Beautifully Realistic Edible Gumpaste Calla Lily Tutorial Sugarpaste Fondant #Sugarcalalilytutorial

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel. I hope, everyone had a fantastic Christmas spent with their loved ones and I wish you all the very best for the new year ahead.

We're going to kick-start the new year by making a calla lily, it's, a very pretty and a very simple flower to make it's very easy to make. And then at the end I'll show you how to put them together and make them into a little bouquet style over here I've got calla lilies already made. And then at the end I will show you how to tie them. Together and make them into a little bunch. So all the tools and equipment needed for this tutorial will be in the description box below. And now we can begin also pre dyed my yellow icing and a huge amount just the size, and excuse me, I love, it is bigger than a pea.

And even this might be a little too big, actually so, and then all you do is roll it into a ball, and then get sort of a teardrop shape I, making one side all right a little pointy. And then you want to do the middle section you don't. Want to make the bottom, the bog after bird to thin. So you just want to leave a little and then work in the middle area, and then just roll it around in your fingers like so there we have our bud now for this yellow color, I've just used a daffodil yellow. And we just want to dip your 20 gauge wire in your sugar glue and insert it into the bud from the button base. All the way through until you can feel it round about whether pointy area is off the bud. You don't want to poke it right through then.

Once you don't light, you can by all means just roll it in your palm, just to get that shape again. And then just make sure it's straight and that's, your bud now I'm going to put this one to the side and pick up the one that's already dried, and you didn't need to leave that to dry for 24 hours before using it. And with the one that's already, dried I'm, just going to coat it with some sugar glue, all the way to the top, and then I'm just going to get a spoon and get the gelatin and just apply it over the. Bud covering it all and be sure to shake off all the extra gelatin. And then once you've done that you'll, notice it looks like this, and that should dry within a minute or two I'll, just put that aside, and then I've already pre-cut.

My petal here. And for this I'm going to be using this multipurpose Vienna I'm, just going to pop it in and press down really firmly. Sometimes you ready to even stand up just to get it done properly until it rains, the whole petal like so. And then you want to get a small. End of your ball tool. And you just want to very lightly, then the edges, you don't want to put too much pressure on to this as the colony itself is not that frilly or not that thrilled. But you just want to lightly send the edges just to make them a tad bit roughly.

And you definitely want to do that pointy little at the end. Now, once you've done that you're going to get your corn, I'm going to wrap it round. And you want to make sure the top the base of the petal is as tight as possible. And then. Once you've got that round, wrap, it round, one side underneath and the other side, keep wrapping it around to the top.

And then you just want to glue that little tip down at the edge and just stick that like. So I've just took that side underneath, and I've overlapped it with that side. Then what I would do is hold the corn and just flip back the edges of the petal going all the surrounding way. And you want to do the bit little of overlapped as well and keep going and doing these doing the same. To the other side, and then you would leave that to dry a little, so it's able to hold its shape for about 5-10 minutes. This one has had a chance to slightly dry, and I am just going to grab the bird tusk coated with the gel run GTO.

The pollen I'm just going to apply some glue to the base of the bird and just insert that through here. So it goes in the middle, then you turn it upside down. And as you can see, the bird is not able to come through the'm only left a tiny little, so I'm able to just. Push the sides of the petal together and close it like so, and then once that's done you want to leave that to dry upside down until it's fully dried once that's dried, you would have a color Lily that looks like this, and I'm. Now I'm just going to show you how I would tie them together to make them into a nice little bouquet.

And for this, you'd need some floral tape. You just want to start by putting the tape in half you and then start by wrapping one. If you've got white wires, then you really. Want to cover all the wires with the floral tape first. So now that could with all the white wires, I'm just going to show you if you wanted to add a little of green to the base of the flower, and I am just going to use some apple green and a rounded sort of a brush, and I'm just going to cover a tiny bit.

And you just want to work your way up from the bud. And you do want to go a love a dog like, so then I'm going to go ahead and do that for the rest of them too, and then we'll come back and tie them together. So now that I've done the bottom bits of the flowers I'm now, going to put them together and show you exactly how it's done. So you first get two flowers and just put them as close as you possibly can together, but be careful you don't want to put them two together.

So they end up breaking because they are pretty hard now. And a common mistake. I see people making is when tying flowers together, they want to tie both them together like. So that is possible, but it would sort of be very, very difficult. So.

What I usually tend to do is to start hang them a little further down you first want to get two flowers and just try them with floral tape, be sure to remember to stretch it here to release the glue. And then just wrap it round, I was slightly as possible. Then you want to keep going and adding them adding more flowers. Oops, after that several times when tying flowers together, then you just want to keep I think one flower at time. Then just tying them. Now don't worry about which way the flowers. Are facing because that doesn't really matter.

So if you want to make them into sprays or bouquets, then you really do want to make the stem a little longer, the new the usual. Then you just want to keep going and adding the remaining flowers once you've added all the flowers and tied them together. You want to bring the floral tape all the way down to the bottom. And you can even add some foliage.

If you wanted to some greenery from the color Lily leaves, just make them on wires and add them. Into the bouquet as we've done here with the release. And there we go there, we have I will tell cuddly bouquet. You come by all means just sort of move them about as to how you want to position them. But just be very careful when moving that's.

Another reason why you tie them a little further down is, so you're able to move them about if you wanted. And there we have our beautiful calla lily bouquet. Now you can make this into a spray form, and you could even have them individually with. Leaves and just individual stems, or you could have them like this in a bouquet, and you can also have them facing the same direction.

I've just done a mix and match because I find that they look more. They resemble more real-life flowers. What they're facing all directions different directions, and I've also changed I've also used two different types of banners. One have used the Penna Vainer. And for some that I've just used now I've used that they're multipurpose Lamina.

So you can use, whichever. Veiling you want as long as they give you the little imprint of the lines that you can see here. And now I'm just going to put this to one side, that'll be all for today's video, I, really hope. You've enjoyed this tutorial guys, please be sure to LIKE share comment and subscribe to my channel for more videos.

If you subscribe you'll, get you'll, receive notifications when new videos get updated once again, I wish, you all the best for the new year ahead. And thank you for watching.

Dated : 19-Apr-2022

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