Gta 5 Online - #1 Freeze Christmas Mask Glitch! | *Solo* Director Mode Glitch *Top 5* Tips & Tricks

Hey, guys, make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications if you're new. So you never miss a single video year was popping loyalist. Welcome back to the channel. This is norms E&T, aka a glitch guru and today's gt5 online video, I'm going to be showing you guys how to freeze the Christmas mask, also giving you guys a few tips and tricks to help. You guys hit this director mode, glitch more consistently. So currently right now we aren't in director mode.

We've already done our bird. Duplication where we wait 26 minutes for the birds to duplicate until we can get our modern office. So I have my mind and outfits available. Now we're going to do is shortlist outfit that has a Christmas mask on it that we want to freeze I always go with the elf mask without glasses.

Because with this mess, you can always come back if you shortlisted an outfit, once you leave director mode, you can come back inside director mode and that outfit will still be there. It will be slightly changed depending on. What the outfit was, but it mostly works for joggers and maybe a trash vest or something like that as well stuff that's important to me, I would say would be the joggers tragic vests and so on. So those are a few things that we can actually come back and get as long as it has a Christmas mask on it. That will retain the outfit like the elf mask without glasses, or the penguin mask.

So in order to freeze the Christmas mask, we only need one of these outfits and our short lists you could also do it with. Three alphas on your short list scrolling through the short list, and then back and now going into Actor beach, bums press, the square to change your appearance to see if the outfit will freeze to see if the mask will freeze over the outfit, but I don't, do it like that anymore, but there's nothing wrong with that method. If you guys want to use that method and try that method you can, so you can shortlist three different Christmas masks. If you want or three of the same Christmas mess, if you want. So you. Could go into Brad press square to change your appearance. And that should give you a bit a different outfit and retain the mask.

So you guys can shortlist that one as well and use that as a second version and so on. And so on, you can also go into emergency services and I think, it's, uh, LS FD, or one of those acronyms, or something like that where you guys can just change the color of your outfit. Then you hit trying Google shortlist it that way you guys can get an extra outfit. But in order to freeze. It is like I'm doing here, all I have is one outfit. Within my short list I'm going inside my short list, I'm backing out I'm going into actors, beach, bums and down to body builder and hitting square once or twice to see if the Christmas mask is frozen now, trying to freeze the Christmas mask, isn't easy, especially for beginners, this isn't, one of those things where you come in here, you watch the video, and you get the advice you get their tips, and you follow the steps and then all of a sudden you could.

Do if it's really not that easy it's going to take you guys a while it actually seems to take 30 minutes and above in order, just to freeze the Christmas mask, all right, so I've been able to freeze the Christmas Mass record time for 10 minutes, my max time of trying to freeze the Christmas mask would probably be about an hour. A lot of people are usually in that 1 hour, mark that one hour range. So if you're a beginner it's, probably going to take you about 30 minutes to an hour to freeze the Christmas mask, Or you may never freeze the Christmas mask, but it does still work I wanted to do this video as an update to let you guys know that for one this glitch is still working, so I did this glitch yesterday, and it was still working I was able to freeze the Christmas mask. It took me about 30 to 35 minutes, pretty normal for me, and the way that I do it. And the way that I would recommend that you guys do this glitch is use one outfit like I'm using in your short list and go into your short list back out you. Don't need to stay in your short list of alone.

Just one second back out go to actors beach, bums, any one of these categories you want hit square to change your appearance. Usually only do it once or twice and then I back out I go back into the short list hover over that outfit for a split. Second and I do this with consistency for 30 minutes, straight all right with consistency without backing out without going into story mode or director mode, accidentally because I feel like that does affect how. Long it's going to take for you guys to freeze the Christmas mask.

If you accidentally select the outfit within your shirt list and go into director mode, then you have to go back to the trailer and start over I feel like that's a reset point, but um, it's, not guaranteed that that's a reset point, but I would recommend that you guys do it with consistency start off and your shortlist like so hovering over that outfit. All you want to do from here is just back out go to actors beach, bums. Anyone of those. Categories, I, usually hit square once or twice a lot of the times I hit square once then I back out because we're only waiting to see if the Christmas master is going to freeze all right? And it really only takes one change of an outfit to determine that right. So we hit square at one time, the outfit changes.

