Gas Station Simulator #07 - Neonnerd - Lets Play - Deutsch

So dear there we are back in the gas station to me lighter and sweeping with the broom. I's clean and china isn't yet, complete before get whether it'll turn quickly like it. Now, that's skeptical, he's complaining about the prices now come fill up. But luck is okay.

That's. Not old. Politically things will get tricky the tables.

The table is like that me that counts whether you testify or web his things in the garbage. Why you're good you just left the bottle here, that's law, leave the bottle lying. Around that doesn't support it. So we have enough money now for the nearness, we don't have it yet. Thank you.

So slowly I would say the Terkel still calmly say, the container is also fishing because someone is buying something that used to be like that me I was careful, I was a little distracted by the new mails on the left, ok, well, he's already quite full, So little bull always works, Maybe it doesn't suit me. Hr, I read the rubbish, pick up fee, or it says dollar shows costs a day that was. Finally, at least the small penis, big truck scan that I got that in October like that right mark, how much do I have no more but a bit? What do I already have what takes the call?

No? I was sure to make the phone call last time. I got it right the, but got your face polished now, the jaw how I after you how the holiday before it is taken now, but quickly I think it's good about old. Well, if I put it on there in the corner, possibly it's, really broken, somehow, I hid it behind my ears. So Davos take.

Everything with me, what's up here, here's what's going on that also sees that belongs to the container as well as the one approached back there, or what did it take away for me crumbs that I have up to 10, ok, collectors, positive, feedback from customers around to increase the popularity of a gas station. Yes, okay. You can get positive feedback if you are pretty clean and efficient. But that is clear to me what I find perfect. Top left also level 1 approval and cool. So slowly, criticized here, clean.

So. Here, it is already all rubble, and so I get here is still that didn't work out so well, otherwise I've only now been forced is always something here, a little Lena fleck work already at the cash register and then customer at the cash register. Yes, we bought sweets instead of it being there now, and I was hiding my garbage for a long time. I don't have any more power behind for the festival program. O I'm, not purely just from the customer customer customer.

Yes, there just comes flying back there. I have. No idea, but it has unbelievable dynamic properties is the stratosphere have come here. He won't be visible at all at the moment. One has to want to live, but that h If the car wash is fine.

Then good day. I'll, be right there in the school report here, I didn't, even want to have an excavator standing there at the back there, isn't, a good rule cloud, nine vouch for the fact that we shovel away sand again, I now quickly who here the excavator, please all of you, I think I'm going to use it. Now. The sea is. Already gone, so it's, the army everyone helps here scrap metal, but no one buys anything then I have to do it myself over.

I didn't want to go at all actually died on the back I'm less now secure relatively quickly and day I'll show you a tube here. Come. I say, I have a bit I'll say, bad reviews.

It wasn't my intention, just because you solve it once he directly adapted Bono, which actually a lot of sand with, although I got quite far times get off that was a step after ordered, but somehow the. Feeling I'm, not making a profit here. Lay architecture short, drinks are still enough. The next one is still enough because I'm just making a minister out. And I have to get fuel. First new order.

I just think of one day in the direction of Greeks at the parking lot order, yes, but then would I have to want to be free first, or what have you not bought it yet that he fuel long history of a kindness. So now I need here was we have to fulfill it again, otherwise only the Herbert mill. No one wants that or my.

Tour at the is it because here I can say so much about his ships, or what is the conclusion status is our focus that has to be done again that didn't work out now. But what the whole time keep your mouth open? Ok, then eaten. It expands violently in the mouth to the YouTube always hit healthy. Well, because the business is so okay, we have to be careful with the Goldberg. We have to be careful, I know that we are not youthful late, but I immediately postponed the car wash that probably won't need.

Until much later that's coming, but it was a bug that means it's so scary from a distance, they're quite normal that the person I.e. me have normal is that now less time to fill sure I am not so happy there would be operated there. But here is the snake. So the snake is not 100% clean.

I will be with him right away. Sir, yes. But somehow I have the feeling that I am not coming with a lot of profit from the story or yes, I should buy her this parking lot. I know, but it costs 400 dollars.

I. Didn't purchase can't be made before the area is not honored. Ok? I. Can't afford it. Anyway here grabs, but who is too older? Yes.

Thank you gentlemen, but also always excerpts that you can find a good way again, something here with my g. E view cover afterwards in the exhausted and happy. Well, trios gap I have that again, I would like that I would like to I would like to be part. Minister I may have to rip off the flaring insurance July for the public holiday I have to do the poses.

Now we have gotten the. Parking lot already maybe it's free, but visibly smaller it's, not affected. Well, come on let's make some money at the end of the day we have to be on duty, again, straight away, goods and fuel. So come to the checkout customer at the checkout I. Am on the way and me so that's, very different, because of one about the hamburg that's that now fallen on it popularity level 2, very good, how it goes on are in the next episode. I adored fun. I definitely.

And if you have fun and what I'm sorry, but comments, he is. The expires I would be very happy. If you want to know how it goes on also press the pills. If I can see you next time.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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