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Well, welcome, dear ones, if he gives you lists for this channel in the Terrell de RAI, Thank you very much for this assistance and support for this channel, which belongs to all of you, well, Here, I have some trays, We are going to make them quickly, And many people have asked how you can measure the humidity in the substrates, whatever it is and well, That is a big question, because when they tell me that how do they know that the vermicompost is at 80 percent, How do they know that the compost. Is at 60 percent, how do they know what to do, look at vermicompost at 40? It's ok, I, don't know, it's the big doubt and well, I want to exemplify this with here. Some of these some deals that I have that I have prepared for you. And we are going to see two tests the test of the fist. And what we give you the test of the stick good for that, it can be a round stick, or it can be this tongue.

Depressors I. Go I, have what I have on hand. So we are going to use them. So good, we are going to start with this. Is so pay close attention is.

But obviously this test inside the fist with the stick can vary by a few points. It means that the one that I classify as 30 can be 35. It can be 29, I mean, but not the next degree that would be 40 that is. There is obviously a range here.

But if the things that we are going to see here come out positive, you will not doubt that you have around this humidity. So we are going with them well, because we are going to start with humidity between 15 and 20 percent. One hundred. Obviously here visually, it is already noticeable because relatively dry right. And most importantly, we are going to first test the stick there.

It is because there is no need to do it. Because when you put it in and take it out, there is not going to be anything that is not going to muddy anything, I, don't know, nothing or anything is going to get wet here. Yes, we definitely know that it is now at 20 or below 20%, correct. The test of the fist is that we grab a fist, and it falls apart without any fuss. And practically nothing remains in the hand, well, so we are going to pass now. This is 30% here already visually. Well, obviously see it is more humid.

It is darker, and in the test of the stick, if we put it and leave it there for a moment, we can even move it up and down. It stays there for a moment like that exactly. And there are about 30 seconds. No, we don't leave it anymore.

It was going to come out practically dry, but it's already going to have some residue stuck to the material in which we put it. There some residues are stuck. You can already see that it's, not like the previous one see there they are there. They look perfect, but the stick looks practically dry 30 percent in the fist test.

We squeeze it tightly. We are going to throw more at this plant. Furthermore, we squeeze it tightly. And obviously no water should come out of the fist about five after ten seconds we open, and there should be a shape, but with a gentle pressure of the finger you see it undoes immediately. This is 30 percent.

So we are going. To move on to the next one, which is one of the most It is important, because it is how many fertilizers are stored, 40 percent humidity is quite referential and well, in this humidity. It already looks a little darker. It still does not look watery.

We could say it like that. It does not look watery, and we are going to put the stick here in this test. We are going to move the stick I will leave it for 30 seconds. The value should come out a little dirtier than here and slightly. But very. Slightly moist that is significant already here you will see a little moisture on the stick.

This is it a different stick. Obviously, the one I put in the previous one is that. Well, we leave it there. We move it. We play a little with it there.

It is. And we take it out there. It looks even muddy. You see wet that dark color, and we wet being muddy. But above all here, the humidity is the one that counts see how it looks a merit there. It may even be a little more right now because depending on where I put it.

The green areas, but the residues are not yet, many you realize, but we can see the wet stick. And it is already much more muddy, We could say the previous one, the difference between this. And this one is 10%, It is very subtle, But this already tells us that the humidity is 40%, The fist test we squeezed it strongly. And it is Very similar to 30, The shape of the fist is going to remain, But this with a contact with the thumb is going to be a little more difficult to undo. And with the thumb, it is. Already beginning to have difficulties, but when it comes to making it play in this way, it should be undone relatively easily.

And it should still be very cloudy eye. This is very important that is the shape can vary. It can be a little weaker or harder, but at the time of undoing, what was an significant side, and we can still say. So if it is undoes with relative ease, see I forgot to tell you at 30%. Also, the hand is significant, a little wet at 40 see how wet I am already a little higher you realize, but.

It's, not excessively wet let's go to the one it follows that it is 50 percent here. Clearly it already looks wet here. Yes. It is already noticeable that there is water and well, this 50% we are going to grab another stick. We are going to introduce what we talked about in this 50%. Well, the stick should already come out. Moderately wet, that is, considerable humidity, but quite stained, but a good amount, well, Now we are going to see the stick, It is significant, I repeat, that you are moving the.

Stick, if you do not move it, the reading may be false, and you may even feel that you are putting the sack you can do no at various points, right, Look now, if you can see it here, clearly, moderately dirty and wet and nothing to do with the previous part, you notice it's, not dripping at all. It doesn't look shiny due to excess water. You notice and this one, but already moderately dirty and moderately wet.

And the fist test we are going to do here. It is here. Water should come out between the fingers at.50 there it is, you can see the water between my fingers when doing the fist test here at 40.

There is no eye less, but without draining but water between the fingers. He explained, and I have said there, it should be sent down and up. And here this is already hard. And it no longer crumbles like the previous one, the form of our most difficult work remains very much. And it already falls more like paste. They realize let's go to 60% because many composites are also recommended being humid at 60.

