Gt Audio Works Planar Speakers- Pass Labs-Sound Insight Open Baffle Servo Subs

Hi everybody, that's a Steve from Sun insight today, we're at the home of Christopher McGee Chris is the proud owner of the gt1 Hawks gt3, AR plan. Our magnetic speakers on the sound inside is, 400 servo sighs Chris is powering the system with the set of past labs, 60.88 Chris's own vacuum tube, preamp, that's centered. And based upon 6sn sevens also Chris is using a K 0 7, X CD player. I should say s, a CD player and is also using it with his micro actually his ultra rend computer-based system running it. With her own software as you could see the speakers by GT audio works are in a maple wood. Excuse me, not maple, but walnut solid walnut they're.

A platter magnetic design was no crossover. The only capacitors on the tweeter to prevent the low frequencies from entering the high frequency ribbon driver as you can see the output open baffled, servo subs are 4 per site and driven by its own independent servo plane, amp with independent adjustments. This system is spectacular as the system will go down to.15 Hertz and play up to and over 40 kilohertz and I hope, you have an opportunity to check these speakers out that sound insight. We are here for you for auditions. Just give us a call I'll be happy to oblige. And with that we'll give you a couple of seconds of a send-off we'll increase the volume. Thank you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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