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Very good everyone today we are going to play a new game called soccer. Boom. We are not going to start anything. We are going to play here. Father van is a free game, but it contains optional purchase items that will close your account in- app.

Purchases can be registered. And here it is. Ok, from the device settings.

Ok, we accept come here. The introductory video to the game, virtual eggs, the announcement of the game itself. Either what we are going to do is go to the city. And there we start if this link. To connect the privacy policy exists for us.

The policy of visibility we continue play with a van buy live when playing without a football sheet with a van let's see which one with rude, we don't have football. This is a van to continue I have no way. Okay, copper. Football. You are about to leave the football game.

Okay, this it would surely be paid for playing without a van let's. See what we have around here starting to play not without soccer. We can get any value here. You can keep your fury clean. But.

Although it lays more eggs explaining what we have the salt for the water temperature is over we have here. We have the water at full temperature. But what has been said, we do not have any future with which it is like nonsense. We had to come to the beginning and see if they give us some free to buy a form let's, see, for example, what we have here that appears below, we have two eggs. It seems to be okay, get an egg.

300. We have 2000 and get an egg here. We can invoke loyalty, which one do you want to be. Decided on furs so that it is a mini this egg. We accept sent by mail. They send us a new one passing the fridge. It is going to make us a little egg.

It is then to incubate it. Furthermore, it is in quart this egg. We accept we have another one that we can claim. It seems to be let's, see with which we can have two at the same time. 27 seconds stand out let's see here we see the bar and that how we are going to go and be here, 30 seconds undos to incubate. We are going to see it is loading.

It is about to reach a. Second, and we have it on the egg to give personality to this one, and we are going to see what loneliness that decided to get out of the vomit, and we get a van, and it opens, we eat the hill. I'm. The poor guy we have a multicolored soccer badly. And with a crest part, well, as it helps, you collect and incubate eggs. Okay, it says that we look up and down while it's incubating, okay, without having shown it before, not after having created it. But well, there we have the soccer, well, hot spark, and we can move.

It in case, we want the dance machine. Man, big stage, gossip, let's, leave the chair welcome to the home screen of my video. You can touch here to go back to your football, and we can call another way tell us.

We come here. Everything here to come back to life. Ok. Now, let's go to the game room. Let's, see the game room going down. We wait for the fury we're going to feed him, there's been everything here to go to the drinks bar.

We touch here, and they give us the drinks. They were in. It comes out of what the. Forbes wants to eat let's see if it shows us, we feed it high to the full going down. Now we have the food, and we are going to give it a strawberry is going to give him a banana we close. And maybe we are going to put in anything. Okay, it seems that we need it.

And now let's go come to his country. We don't know what he is doing. Now he works by letting. He only hurts me.

He accepts it. Okay game room. He came let's. See what else do we have around here? Okay, here we have how the contractions we are going to. Pamper there has been everything here to go to the spa for soccer. He loves the four links with style to record it as we are seeing here, ignore it and others.

We are going to see creating we have soaps 7. And now we start because I explain to help more to a center still. The soap is already the abortion automatically. We take the sponge, and we have it here. We already have everything it is perfect that before we do the comb ye.

So we go everywhere. We have everything wrong there. It is perfect. And we are. Going to see what he tells us now to see if football as he likes, it gives us more economy here and the police, accept it. We have achieved a star.

Well, we return to the games' room in universities. Here you can visit all your footballers it's good at the moment. We only have this. We have to create better you're happy now so make them come back here. And now for another egg we'll, do it here it's all right here to see more ways to get eggs everything here to get an egg from a virtual friend.

We don't have. Any I think, ok, but we can claim shelves. We take this one from here. Ok. Now, we're going to take this. Second, one, the rich one, they leave us.

Ok, he's going to have a different one changed for running well. And we wait between someone in another nice one, you want to hatch this egg. We accept let's see. We can see the home screen our eyes, it's hatching. Ok, let's see a couple of minutes as you see We play to level up and get more eggs, and maybe you'll discover that he's also learned new words. We can come. Here, too, and we had another egg that appeared here for up to five years.

So we can only hatch from 1 and okay, we have two legs, and we have a happy city of a city. We are going to try this the third time. But here we have nothing as we are seeing, we know everything in the first time, the shower is so good that we explain how it would go. But first we had to put the fury with fire and put a worm eggs. Okay, it's the video. Well, let's see what this is.

This happens this insulating tape, and we mix soccer. Then the mother we went we're, going I, don't know if you want that now with the side since we don't have any van here, at least for after restart continue start, we have to be able to give it to him is incubating. The one we have called none. No helps you to collect incubate eggs. Bad come on ad had to n need the egg let's go there. We already have it ready and willing for this.

And we are going to see what comes out of here. We have to get the whole thing here. We start here how to come.

Out here in shape, we are going to see visual surf classes you go blue and again, others half multicolored for this. We have like hockey with her headband, which seems to be. She is a little princess. The tea is over well, it's.

Okay. Woods got a gift let's, see it. Now we have software you can't open gifts for free. Ok, I buy a van, or you spend orbital. And so we have here some van what we want, what are normal forms of form and voice. That is why they serve us. We have here an egg to incubate.

Another one was. The one that was beyond the right one, we are going to give you have a table football. We are already you have a table football can without playing a new egg doing that. No, you see you level up to the city with which we have to go back. And we have to come with the other van with the new lock and level it up so that he goes to the city. So we are going to see a level 1 game, buy a football here. And there we have the Forl fire.

And the one that is sure of the level. So we are going to start. We are going. To feed him. First, we close the video we have already seen and let's. Do it let's see let's, give him the matches side by side and a Platonic bat method to see if he likes it there he creates, and we give it to him.

Let's see I, don't know, he likes it and little, except it gives us a little economy, and he would be to improve. But as we see the improvement a little of the game room, and we eat that we have to fill it. We have to follow it as much as we can put a second, forget it's worth a foosball. About what they were, and they need it.

Okay, this we can't pass it on soccer, and it requires, at least we have football, and we don't have any football amber, well, we're not going to go back, and I'll see what we have around here value. We have an egg two purchases per moment. The same as before in the city we have one. And here we see p, for example, a gift. We have the money. We don't have and to buy FC I would send them out, and it would be with real money.

So we have to wait. And here we have it. There is no.

Future at the moment, which we don't show now either baby football, I'm, leaving it here. Now what would remain has been restarted this? What would remain would be to improve something fur bi? But above all to go up to this second, one that will enlarge us in level to be able to create another foosball table of these, and I don't know when they would give us a van for simply what they make up deposits is buying those with real money would have to check it.

Can't do anything else. See you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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