Cara Setting Antenna Analog Dan Digital Di Tv Android

Hello, hello, friends, SL, Welcome to the Indonesian channel, brake, with the number two seller in the world, Many are asking, actually, If we buy an Android TV, we must always use the internet, So if we want to watch it continuously, for example, we want to watch analog broadcasts or digital broadcasts, We can not really, because sometimes we don't have to always have data, We don't have to always have internet at home, so if, for example, Our internet is dead, We also have to die like that, Yes, we have this Android, TV. Analog or digital broadcasts on Android TV TNA couple on the tile, STL friends, who every time we look for a signal, We have to be gentle First, in front of me, There are two types of antennas, the same brand , the small one, This type is da-1201np, This is specifically for this indoor antenna, We can put it directly on the table next to the TV, SCR friend, If the other one is a bit bigger, this type HD 5600 is an indoor and outdoor antenna, All three have to. Be mounted on the wall, using bolts. If. We look at the description, There is a monster. Yes, we'll.

Compare this antenna with Dad. Let's. Try one of the first.

This 1201np is specifically for indoor, let's just Anbox, right? Away, Try tel, Now here is a user manual. And there is also a warranty card. We'll.

Try to see later, woah, b, It looks black, SL, Mate. , then, Here is the antenna pole that we can extend. This can also be used as an antenna holder, Yes. This year there is a cable plug, The. Resultant cable and this we just connect it to the port on the bell Bro, TV, here.

The default is back, here's, the explanation, namely, the cable antenna, it's immediately, money, again, STOL, First, let's, take the remote, friend, SL and select this button, yes, The box has an arrow, Then the source selection appears. And we click on the TV, Then after that remotely press the settings button, then select the channel then Pindar the channel then SL buddy set the country and region, Indonesia set-. Up Try, tel Can go to automatic search then enter the postal code. Place enter the postal code.

We click, yes. Flight mode. The questioner, we select the antenna and the channel type we choose digital and Analog then click on day in Indonesia so far Hearts, Now we just finished scanning Analog and digital broadcasts using this antenna, The process was completed in eight minutes producing 29 digital broadcasts and 21 analog broadcasts. But they can vary also depending on the location, We will test with. This antenna, yes, type, HD, 5600 indoor and outdoor antennas with buses.

It turns out that we are unboxing, Hi Rent, There is also a user manual, Then there is also a warranty card, yes, There is a separate cable for the plug, Then there are these bolts. And there are poles that you can attach to the wall. Then This is available. If. We are Dan, We will check again, yes, There is an adapter. Now, This is the antenna.

If. It was black before, It was white, and it has a unique shape. Yes, The pole is. Shaped like this., Okay, try the Celine test.

I have installed this. First, there's, a bus, It turns out, my friend, SL, so there's, a connector to be plugged into the mains, there's, an adapter, This is a booster. Yes, like this, plug in the antenna, Then later we can install it on the wall, install it on the wall, install it hear, hear, Otto, Then this can be canceled, affixed. On the wall, yes, But when plugged in, then plug it in and then later, this chord becomes a thin southerly point like That.

Means, let's, try it now. Let's just plug in the adapter, then connect the part to the antenna port. And the Line cable, hi, hi, stock, badge, hi, hi, straight away, let's continue to test. And compare it with the previous antenna, SL friend. And how -The method is still the same as before. Hi Now, We just finished testing the Lucinda for Analog and digital broadcasts using another antenna with a rebooster, which we tried to put outdoors, The process was completed in nine minutes.

And it turned out to. Produce more channels, namely, 38, digital broadcasts and The, 22 analog broadcasts, all come back, depending on where we are, OK, SL, How do you turn out to be using the TCL p725, A20 TV? And we are also 5 Not only can you watch streaming shows using the internet, but you can also be a mainstay for watching analog and digital broadcasts, still thinking - thinking to like TL, just buy us a cell with a lot of m, take advantage and choose the right size for your room, don't, forget to like this video, Comment and share on your social media, subscribe to the tel Indonesia channel and turn on the bell, Swag, you don't.

Miss other. Interesting information from Rachel, stay motivated and see you later, .

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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