Episode 6 King Crab Legs │ Wagyu Steak │ Jacuzzi │ Beautiful Bahrain │ 4K

Do hi everyone hopes you are all having an amazing day. I am Brent and I'm MIA. And we are here in our balcony to cook, the food that we have been craving for so long here, you will find candy grab legs that will be steamed, which can be eaten plain or with chopped parsley melted butter with garlic and lemon. We also have Australian baggy beef rib eye and sirloin look at the marbling of that. And these will be cooked on the gap, portable, gas stove and skillet, which will also be having butter salt. Pepper and rosemary after lunch, we will be chilling in our jacuzzi, yay.

Now we will prepare the crab legs to be steamed. Now, the first meet first pepper and the other side just like the pepper, it also goes on the other side, some butter on the pan, hear that sizzle. Can you let's? Have it rested for a while now we're cooking?

The remaining steak is, so shall we get ready to eat? Yes. And now our lunch is ready and served let's dig in guys looks like a weird fries.

Okay, I'll dip it in some smoked butter with. Garlic let's see how it tastes me I'm going to try to cut it. Nope. Okay, it's so juicy, and I'm going to eat it with crab they're, both good. If you eat them at the same time that concludes our lunch for today, we missed the capture everything because our GoPro now time you.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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