Cooking Scrambled Eggs For 500

All right we're making scrambled eggs on the griddle. This is one of my top work who guys of all time, Ned he's going to be demonstrating. He learned this skill less than an hour ago, and he's already mastered it.

So what we're doing is we're cooking scrambled, eggs on the griddle. So they taste better. We got in huge reviews on how good they are I'm going to show you how easy and simple. This process is all right there. We go, so you're going to take the eggs that he poured into a one gallon container. He's going to pour them on the griddle real nice, oh, yeah.

And now he's going to get the salt and pepper mix that we prepared, and he's going to sprinkle it on there for bringing out the flavor. Real pleasant, oh, yeah, basically. He gets to hibachi.

Those eggs bring them up to awesome. Turn them, cut them. Chop them. Look at that.

Good job when you're cooking these eggs, you notice how there are some scraps on the side you always want to pull those in and just really get the griddle clean that way you get a 100% yield. On those eggs and the fried flavor that comes through those scrambled eggs really does wonders. And then you simply transfer them into your six-inch, Hotel pan, boom, these are eggs that looked scrambled. Look like someone prepared them in a small service, rather than for 500 like we're doing today.

Now, to answer a few your questions, we just cooked eggs for 500 there's our last little. It is 6:45. We started at 5 till 6 so in under an hour and under an hour, we cook eggs for 500 on. The griddle and he just learned how to do this.

He mastered it Need. Take a bow say, got any words for all the other people out there work hard, and you could succeed a good word, good word,

Dated : 09-May-2022

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