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Hello. Welcome to another video on my thoughts on the speculation market, the comic book speculation market that is, um, it is alive. And well, recently on a few chats, I talked about how I'm not a big fan of the list. You know, the type of videos on YouTube that people talk about, you know, top 10 lists of any sort, especially about hard books to invest in all that stuff I'm, not a fan of them because not because I don't think there are more games to be had.

Okay. Some people may have listened. Or watched some chat and think or got away or walk away thinking that I am saying that the games are all gone like that by the time, the list come out you missed the boat.

Did I say that in those chats I'm, pretty sure I did not say that, but usually I'm not very eloquent in the way I deliver my thoughts there are gains to be had? But I think most people raise your hand will agree with me that the biggest gain or the bigger gains are the gains for those that had the book before the list come out. Yes, Disagree agree, let me know. So what I try to convey in those chats, probably not very good is that I want people to think for themselves like playing chess. Okay? I like to play chess whether it's Chinese chess, or the Chester, not Chinese I'm, not sure how to call those. I don't want to offend people by naming it western chess.

Furthermore, I don't know, I don't know history of the chess that are not Chinese chess, um. But anyone that play chess will tell you have to think multiple steps ahead, right? You can't, just.

Think of the next step, you have to think of multiple steps ahead in order to be successful or to be good at the game. So just like in a speculation game is there a game to be had if you watch a video of top 10, the hottest book this week and then go chase it one bay and try to flip it quickly for an extra few bucks is there gains most likely right I'm, not saying that there isn't, but if you know how to play the game, if you knew okay if you knew okay, this video is probably more useful for the. Loops out there don't be offended.

If I call you a noob, we all loop at some point. Okay, I don't. I don't get people to get offended at labeling. If people can label me a flipper, does it bother me not one bit because it doesn't impact the money that I can make in this hobby. So they can call me whatever.

So if you noob, and you don't understand how to play this game, this video is more useful for you. So it's, like just playing try to think ahead, a few steps, just like the success of miles morals. Okay. I.

Had a feeling that the wide success of that cartoon and the continuing of that universe because they're making more right, even before the recent news I held on to my ultimate fallout 4 copies, because I had the feeling that there are more to come and was it a surprise that more ancillary characters like silk and other characters got really hot recently from that universe. No it shouldn't be. If you understand how to play the game. Okay, you shouldn't have to wait until the news come out that silk.

Is going to be a character you shouldn't have to if you are in this, if you really enjoy playing the speculation game and make money flipping and all that stuff, then you should have been buying those books when that cartoon came out when that animation was a success, you should be hunting, stalking hoarding, many of the ancillary characters that derive from the spider verse so that's. What I think I want people to understand about the speculation game it's not about, oh, the list is completely useless. Not saying that I'm just saying that if you have to wait until the list show up you already, miss a big part of the game, there are more games to be had most likely if you know how to get out at the right time, but you want to get ahead of the game.

Okay, you want to be a few steps ahead. Here is just an illustration. Okay, I'm, not endorsing or telling people to buy this book. We all know The Fantastic Four is coming. Okay, let's know if it is coming the question is when and whenever the team show up. On the big screen. Eventually, if not in the very first movie, you will see Alicia, right?

One of the ancillary human character because she's, Ben, grim girlfriend, potential, love interest, I'm sure people can speculate on her and her potential other books, whatever, but guess what is one of the other characters that tie into Alicia that likely will get a bump puppet master. Okay. Now, like I said, I'm, just using this, as an example, I'm, not telling people like go hoard this book now, it's a great book to. Own, I love this book, I have an extra copy here that I probably will hold on to and sell whenever the big bump come. The puppet master is a villain, and we all know villain books, don't hold up very well as far as the bump.

Okay, there will be a bump, but the bump could be small. It could be big, but it won't last does it matter there will be a bump. So at that point, I would say bye-bye to this book, my extra copy. So you know when it comes down to, you know, speculation, it's, kind of useful to understand the. History of the characters or the team, because then you kind of you don't want to have all the books.

But if you understand the history of the team, all the ancillary characters, you can get ahead of the curve. Okay. So do yourself a favor. You know trying to learn about the characters if you love The Fantastic Four, then you would know already right.

But if you don't know anything about The Fantastic Four, it doesn't hurt to look up the various story points, key characters and then see potential. Goldmine later before the list come out thanks for watching bye.

Dated : 04-May-2022

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