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Thank you so much Rebecca epic, Stevie, UG. You can subscribe on our YouTube channel right about now I'm a discount hotel with the advisee dances. How are you I'm? Okay, how are you a big Stevie disappointed with dances? Your girl's favorite dancer. Your favorite dancer, your most favorite.

Now, of course, everyone's done free I like every girlfriend for a dancer in a girlfriend. You owe me free I'm going to your free. Dance I was afraid.

Dance, Dino, Dino. Boy, friend totally favorite I'm. Your favorite dancer.

Every girl's favorite dancer, I'm joking, oh, come on you. How long have you been doing this? How long have you been dancing? That's been a long time, a very great experience. I think I started 2006.

2015, that's when I start being serious, and it is like being a courier back from church, tan doc la, mustache women named by Chile commercial like to get money to earn from it. And to take it as a career, 16 17, 16 attention on :. Watch a gala, or you had to go through some training.

I didn't, go through any training its. Just a talent it's god-given, integral I knew that's in the moon's, not approaching the moon see? Everything I have everything I have it is because of dance everything I have to are teaching a signature dish and signature astronauts in Cola Okayama's in Arizona plates of all I want to burn the car in you too much Cara Maria's, HTO, performances, it's like sort of exercise what I should call it doesn't, usually get like injuries. How long does it take you to feel what's the process we do we'll get. Injuries because me to be a man in a van when a do a get in the injuries recover like for two weeks, not duck, the duck dance flow. Yeah, a chance over the cookie Bird, Areas, dance companies sign the 15:50 dances. 50 I do have fifty dances.

So Justin Theodor event. So if they tell us that's because we contracted to dance with Jennifer join black for his concerts. So I came with a few in anger to leave ions in remove all I'm will remove morons manga. I know, I have to do these dances. Magoo.

Whatever of all everybody I have over 20 girls and of 20 25 girls in the managerial body. Yeah, okay. So should we say that what you carry? Timber is criminal career immediately now move if were tofu normally move, of course it to get an Aggie game.

Every dance company is working somewhere else patents in quiet ending, Academy, Mindanao, Molly, open hombre, mandolin, Ginobili, cut which exit. The ref is a divisive a go, I, stay guarantee general contractor. They do is focus Anita Sharma said, 11 Tennessee.

Walker Stella. So the best firm here, min Barrera, a nice to meet you nice to meet you too. My name is Oliver Charlie go much.

We enjoy today. Please tell us what you love about dancing. What attracted you was synced with what connection do you have with him as a person.

Please, Allah. This is your boy, a coda Gang. My artist Kinetic of America, Corcovado Uganda, combustive business. We know and your friendship about this. Okay, Chuck I. Am Malala I'm, Taliban, Steve.

So, do you know, Mango angel, always. Take yeah, I know, I know, again, a cocoon to such take because I want to be famous again down a change, a gondola ambience on your mind, Rome's Alibaba. And you stuff then these are the other people. Hey, everyone Kampala. Vicious halogen style is the most expensive style is I was contracted to sturgeon black for their eye abuzz coarser than the tours undressing him for tonight.

Executives are to your enjoyment, our net John black half chamber love. It of us unless you , I'll, explain after night. Okay, No worries do also do, no I'm, not dance, more fashion. Stylist, creative, stylist, yeah, that's.

My specialist okay, that's, very good. How do you find it I? Find who's ever been the audience has been accepting to various. We've been vaping the journal blog and the audience has been vibing with every kind of creativity, a concert, so I find everything so that's.

Good. Then the last one, a yo-yo Gavin be dancers you're chilling out with they do with the dancers I do a magic who was I should say about, how do you. Get to collect such next like the entire team it's, a delicate class. This is it. No so much thinking Iran when you can endeavor in Paris together, the wiser to jam it's, ok. What is it with Jam?

Of course, of course, because I want to balance Java. Polka bands. America's native is alpha singer, are you collecting aromas in Arizona a thousand and millions, but while which are given each organization my company first, it is talent.

Second passion, the money passion drives everything moment watch Accra. As a gamble to get my retainer performing okay, needing. Mo toga, not trying to go for judge together.

So passion of language like the lion rehearsing at like availability, within OPM will rehearsals every time we get be like, because if ricotta Trevor Tori I think that their routines that we know proper Christmas, Christmas tuna over a lot of gigs like stay together. So probably asking at the availability and quality something for this a garage and how to get how to get you living like, how do you live. I'm a presenter I'm, actually into the entertainment industry, it's different for me with me, it's just talent, not everybody can do this is again, doc, scripting or something it just comes into my head and Book every touch. So once it's, your talent should I give that you're the best you have it you own it.

So we all need to we can, we have. We can rehab been a routine yet. The same Bank ivory would make a movie named Ezra Como mix McCarthy and I came up at an after party. So they can tell me Ralph. America yet you like November me, and we do is a, Dana I have to do this after the disabilities and I live out this. Not very easy people to work who is that's what I know you do drugs. You six I, dig very many things.

How do you get to keep with them travel on Columbia? First profile personality, a V rocker, all Regalia and Jagger Neverland service, AmeriCorps destination, Casey Like receiver because it's because of the taxonomy forgot 24/7. Now if it is what it is like, if it is reassessed with. Jicama similar back attack on flight mode. Massimo octagon salient to Polaris tomorrow, I'm, a similar God, Echo, no, no, no career at what we know gig.

Of course, the Granicus staging with a column. I am a sinner to pulling away Oh, cooing, baobab, baobab after fleeing bombers to do sarcasm, cramming. Governor otter, priming. Steam.

Cannon is an engine is now stroke. It gets ninja. Cora ninja or token, oh, come on. No no. Oh, we caught us. So that's, why you have to be sober 24/7 so that you can master because I'm as not.

Romantic into one two, three, four, five to master that you have to be sober, of course, just watch Aquila, because you can never on the album to Canada Vidal I'm, easy, no young guy, I know, negative for Mussing today. El Nio can become picking. You mustn't know, a routine is everything from stats after the top. Yeah, okay.

Thank you so much. Aren't. You want to thank you personally for supporting days, helping days a monument to my very own garlic, I know, they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop, I. Don't, attend a koala, they tend to do so many crazy things I. Thank you so much for Nutella.

Okay. And I don't. Mind is the devil's workshop right?

Guys that there was actual, oh, no, nobody to all of your abstaining stuff. We are not abstaining. Of course, we are no more common in Germany. Germany, the, hey, no don't, leave me money tomorrow.

This is the land of milk and honey, I'm, super nervous - okay, no, no I'll call you today. Thank you so much for honoring my interview key block, didn't, keep tuned in tonight it's. I have buzz concept with John block at a cheap motel, and it's going to be a little ant go off.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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