're going to do is stand up into relev on your tippy-toes and pull your bellies in nice and tight, because you're going to do tiny little steps with your feet and turning around in a big circle and come back to the front and go back down to your first position, that's, all it is let's. Try it a couple more times, and if you need some help.

Balancing just grab onto your waist, put your hands down here, I'll keep my hands here. And if you're ready to put your arms up above your head, you can watch nun ready up on your toes in elev and tiny, little tiptoe steps, all around like you're sneaking to see your presents on Christmas morning and come back down. Nice, guys, let's, try one more all together, and then we'll put it at the end of our combination up on your toes, tiny, little all the way and back down. Wow, that was awesome. You did great let's. Try it together so from first position for Thanh dues to please one, relev and spin it around, and then we'll finish here we go tendu together. Last one pli here we go pli all the way up on your toes and brave and flat.

Nice job. Guys, let's, try it again with the music and have a little fun with it. You great job.

You guys and don't forget to keep practicing at home we'll. See you guys next time? Bye.

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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