Catholic Homeschooling: Reformation History For High School

Hello, Philip Campbell here with homeschool connections, and I'm here to talk to you about my high school. History course, the rending of Christendom. This is a semester long world. History course that examines all aspects of the Protestant revolt. We start with the causes of the Protestant revolt and not just Martin Luther and indulgences. We go back to the the the 14th century and look at different developments in European culture as the Middle Ages kind of decayed that that that led to the.

Outbreak of Protestantism, of course, we look at all the people and events involved in the Protestant revolt itself. Martin Luther, Leo, the 10th Thomas More, Henry, the 8th st., Pius, v, John, Calvin, all these individuals. And we take it right up into to 1648 to the early modern period, showing how the divisions of Christendom led to a series of religious wars and really broke down the unity of the Middle Ages and made this period, a real transition into the modern world. So we cover quite a. Few centuries, the reading material for this course, is quite unique. Most of my history courses rather than using a textbook. We will use primary sources that is the students will actually be reading the writings of the persons involved in the Protestant revolt.

So we'll be reading papal, bulls we'll be reading some writings of Luther, some canons of the Council of Trent, various primary sources written at the time and I think this is the best way to get kids introduced. To doing real history is to have them read the actual documents themselves and learn to think critically about them. Homework, consists of several short essay questions every week, which the kids have to do the reading. And then again, think critically about what they've read and answer some questions, so I, highly recommend, the course obviously learning about this era in history is important it's part of our cultural heritage in the West.

It also helps explain why there is all. These divisions while you drive down the street, and you see the Catholic Church and then First Baptist and Bible community church and so on and so forth. Why that is the case also I think it's really neat, because it shows how ideas have consequences how philosophical and theological ideas as they filter down through the various levels of society really can change things and lead to either marvelous. You know, rebirths of learning and culture or destructive. Wars ideas are powerful.

Things and I think that is really emphasized in, this course, recommended grade level is high school that can be anywhere from nine to twelve if you're going to come into it at the ninth grade level, make sure that your student is fairly good at reading because reading primary documents can be a bit dense. Sometimes so, okay. Well hope to see you all in class god, bless you.

Dated : 18-Mar-2022

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