Percent in this humidity, clearly there are even some parts where it looks very shiny, the excess of water. It is already clear that there is enough water. And we are going to see the test of the stick. We are going to put it here. And we are going to leave it for a moment. This is this stick to come out already quite wet to see the whole surface, very even humidity and dirt, also slightly even, This must be humidity with reference to the previous one, because right now they are going to see a lot of. The difference, we are going to put it in, Take it out, play it there between the good zone, and we will see that it does not s. It has, see, It shines, they realize that there is already shine, Furthermore, it already looks very wet, The very wet stick on both sides, also shines from here, And if they realize, well, the dirt is much greater, even this one could have 58 59, It is a little lower because it lacks a little of staining if I keep moving it here we will be able to see it, differences are not.

Immediately noticeable at the end, I will send you the photos with the humidity and the differences in these photos in these two references that I give and let's go to the fist test here. The water is already coming out, that is, here. It has to drip now it's practically dripping. Here, you'll, see there it's going to start dripping there. The drops are already coming out downwards. You can see how it's falling now water can come out hitting more the drops that can come out here may already be 456 drops.

But there is a family there. It is dripping. They see it, and they manage to notice how it drips through others there. It is. And a lot of water is already escaping between their fingers, dripping, 456, droplets, Janus, spurt and drip constant you and see now, both of them or the hand fits them, completely and dirty stained wet, shiny. It does not drain, but there is still no exaggeration right now. They are going to see the difference with the level that follows.

So this we are talking about that can be around.60% good now let's go to 80%. This is obvious because it passed 80 percent because worms always want a humidity of 70 80 percent here. 80 percent is like the limit that I recommend for worms from here down not reaching 60 that also already It doesn't help, But a little above 60 and up to this correct level is very important, well, A test, We are going to put the stick in, This is practically, almost, almost the 2nd, We are going to leave it there, We are going to see it as we have done with. Everyone, and we are going to leave this a little, and there are clearly signs of water on all the surfaces, not in some parts as we saw in the 60%. It is already noticeable, shiny, very dark.

And it is already like a little below. We could say the mud a little below the bar we are going to see the test of the stick. Well, I think there is not much to see right see how it comes out completely wet and stained you realize it does not drain that is very important. It is about to Drain. But look how it is still not falling off, but immediately the stick see how it gets wet and how it moistens. This is the upper limit that I recommend for worms, not higher.

It is preferable a little lower. But well, this is 80% let's, see the test of the fist and well, so far, it is already mud. And it comes out everywhere. It trickles down a stream.

Many drops fall. It can become a thin trickle, but above all a lot of votes fall or so the two. And since it was completely in addition to being The completely. United hand escapes from all sides, see, And this is like mud, It does not stay hard, play too, although it is not that it costs so much work, It is to do it, but well, no, I do not think that. UE, this is already this sign of terror is not the least important buzz runoff 80 percent. And finally, well let's go with 100% that's good, because we no longer want it there clearly free water here they realize there is no free water is we can go to that at 80 is the maximum that matter can hold within its. Structure without leaving it free.

And here from any water, any substrate that you put the tray and see there at the bottom, a little of free water already has more than 80 percent It's. Not this one obviously it's getting close I think that at almost 95 percent humidity or more I'm, not sure, but well here, there's, no doubt here it won't come out so stained. But well, this is water. It doesn't drain. Immediately it already drains The sign that we take out the stick and drain is that there is moisture. Passing through, so we are talking about correct substrate for worms, This one does not stain much because it is already beginning to be diluted by the water, because there is already plenty of water, totally correct and well, There is not much to say there.

The fist test is a jet I. Am now complete and excess water, especially little or a lot of excess water. If it is very little excess water, we would have, for example, 85 moderate to 90 percent and abundant as this one, well, 95 or 98, percent, I, don't.

Know, exactly, so well, I'm going to take pictures of the sticks, a lot of people probably won't want to do this, but well, a lot of people do, that's. Why I did these two types of tests for those who like to put their hands, Like me, So you can see, it's, also valid and that's how they can determine the humidity. So, well, right here. You have the summary of the photos and well, I would have liked to corroborate it with a device that measures humidity. I wanted to use one without However, It was. Completely imprecise, So there is not, like before, not even the whole pressure.

Gauge is a very good parameter and I have gained a lot of experience in relation to humidity. With the fist test, so I offer you this, which is my experience obviously someone may or may not agree. There may be variations as I said, yes because I'm not talking about exact points, I'm, not talking about the exact 30 anymore, I'm talking about 30 or so around forty etceteras. And that is very important to take into account. But. Well, I hope that this solves most of the doubts of the people who had doubts about the humidity that in the end that is the objective of the video. Well, thank you very much.

Dear I, give you a gift if you are realistic I, send you my best wishes and thoughts love the garden. Please take care of your land and see you next time. Yes,

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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