And if the mass doesn't freeze, then we fell. So we need to go back and rest and repeat that process until we see the Christmas mask is frozen. So that's, one of my tips for you guys to help. You guys hit this a little more consistently. And those are the steps that I pretty much used to hit this glitch within 35 to 30 minutes, all right and that's been working for me, really well for the last few months. So I'm, actually about to get the Christmas master freeze here. So I'm going to show you guys what that looks like also what leads up to it.

So if you guys have body armor on Wendi enough to try to freeze the Christmas mask, or when attempting this glitch, then you might notice that the. Body armor will start to freeze, which means we are getting close to freezing the Christmas mask, which means we are freezing components. Now when freezing components is not really guaranteed, which component you guys will freeze. So as you can see I'm trying to freeze my Christmas mask, and I'm using an outfit that does not have body armor on does not have joggers on does not even have a long-sleeve shirt on, which means I'm more likely to freeze my Christmas mask over any of those other components. All right now, if I want to freeze a different component later on, you know, I'll, add that component later once I already have my Christmas mask frozen, but to me freezing.

The Christmas mask is the most important part. So I always do that first, and then I'll select my body armor. Now that I have the Christmas Mass frozen like you see I'll, then start pressing square to change my parents to find my next component that I want to freeze.

So if I want to freeze joggers next, then how find an outfit that has. The color joggers that I want to freeze, and then I'll shortlist, if I want to freeze grace gloves, next I'll do the same and so on. And so on, which whatever component that you guys want to freeze.

So if it's body armor, you find something with the body armor, you shortlist it. And then we start to freeze that component by going back into our shortlist. We can then remove the original outfit that we use to get the Christmas Mass frozen. And now we should only have the outfit with the component that has. The frozen Christmas mask and whichever secondary component, we want to try to freeze it next whether that be body armor joggers, the trash use or the race gloves is really up to you at that point all right. So we already have our Christmas mask. Frozen from here.

You guys can pretty much do anything that you want. You can select any one of these outfits. If you see something that you like straight up, just short list it by hitting triangle, go and see your shortlist.

And you can take it into director. Mode, and you guys can take it online from there. If you guys need a full video tutorial on how to do this I do have multiple videos up I'll also, put one right here at the top right click that little cart right there that will take you guys to one of the videos showing you guys how to do this from start to finish how to set it up, how to duplicate the birds what to do when the birds aren't duplicating. And if that happens I'll give you a quick tip, what you need to do is exit to story mode. Go back to. Online change your outfit or put a parachute bag on if you already have it on take it off change your outfit to a different outfit, make sure it doesn't have glasses on it or a hat.

Start the time trial back up come back into direct mo. And your bird should be duplicated also make sure you are using the chicken hub, the crow the seagull or the pigeon. Alright, the hen will not work. Alright, any other animal will not work, but the pigeon the seagull, the chicken hawk.

Those will work. Alright? So there's, a. Tip as well to help you guys out, and I believe that pretty much covers everything that we need to cover here for today. If you guys have any further questions, let me know down in the comments section because I will be trying to get around to your questions. Now for you guys who are still trying to bring duffle bags online, it does still work, but it is still very inconsistent. Alright.

So you want to take your time with that. You want to go through all the methods that I teach here on the channel. To ensure that you can bring a Duffel bag online as much as possible. Anyway, one of those methods being the Brad method now with the Brant method it is believed that it removes the blacklisted components beneath the outfit that you guys can't, see also it's believed that whenever you go down to Brad's name while you're wearing an outfit that has the Duffel bag on it. If the Duffel bag doesn't disappear, that means that you can bring that outfit online along with the Duffel bag and the Duffel bag. Won't disappear, plus the Duffel bag will be transferable to different outfits.

So that's, what you guys want to do whenever you are trying to get a Duffel bag from director mode. You want to back out go down to story mode. Characters go down to Brad's name and just make sure that you are still wearing the Duffel bag, make sure it doesn't disappear.

If the Duffel bag disappears I recommend that you guys keep looking for a different outfit with a different Duffel bag until you are able to test that. Duffel bag with the Brad method, and it doesn't disappear, but that's it for this video. You guys as always I'm trying to get this channel up to 100,000 subscribers and I need each and every single one of you guys watch it - do me a favor hit that like button, subscribe to the channel return to post notifications if you're new. So you never miss a single video. Please help me help you guys and keep bringing you these great GTA 5, online videos until next time. This is your boy glitch guru official. You piece, stay low.

Dated : 14-Apr-2022

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