Destiny 2 - Xur Location And Exotics For June 1, 2018 - Duplicate Fated Engram Exotic Again!?

How do you like it? Hey, guardians go Shut here. It is Friday, June, 1st, I'm here, with our agent of the nine on the rig on Titan, and we're going to take a look at what he brought us this week. So first off, of course, we have our faded Engram, which I'll pick up here in a second. So we can hopefully get something new.

The last two weeks I got something I already had which is strange. So for warlocks, we have the wings of sacred dawn chest armor. When Dawn blade is equipped aiming weapons while in midair. Suspends you there for a short time precision, hits.

Extend. This effects durations are pretty cool in there from warlocks from the vanilla destiny 2. We have the Celeste fusion rifle, which definitely you should pick up it's a fun fusion rifle. It has a fusion projectiles that attach and detonate with a delayed void blast really fun in PVP and EVE. So I, certainly pick that one up if you don't have it already for hunters, we have the Frosty's. These have increased grenade melee and dodge regeneration.

While sprinting dodging increases your sprint speed. So another, awesome, one there for hunters that I don't think I have, so I'm going to pick that up and for a while I'm sorry for Titans. We have the eternal warrior and gained an over shield when activating fists of havoc so certainly wanted to pick up their four Titans, I don't, see this one used a lot. I know, I got it, but I ended up infusing it. So I'll certainly have to check it out one of these days. And finally, we got our three of coins and our five. Of swords challenge card for the nightfall.

So I'm going to go ahead and pick up my fate in Ingram I hope, I get something new this week, although I may have everything I don't know have to check. So we got the AC do feedback fence which I already have, so I, don't know, maybe I have everything. Possibly this was the last thing I needed I'll have to double-check. But otherwise like I said, I've been getting the same stuff already had for the last couple of weeks. So I, don't know, what's going on. But anyway, You head on over desert, if you're missing any of these things pick up your faded, Engram, and I'm that's going to be it like comment, subscribe all that good stuff and go Shut out.

Dated : 14-Apr-2022

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