Breath Of The Wild Guides - Easy Lynel Farming!

Hey, everyone, this is Ron I'm back with another breath of the wild video guys. This one is about farming, Lionel and Lionel our end game enemies, but I'm going to kind of show you how I approach this it's, a little different in. You know, I have the savage Lionel shield. These savage line, elbows, you know, and these really awesome weapons. I'm Lionel are great for getting these awesome weapons guys. So you want to be able to farm them as much as possible. You know, through your journey through Rule right.

But what we're going to do today is I'm going to show you how we're going to try and farm Lionel with just like mid-range stuff. Now the first thing I did guys is I have these foods that I cook together some of them include Razorback crabs, right here, a razor claw crab, excuse me that increases your attack power. You cook, five them together.

You get your attack maxed out. Furthermore, you notice in the top-left corner, right under my hearts I have three swords with the up arrow. That means my attack is like, super hyped.

Up right now, guys, so I'm, not relying on barbarian gear, in fact, I'm using my climbing set and the other thing you guys want to have is if you notice right next to my stamina wheel is extra stamina. You can get that by cooking five indirect, carrots. You want to cook, the indirect carrots and eat those first. And then you want to take the attack up potion. Now, what I'm going to do guys there is this silver Lionel, right here, right?

He's just hanging out right here. And these are serious enemies in this. Game these are like the hardest enemies in the game. And what I've got here is the great eagle bow. Now I do recommend before taking on any Lionel guys that you're going to use Rival's Gayle using this strategy, and you'll basically get the great Eagle bow from getting Rival's Gayle. Now that is from beating the meadow boss, com meadow the eagle over the Idea village. You want this because it shoots superfast in the air, and it shoots three arrows.

So once you're in the air, you notice my salmon. Is already going down, but you can shoot superfast at this Lionel you're, just going to unload on him in the air. Now, guys, notice he went down immediately, we're going to run up and mouth. If we can, oh, no. And we failed guys, but that's, not an issue because we're going to use our stamina, and he's going to use that we're going to use their volleys Gayle to get up in the air again. Now once they're up in the air again, we're going to start dropping and just pummeling him with these arrows want to hit.

Him in the head as much as possible guys that makes him go down when I mount him. Now, even though I'm using this Thunder blade that only a 13 attack I'm doing a ton of damage guys, again, we're going to want to run, and I jump. There flurry rush again, go up with Rival's Gale guys. This is a huge advantage.

Because every time you unleash flurry of arrows at him from the sky he's taken a ton of damage, especially with this great Eagle bow. And again, guys. Now he did hit me for some help there.

Oh, and. I'm going to run away, because this means he's going to do his big AOE attack. And while he's doing that he's kind of stunned, so I'm going to get back up in the air. Now, another type of bomb, you can another type of area. You can use guys as a fire arrow that will work as well. You just want any elemental arrow because that's going to slow him down now I'm running out of though with someone to switch to bomb arrows again, these are just going to do a ton of damage that's. What we want and look he's dead.

Now, guys, we got a ton of weapons, a ton of Lionel hoods. We got a spear. We got a bow and that's from killing the silver line. All now, if you notice I have a red, Lionel bow here, I'm going to drop to pick up your savage, Lionel bow, 48 attack times 3. Now. Once you get one of these guys, it makes it so much easier to beat a Lionel.

So you equip that, and you go hunting your next one. And you do it with the stronger weapons every time you kill a line of guys you're going to get their hooves you're going. To get their weapons, and it makes fighting the next one easier I, just kind of want to give you guys this guide. This is kind of a guide to showing you how to beat Lionel in a mid-game since you're, not fully equipped for everything, but guys there are two Lionel in this area there's one here.

And if you notice I'm in the Tao Bob grassland that's kind of where you find the Canon horse. So you come down here next to this circle rock, right, then, there's going to be one over here. If you. Beat this first one really easily accessible from the stasis trial shrine, which you should all have as a fast travel point, there's going to be one right down here in the ethereal plains, and you can go right to that next one, as soon as you heal up, just heal up let your stamina recover. If you've got more attack power stuff, you can use that. Okay.

Now, guys just to show you we're going to run and get rifle. Imagine. Now, a lot of the times you can luck out from these two guys, the first time I, actually. Got this guy and I believe it was this one. Alright, so now I have this forty-eight thirty, and I got a bunch of shock arrows, right? I used a bunch, but they also gave me a bunch I.

Think he gave me ten right. So now I'm just going to go over here. Look for the guy. He should be down here. And the best thing to do guys again is let that Ravioli scale charge up, but I'll show you he should be over here somewhere, and I think he's, right there.

Oh, no. That's on him, that's a tree. Huh? Ah, there.

He is pretty. Sure, yeah, there we go. So we see another one this one has a club. So that means we're going to get this awesome club that I have, and he's got another savage, Lionel.

Beau guys. So you go right to this guy. You do the same thing you farm them. Boom. You got another set of Lionel weapons, super strong, super powerful, basically chairs to anything in the game, but I just want to drop that on you guys again. This is rod. Thanks so much for watching, and I hope I, see you soon.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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