Gucci Bag Repair, Worst Experience!

The review I'm doing today is regards to a repair service that I had done through Gucci for a purse that I had to get in for repair I told you guys that I had the worst experience with them. It was pretty awful I, brought a bag in a GG supreme tote in for repair because the lighting of the bag was all messed up, and I've only had it for about six months. And when I purchased it, if I loved bag, it was a prize, but the handle area was kind of cheering up. And the threading was coming apart. So one. Handle was actually kind of loose and a zipper wasn't working very well.

And so I had brought it in to Gucci and had them do the repair on it, I originally purchased, the bike from Nordstrom's, which anybody goes into oceans knows that they have forever return policy, and they're. So good behind their return policy that they'll literally just exchange it for you or return it for you or paste it for you. But because the bag was an expensive bag and I actually purchased it from a salesperson that me. Really liked I didn't want to return it back because with North Sean's, the way it works is if you return the bag back, but the person who originally got the Commission will get their commission taken away from them. You know, and when you're working in retail, and you're working in north drums or Macy's, most of the money that you make are going to be from the commission. So I didn't want to do that. So I ended up just taking it to Gucci had a Gucci do the repair for me instead.

So that way I would just. Get the repaired bag and nobody loses their commission. So going in there thinking that Gucci was going to be the best the gentleman that I worked with his name was Eric.

He was a really nice guy. He actually helped me. And it was like, yeah, it'll take probably about seven weeks to do and to get their bag in and back to you about seven weeks. And he did tell me that I may take a little longer, but he wasn't expecting it to be any longer than 10 weeks.

So Mike, okay, yeah, that's, fine I, don't really need. The bag right now. And then while I was there I was able since I'm going to go ahead and have this bag and for repair I'll, go ahead and purchase a different bag. And while I was there I did buy another fashion of the bag that I got because I absolutely loved the original big bag that I had I went in and purchased this one because I was going on vacation and I wanted to take something with me with my family that I can just throw over my shoulder and just be very practical and not huge weight.

A. Ton on my shoulder, so I took the other bag in and had that one for repair and picked up this bag while I was there. So this is the bag that I have. And this is a really amazing bag. So if any of you guys are in the market of looking for a Gucci bags at Gucci, canvas bag is incredible and runner picks times, and then it's going to strap that you can actually put cross body so such a great bag. And they do last really long. So it was I hadn't sent it in and about three weeks later, one of they actually sent me a. Postcard that stated, they wanted me to call them to give them a proof of purchase.

So that way they can determine that it was under warranty, because they would warranty if it was within a year, and so I, contacted Nordstrom's and I worked with the girl named Leticia. And she was in their New York office. I believe it was. It was somewhere in the East Coast, because every time I called them after a certain time, I wasn't able to get hold of them. But turn in with Leticia. She sent me I sent her.

The email that she needed a copy of the proof of purchased from Nordstrom's that it was in within this within six months, and she basically was like, okay, once we get that we'll, go home do the repair for you and me. Can you try to do anything for it? So I set that in to her and I never got a reply back I called every single day I spoke to the people at the Gucci store and the brave Vernon they'll, be Washington, and they were really helpful they're. You know, of course, they were I was as much as I was. They didn't really know, I ended up having to call corporate Bu chi, but they were like, oh, we don't handle repairs here.

We outsource our repairs to another company and I suppose, I mean, probably with two dozen people, and nobody knew what the heck was going on so fast-forward five months. So last month, I ended up walking into the Gucci store at the Rayburn because I was heading to some other stores there, and I just decided to walk in, and I happened to walk in. And one of the regional managers. Were there he was a really nice man, I, don't. Remember anything was, but he was a really pleasant man and I kind of told him my situation. And he was like, oh, my, gosh, I'm.

So, sorry, let me go take a look and figure out what's going on. So he ended up going to the back and kind of like reading all the notes and stuff like that. And he was like, you know, it's already too late for me to go. Then we'll call down bomb in the East Coast. So I'm going to go ahead and have our store manager here. Give you a call tomorrow. Actually he says that he would call me himself, personally the next, and it was medically, they would leave a message.

They wouldn't give me any kind of detail, and then I would call them back. And then they were never there. So we played phone type for a good like three weeks. It was pretty we big toys. And the only time I actually got anybody geeking is being walking into the store physically into the shop and actually speaking directly with the manager. And that was the only way I got anybody to do. They.

