Dracomon Parte 3

Happy let's say and let's go. We have to train. We have to give ourselves extra Petra. He caught 4.

Hey, he does it better. And in it, he can, we are going to play such an important game, with this job. Sincerely making this game would be better if I needed a very good request. Success does not mean, the body, how good it is that they don't exist.

But at least they are well that they don't put up ads, all the time. For example, if I leave the room and I have to get out of the fire again. Yes. Parallel for others and training take it, we win, and I hope. The game doesn't have balls here. And for me, 6, , yes, here is the spoon for you.

You're welcome let's. Get out of here more right now and let's say, what happens to the president tell me that this translation thanks for helping. My friend is the assistant in the previous position.

Please help the has a lot of time. But it is also the center where the nurse attends today. And here there is nothing absolutely uninteresting first, and it has a. Reason for being, and if someone dies, we are cured.

Now we will be able to well in the ring while ads, don't play them with him, I don't want to sell anything I want to buy you in it, and we're going over here, a policeman who won't let us pass, because we have to go here first or not take there are almost you fear that the center of my character, very, very rare use happy to control and short I think they tell me ways, and they want to make me the most macho select moved almost, almost damn girl. Look. We. Have a soccer team and not the boy because the father feels more about us. We removed this thing because they put on using those from YouTube, and it's from YouTube after e, nurse hole help me well, or we'll go through here. We're chickens, I don't, go through there.

Furthermore, we have to go here or eat those delicious portions. And just and the coach here. So come on a down appears because they end up immune and that's. How I became the strongest.

And here because all the trainers prey charged me with a. Shooting matches that's, how I call it the ball of fire, technicality Petra, PETA, firm alike that, our friends, the way we don't level up, but well, something is something and I don't want them to put weird stuff on YouTube Welsh, giving it 25 we're going to activate all these sites. But the formula is once extremely rare, then another combative, how good he trains with anyone, but well, m, others from that moment. Yes, Bryant for minds. Yes. I.

Am. Yes, I already know that the sun does not come out well and close.If we win, we go up a level and one we are going to remove the ad. Another fight, what I could not do not want and everything is already cured x. But why don't you have and tutor that they have the same 2? The announcement is ready. The cured ones impose on me.

A poor child run, run. Help I'm lost come let's. Get here to be here where you were as a child, what are they and I have to go home? What I did? Thank you for your help? Let's.

Go let's. Go I'll. Take you home. Well, well, invitation for very. Serious I'm the best at speaking English, no lies I could have done it I couldn't have done better, but well, but normal with his eyes just now you're lazy and just a grotto ate my face transmission, another Liza saves and home more no, not another video we're going to do.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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