Glock 19, Gen 2 - Still A Great Gun!

Okay, so this is just a quick video on one of my oldest guns. And as the title said, it's, the Glock 19. And this is the Gen 2 model, and I've had this gun. Since the early 1990s, this model actually came out in 1988. And this is the nine-millimeter Glock.

And this was the second Glock that was introduced after the original, which was the Glock 17 and fantastic gun and I shot it today. So I'm going to do a little cleaning on it. And you know, I'll show it to you guys it's been around like I said, a long time. They're now up to Gen 4.

So this is a gen 2, there's, a quite a lot of differences on it. The new ones have the finger grooves on it where this one just has the regular stippling on it, I think the new ones have interchangeable back straps. This one does not so what have I done on this gun. So since I've had this gun, I've put a new recoil spring on it, I've put new night sights. So you can see they're, really, awesome.

Silicon night, sights let's see I put these Talon grips on it because it's really a smooth. Grip on it, and I was going to have it stippled, but I decided not to because it is one of my oldest guns, I just didn't want to have anything go wrong on it. And because it's old, the frame feels wouldn't say, brittle, but I just don't want to risk having it stippled.

So I just put these Talon and grips on it that I got on Amazon. And they work just fine let's. See one of the nice things about this gun is it holds multiple magazines? So these are just some 15 round magazines, which it holds it also holds 15. Plus 2, which is right here. So this is a 15-round magazine with it plus 2 extension on it.

So you have 17 rounds in it. And then for those states that you know, only 10 rounds is legal. They do make just single stack I should say double stack, 10-round magazines on it. So you could get you got that. And then of course, it will hold the trustee 33 round magazines on it which hard to get in frame. But as you see it'll, hold 33 plus 1. And this is a what is this.

This is a 31 round magazine, but I have a plus.2 extension on it makes it 33, and you know, actually, I keep this by my bedside because some other night you never know. So if multiple attackers came in, they'd be greeted with fury. And so that would not be a good thing for them. So what else did I do on this I, added an extended magazine, release on this here, you can see that's pretty wide because I do use this for competition. Sometimes.

And the other thing I did, which was kind of mistake is I, added this grip plug on it and I bought that on Amazon. It. Was like 2 bucks, I, put it on all my Blocks I did that recently on a Glock 43. But when I did this I just tapped it in ever so gently and I, don't know if the camera will pick it up, it made a slight crack on the bottom.

There can you see that, and I took it to my gunsmith? And he put a little of epoxy on it. And he said, there's, really nothing that can't be done. He said, he and I asked him, you know, should I take it out he's like now you already did damage so just leave it. So you know, I chucked that.

Up too, you know, what am I going to do experience? And you know, you got to be careful when you're dealing with all the guns, but the stippling on the back and on the front are very aggressive and it's perfect and that's it. So just a quick look at it. Fantastic it's really I would say an all-around gun, you know for home defense for self-defense and also for carry I carry this one in a don, um inside the waistband holster. And the only problem is when I carry it in my home state, I could only. Use a ten round magazine. So these 15 round magazines and 17 I've actually had two registers.

These magazines a couple of years ago. So they're legal for me to keep in my home, but not outside the home and that's it. And the other thing that I've noticed over the years is with this older magazines like this, 15, plus one they're, not steel lined like some newer ones. So let's say, ya see they don't drop free. And one of the issues is, especially since I got that little crack on the back steel. Lining it sort of pushes on the back of that. And so I don't keep that one in there.

But the newer magazines let's, see if this one will do no that's, not jump. Free 10-round should do it? Yeah. So 10-round has a steel line drop for a magazine. So you know, that's, if it's just that you know and that's it. So just a quick look one of my oldest guns like I said, I got this in the early 90s.

And it served me well, I've actually had a situation once where I was called upon to draw this gun, and I'll leave the. Story there, but it was a good thing. I had this gun on me, otherwise I would not be telling you this story, I'm making this video right now. So I have a special fondness for this particular gun. Alright.

So, thanks very much for watching, and I'll talk to you guys. So take care.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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