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Oh, decide my name is Kayla, I, write know me cook it. Yup, man, we are doing. We are I. Am I doing the cup was one two one, two, three, a very answering some questions. First question is, wait you're, probably already know what it is.

But basically they give you. So first I mean, I do it on what's the card. The other couple thing we introduce yourself. I got a question. We are already adduced myself. We tell them about us. Yeah?

But I mean, like age yourself, that's, not asking I dislike about our relationship. Okay, well, fire Instagram will be linked. It will be linked knew where. And when did we first meet? Okay, anyone's. Baby, mmm, yeah. We will see benefit on four legs.

Okay, where was our first date? Our first date first, our first date was at the movies. Basically we want to go.

See, um, what's the movie, uh, damn, uh. Happy birthday. Yeah. That knows why no? Okay? Is it weird that first date away after we met?

Well, real for not it was not really what you know, I'm trying to say, yeah, yeah, it's, not like we never hung out. Before that is we not deceptive like well, we do want to dress up go out. Well, really we're busy.

Okay. Let's just stick. There. Go. Okay.

What was your first impression of was my first impression in person? Do one person? My first impression, I have to think about it. You go first, okay, hmm. So first, um, I first saw him. He came to my house.

So, um, it was I was hiding. Okay. I was shy.

He was tall as hastily as obviously he was like stalks, I'm only would five something like that. And so I was just like so I was. Afraid because, you know, you didn't like winning, no famous, dude on music, ooh, there's, some guy is this really real I. Guess, I know, I was shaking that's. How I was feeling, and I was like what if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he ain't, you know, I'm saying, so yeah, I was excited and nervous as

I was really nervous as hell. I don't know about him, but I was really cute I, wasn't really nervous. No Sankara was like French like, oh, my god.

My first impression, you know, I was just like when I have first seen him, I. Was just like damn she boos, oh, my god I just wanted to just yeah, I was just like I know, I'm going to be well for a long time. Nothing, okay with Dan I was just like she's crazy.

So I got myself a dude. Why do you think I could do it I ended up? But my first impression of her was, you know, Sam I was just like now she is beautiful. She finds his and I was just I'm kind of nervous.

A little because I was just not I was meeting her dad at same time. Oh yeah, she got at the car I was like yes and I got the. Car I have seen her day, you know, see anything I have seen, you know, brothers and sisters, , there's, a lot over everything. When did you meet when did you meet my family? Um, when this empty when that was a little boy was I speeding. It is our six month for sure, mmm that's a date today. But it was like a couple of days ago, close deal.

Maybe a week before know what? Yeah, was last week. Okay, Oh. Noblest. Man, who did I meet first I, met your mom first, though you mean, my mom and my sister, uh-huh, yeah, oh yeah.

The thing. That he met my dad was the same day. I may his mama and sister. Okay for a hug and everything. Yeah.

Now you got answer who said, I, love, you first I told her I loved her. First, she didn't think I meant it because I said, love is a strong word and I knew was a strong word, I, don't, say, love unless I mean it. So you know, saying, I said, it because I'm minute, I love. Now some people say it and leave what you know we don't get into all that what dress in do I always wear. My clothes were always with. She like one car.

Tops, yeah, I do Emily's crop tops, hoodies and pantyhose. Oh, my god, yeah. I. Do you like these?

Well, he like job-wise really see and yet look City. Man, James. Okay. What those jeans little zippers? You know, my stuff. Yeah, yeah. All those types of jeans.

He always wears designer. Doom, I would say designer jeans. Okay, wait do shoes count for this fit thinking. He always work. He was a difference of shoes. You wear advance shoes.

Jordan's. Okay. Everything. Okay. Oh, bones along with you Oh Murphy lies is my.

Biggest allay put this out. Alright. Alright, we're habits of each other. My word, I might say, I, see my word habit is like when I get mad I, push it. Okay. I said, that's, a weird book, alight be quiet.

Most of the time I do the most I really do no. But my oh, my, oh we're. Happy.

I, love, peanut butter, I, eat a whole jar. Yes and give it to the dog. Yeah, but they don't have sugar in it. So don't be concerned. Yeah, my dog and I go to school. Yeah, you do got a odd habit, I catch myself singing when I'm frustrated.

I'm frustrated, I'll sing is that odd? Yes, I. Do when I am odd habit is scatter. Oh gee, that's, not even a happy day with not in that sense. My boy all right. Well, I'll do it my free times?

What do I do your free time? Seen me watching this girl talk show on YouTube, oh, the real daytime show, yes, I think I have to see. They got me a couple of minutes jobs, I, love. You I, love you so much. I, don't, yeah, yeah, right now though all right now, what are you doing every time? Allowing my free time either my free time, I.

Smoke okay, now, all the time you play better what's on time, not really I see, yeah. On my free time is our work. You know, playing basketball sometimes eating. It depends on Oh has no to be honest.

Honestly, yeah, pretty much or don't work, especially when you get loaded sleep. This, people know, what's in this one, how long have we been together? I already said, yeah, huh. Six months late.

Yeah, six months in a couple of days, but we've known each other for we do not try to come up in here, trying to turn up in a part. What this is you are you yeah, I, um. Whenever we like, you see something wrong me and like if you like what's wrong, and you know, you did something you try to figure it out, and I'm just like nothing, but I was waiting on the second time for you to ask I was really going to tell you in like I was just being popular.

Two seconds, I don't. Think about how I was going to say, okay, never mind just don't. Let you cool off I don't, do that it's stupid? Why would you do that I'm sitting right next to you?

Okay? Well, pisses. Me off about you is like when you say something when you say something you think is not wrong like, hey, I, shouldn't answer. They don't come Knicks.

What I'm not good at come on baby. First thing you notice about me, oh, the first thing I, notice about you my first and that is I. Just thank you with smell. Cheese. Did you see? I?

Can't smile, I got ya know anything's is ugly, but I'm, not the only one because I even heard people say it did it like people would get since cute. But first thing I was about, you are more.Then one, it was, yeah, your lips and your hair your eyes, two eyes. He doesn't like his eyes because they be, but I do in my hair really so, so like Amira was going to be, oh, no I just noticed it.

But it's, not like the reason I liked you of some like that. Boom, you are here right here - why don't we look at your arms, oh I, like it mean, uh, if you could enough, I'm going to do? Okay?

What do we argue about the most? Yeah, you skip me. So what do we argue about the most , there's, not even existing pity? Babies, maybe we.

Don't even argue, just be like shade at each other for no reason what's, the nicknames away for each other I don't, like the ones I'm, not going to say it, Jude, no hands. It send it boogie bear. Okay. My he just Conger. My name is cute though ecology roles going to damn water. You can though do I have a weird obsession.

What you're odder session is I was already seeing a weird obsession. Do you see a no you have seen it because it's like so usually and watching you, oh, you know, like noodles, you all, you don't like? Ramen noodles, but when he does it, he made sushi. Okay, you definitely you obsessed. Well, mixed bunch of . Everyone ago, every one of his meals he put you have to put salt pepper season on a ton of accessories.

But my luck wasn't mustard in that summer I got so good together. Facebook's. You don't have to meet with the regular sauce. Ah, now, wait.

What is it now? Hot sauce all types of stuff? I mean, oh I, don't know, catch up in every means I, never want to stay there. No, we have to go do something, so we're. Done with this video, we will make some more videos. If this video popped off at least a little good video pops I'll, make some more videos on Sam be pranking her.

We don't start doing pranks and , Brandon, Brandon and Kaelyn gang be case, quiet.

Dated : 14-Apr-2022

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