Double Spaced Writing Template For Short Story Competitions

Hello everybody, this is a tutorial on how to write a short story template for online submission to short story competitions. They have some strict criteria about double-spacing font, size and pride. This will hopefully show you how to create a template and format so that you can stand a better chance of getting read in these competitions, I've already made one it's, just got these four little styles that I use charge from chapter. An epigraph, should you want one the body of text and a little indent.

For dialogue, it looks like this, and it helps me to write pretty quickly. So if I write my story since I press, Enter gives me a chance to write an epigraph, whether it's the author's name or not. My name is not John Smith.

But there you go and straight away and to the body of the text there we go, and I can paste, and it all looks lovely. I even have a slight indent for dialogue should I want it. It looks lovely how did I do that? Well I'm going to show you. And now this template works on the style gallery.

Here, I have created a few styles that help us go through it. And we are going to make some new ones so file new documents. This is a bog-standard document for Microsoft with all of their styles in their gallery. We need to remove them from there. So right, click and remove from quick style. Gallery, there are quite a few things or taking a little of time. Here's.

Once I did earlier with no styles in it, we're going to fill this now with ours. So the way to do that is format style and new style. Okay, our. First style, we will call dialogue, okay, it's paragraph, and it's based on a normal style. Everything will be based on that makes it easier for us. There is no following paragraphs for the dialogue. I'll explain a little about that in a bit Arial 12 is good.

Everything is good here. We want it to be justified. Text just looks a little neater and nicer. And of course, here it needs to be double-spaced.

Everybody wants double-spacing easy for us to read. We want to add it to a quick stylist. So we'll. Check that, and that means it will just come up here. So we can grab it quickly if we want to now its dialogue. So I want a little of an indent in it.

The way to do that is in format, paragraph indents before, or after would change all of these. We only want to change the first line. So let's go to special first line.

It just gives a first line, indent it's a bit deep for me that, so I'm going to drop that by a couple again, you don't have to, but I want to okay, okay and apply. And there it is ready to. Go with this little indent, that's, lovely, and we're going to need to make some more so let's do that with another one format style and new style. And this one we will call the body paragraph.

We want it to be based on the normal style. And this time it's going to be followed by the dialogue, which basically means when I finished writing the body, the chances are the next thing. One on one arrive will be dialogue. So if I hit enter which tells the computer I'm done with that bit, it will now start me in. The dialogue style, Arial, 12, yes, it wants to be justified again. So it's, nice and neat. And of course, it has to be double-spaced out to the quick style list.

Now the formatting for this is fine, but I want to give it a shortcut key. So at the bottom of the drop-down menu is a shortcut key it's currently command, one, if it's not for you click here and type command 1 it'll, tell you if it's already assigned to something else, if you do want to change, it clicks, assign, ok, ok and apply. Now we have to this one. Doesn't have the indent, but if you click on dialogue, it brings the indent in, so I want to switch back to body, I can click body or press, command 1.

And it does it for me. There is no shortcut key for that. But you can give it one. If you want to so that's, two that's good. We need another format style, new style.

And this one I'm going to call write epigraph. You don't have to do this one. Some people don't like to use epigraphs, but I do it sets the mood for the chapter, and they can also use it for others. Things like the author's name, it will be again based on a normal style. And it will be followed by the body of the text working backwards. Here.

My font has changed. Some reason I don't know why? But one that's the Arial 12 epigraph will have this italic just make. It stands out a little more, and I'm going to squish this up a little. So it's, nice little block in the center. So we'll, Center, the text this time it still wants to be double-spaced. And we do want to add it to our quick style gallery.

So. It comes in here in two formats into paragraph, and the indent will be an inch for me again, you can change it either side to makes it all pleasant and central into the middle the spacing before it. We don't need any spacing after it will be 54 for me again, you can change it, but it means it will differentiate it by some distance from the body of the text. Okay. Okay and apply. There is my epigraph.

One more guys, format style, new style. This one will be our chapter or title it's a paragraph, and it will be. Based on a normal style, and it will be followed by the epigraph once we're done with the chapter title, probably want to write a little epigraph, Arial, 12 italics. We don't want this to be italic. We don't want it to be there.

I, keep switching back be mindful that if your system does it, and it's a chapter entitled let's make it a little bigger, 20 wants to be centered. Still wants to be double-spaced. All of this is good.

Okay. It wants to be added to our quick stylus. But we also want to Fearing ate it. With a bit of spacing, no indentations because it's centered spacing before it lets make 54 it's.

One of my favorite numbers, certainly when spacing, and after it let's, put 12 just to give it a little. Okay, with this one we're going to give it a shortcut so down to the bottom of that menu, shortcut, and I've already got its command too. But again, you all right come on to in there and assigned. Okay, okay and play great there. We are now that looks exactly like my original setup. So now, with the follow-on.

Paragraphs what that means now is one time finished with writing by title as soon as I hit enter to let the computer know it now knows I want to write an epigraph by John Smith once I've finished with that, and I hit enter it. Now goes to the body after the text Once Upon, a dog style. So you want to kind of time already liked it, but I can now write in, and it's all at once I'm finished with the body of the text and I hit enter. It goes straight to dialogue, it's going to feature in the body, quite a. Lot there you go, the second line of Correspondence means, and if I hit enter it stays with dialogue, so I can write another person's conversation and should I want to then carry on with body of my text it's only indented on the first line.

So it will come back into the right format, and it should work quite easily from then on. Now, if some people like to continue the story after the dialogue is finished hit enter, they will want to give you more dialogue to just hit command once. And you can start from.

There, okay, should you have finished that paragraph and want to write another little sticky, no information here and to enter command one and give you a new paragraph so enter command one. Now, a new paragraph okay, should we want a new chapter? There is spacing to help us out here. So if we just hit enter and - now no we're going to start chapter 2, then in the epigraph, we write something to set the mood enter. And now you can carry on with our story simple as that there you go now, once you've.

Done this template if you can make and get rid of out spin. This is now set as a template. So we can file save as a template in template. So I'll, do it story manuscript template or like a new one, new and safe. And now you close that down close that now I don't need any of this word file new from template.

And now a story manuscript new template there, and we can literally get going straight away. My story by John. Once on a timetable, dot pasting any old stuff that I've written, and it's perfectly spaced. Ready to go saving you lots of time, hold that helps guys.

Thank you. You.

Dated : 19-Apr-2022

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