Seemed I actually ended up going into that area, and I was just like, you know, what I'm just going to go in here and because I. So I go in there I told him, I said, situation, and the assistant manager Mickey was there, and I was like, ok, it was like, oh, yeah. I remember eating a penny. Yeah, ok, I know, exactly who you are. Let me go to the back, and let me call my store manager and see what she wants to do about this. So you go to the back, and I'm looking around. And probably about 15-20 minutes later, he comes out and.

He is just like, you know what he comes out this bag, I wasn't like yeah, here's your bag. That's fixed. Um. He was just like, you know, we understand the situation, and we apologize for the delay, but we just ended up going ahead and replacing the bank for you.

So here is my replacement Pike. And the end of the tube will get brand new by about time. I mean, it only took six months for them to be like, oh, yeah. We messed up we're going to go ahead and replace the bag for you to be honest with you when I asked him.

What happened he was more so like beating around the bushes. And he wasn't really a friend about it, giving me different scenarios when they were telling me, oh, the bank, basically the part they didn't have it in stop. So they had to call Italy and have it, shipped from Italy to have the part brought into America for us to fix.

If I don't like I, don't understand like it's, not like we're, replacing a leather piece, it's just whining that you needed to replace, so I, don't know, I really thought they were. Just giving me BS like a lot of BS was such a huge disconnection with him. I mean, honestly it would happen was they lost it somewhere in the transition somewhere in between sending it to the repair place sending it five? You know, I bet you they just lost the bag, and they just didn't want to own up to it. So what they ended up doing is just replacing my bag for me.

It only takes me six months to get back, but I did get my bag back. And here is. So this is why I love this bag so much it's.

It is called. The the GG grand tote, and it's in coated canvas, just kind of like the other bag I showed you. This is just the bigger version. I mean, this thing is huge to show you here. But this is a great bag because it's a zipper it's got a zipper in the top here. And inside, oh, so this is the strap.

So it has been a poster cross body. And this is how big this purse is. This is really huge purse and two pockets in there is it pocket? But it's, just the size of this bag is just what I loved the most about it. But the.

Original binding on like all this area right here. All threading right here came apart on both sides. And then the edge. See how it's kind of like I know what it is, but it's kind of edge, but it's rubber around the edges, those all little just tear apart. And it was kind of like the zipper pull was kind of I, don't know what I didn't use it very much. And we had it for six months, but it was the zipper was getting caught I'm, the little pieces that were coming off.

So every time I try to zip it. It was. Catching on to the leather right and like right in this area here and so that's, why I was like, okay, I love the bag, but I can't handle this anymore, and on which I don't understand like what part of the bag that they have to get sent in from Italy. You know, because it was just strap right here and let's say, we were placing this entire strap I thought, maybe he could have just like resealed. If I don't really know how the repair process was, but either way I know that they probably lost the bag and. They just didn't want to own up to it. And that is pretty much my experience as Gucci.

So in the time that I didn't have my bag, every time I went into there, I would set to told them that you know what I'm I'm, boycotting, Gucci, right now, I'm, not purchasing anything from Gucci until I get my bag back so don't worry bag back, and I can now purchase something you could choose again. So my recommendation is, if you buy the purse from Gucci within a certain amount of time, they say that they'll, usually. Exchange it for you.

The regional manager told me that if he had purchased it within like a year, and it was faulty, they would just replace the bag for you right from the shelf. So if you do buy something from them do that do the exchange, rather every pair you buy for March drones, Oregon, none other Newman, Marcus or whatnot. They generally have a perfect exchange card policy. Go to them. First, let them deal with it because don't ever go within the country, repair department it's seriously. The most.

Like frustrating, aggravating time that I have to really deal with like it was it for six months in my life thought, I had to deal with trying to get my bag back or whether they're going to replace my bag or not, you know, and in the timeframe I never asked them to replace the bed with a Grammy bag. I just wanted my whole bag back, and I was just like, you know, if you can't repair my bag, send me my bag back I'll, take it back motions and I know, they'll take care of me. So I lost all faith in their repair. Department I hope down the future that they've worked it out and figure out the best route in getting things repaired, but definitely recommend not to ever go duty.

Could she we crazy for me ever so that is my review or, however, you want to say might vent of my experience with the repair at Gucci? He has had any questions. Please give me a comment, leave me a message and I will try to get back to you as soon as I. Can you guys have a good evening and good night, don't, forget to subscribe.

Dated : 19-Apr-2022

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