Hands-On: Logitech’s Z537 Speaker System Gives Your Mac The Audio It Deserves

Logitech, Snoopy, 537 Bluetooth speaker system with subwoofer, a $130 companion for your Mac PC or home theater, setup, I'm Trevor from 9 to 5 toys, and we're going to take a quick look at the latest audio release from Logitech here's. Audio engines HD 3 wireless speaker up against the Z 537 as well as my MacBook Pro as you can see, even the subwoofer isn't going to overwhelm your space. It fits in well with mobile setups, or as a permanent desktop solution, there are 120 watts of total power on Logitech's. Latest release for comparison. Popular TVs like LG's, OLED have around 40 watts, Logitech includes a handful of different input options, including 3.5 millimeter on the back there's also RCA. And of course, in volute tooth is also enabled on this set of speakers there's a dedicated control for the subwoofer volume.

This is a nice touch that allows users to get a customized low end, depending on personal preference. Here's a look at the remote control pot, which has the power toggle as well as the Bluetooth. Switch there's, a volume knob that lets you adjust levels without depending on your MacBook internal controls a press of the Bluetooth button activates the pairing process as noted by the blinking blue light like any wireless speaker.

It will pop up in your list of Bluetooth devices and pair as expected. The light will turn solid blue. When the pairing process is complete Logitech has a long history of releasing quality desktop speakers and $130. The z5 37 is more expensive than some options on the. Market, but its combination of connectivity and power makes it a worthwhile investment in our eyes, best of all its sleek design will fit in with your existing technology.

Logitech's latest release gets our seal of approval as a solid alternative to your Mac or pc built-in speakers until next time. This has been Trevor from nine-to-five toys, be sure to give us a follow-on Twitter at 9 to 5 toys, or like our Facebook page for the latest gear deals and more.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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