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Stars couldn't have seen Wendy here. I'm sure she has the day wrong. I had children here Sunday for a workshop. Well, the school said he were all through with the workshops that doesn't mean that I've stopped helping the kids. Well, what were you doing Monday?

Miss finite I was working on my books, children's books, it's better than romper room up there, I'm, sorry, such a mess. I don't, come down here. Much here's. The storeroom in here, I checked. It's doing construction. The contractors that we needed a wall to.

Support the playroom look, um, I know, you're doing a job, but I'm really worried about all the time you're wasting when you could be looking for Wendy. Just let us worry about Wendy, we'll, be in touch. Well, her concern is touching you still sure she has her hope. You guys found something that I'm not exactly looking forward to another eight hours out here, maybe she'll fight you 40. Well, she knows we're around. You think if she's got the girls stashed somewhere she's gonna lead a store, I don't think she's.

Gonna let the kids starve she could already be dead, Lenny, yeah, and she could still be in that house. Okay? Well, we just searched her. We looked around at the cinder block wall in the basement. Defended. He said, it was for a playroom built a year ago. Now we got neighbors who saw cinder blocks on the sidewalk.

A month ago, you think possibly she's got a Houdini room. Well, let's find the contractor and see what kind of shoe. This lady's building is felony real. Good people. Most people won't let you use the. Toilet secure his milk and cookies, you build a bearing wall that her basement is she didn't eat any structural support. So you never touch the basement.

No, she asked us about possibly putting in a major downstairs I gave her an estimate, but she never got back to me. So how long has it been since you actually did work for her? In fact, eight months ago, she wants the materials to run me last month, cinder blocks cement, yeah, yeah. A cup of PI's. Fixtures. Flooring, all the makings for a nice, cozy hideout.

This. Woman has dedicated her life to the children of this city. There is no reason you should be harassing her unless you back off I'm going to slap you with an injunction go for it. Any judge will see our actions are consistent with a normal police investigation.

You have no idea how destructive your actions are parents come over with their kids. They see police cars parked outside neighbors are calling asking what's going on miss Vanity's, even gotten calls from the media. Well, miss Siegel. You have your job. And we have ours as long as Miss vanity remains a suspect in the disappearance of a child, we have no intention of backing off that's your line in the sand.

Fine pleasant performance blues. Just a performance, unless we get some results. I mean, its Eagle gets to a judge school's out. Well before she gets an injunction we're going to need another search warrant. Judge Romney's, a defendants judge. He might see a second search as part of a pattern of harassment. Well, how's.

He going to seem is Finite lying to us. About a remodeling one last time, miss Bennett, what's behind that wall, I, don't know, I wasn't here when they built if it's, probably nothing I couldn't, be dead space on the other side. But no way through that, we can find Tommy tells the press to work from the other side of the street, all right strike out up there. Anything, yeah, wall.

Both part of the basement is red under this court here, your warrant specifies you're, not allowed to tear anything up. Miss Tenney. How many other TVs do you have in the. House two one upstairs in my bedroom and one in the playroom, really then why do you have four lines splitting off from the cable junction?

Here? This line goes right through the closet floor. You want to tell me now Wendy, are you?

Alright? Docket number 286. 71 people vs. Arnett. Vanity, charges are kidnapping in the second degree custodial interference from the first degree endangering, the welfare of a child in the first degree.

How do you plead not guilty? People request that the defendant be held. Without bail Your Honor. My client is not a violent felon. She abducted a ten year, old girl off the street and held her in a basement. We don't want to put the girl at further risk, your honor save it in the seagull I have three of my own bail is 250 thousand aren't you on the wrong side of the plate here, Rose I thought, children's rights, attorneys, defended, minors, not their abductors.

Sometimes defending an alleged abductor is in the best interest of the child. Miss vanity, took Wendy without the. Consent of her legal guardian, we've got our prima facie case if you're looking for a deal here never crossed my mind I want you to drop the case entirely. If you look past the statutes for a second, you'd see that our net Finite was trying to save that child. Do you have any idea?

What Wendy's life was like before? She took her to her home, oh, and it was really improved by being stuck on a cellar. Look I know, this woman would never hurt a child. If you have any doubts have your experts talk to her have.Then talk to Wendy I, guarantee you'll see the light we had pizza, it's pepperoni, then she should make my room. I said, that'd be safe. Just as long as no one found out did she make you stay in the room, the entire time I can't for a party, a party a birthday party.

She had a cake for me was chocolate. Ten candles on it. It was your birthday, my birthday's in October, I won't, be 11. This was Crystal's whose crystal I, don't know, that's what's on the cake didn't, miss vanity. Ever hurt. You know, me read poems and. Played game aren't you worried, the Beatriz might miss you.

Miss nice that I can use the phone. She said, I could call did you. Thank you very much. Twenty if she were mistreated, I, don't think she'd keep it a secret so fan of the honestly kidnapped children to safe them children? Well, she did the same thing. Four years ago.

The six-year-old girl is there a way I could interview miss Finite, it's possible, I, don't think her lawyer would object. Are you sure you don't want your attorney present? I don't need. My attorney I don't understand what all the fuss is about Wendy was happier with me didn't. She tells you that that's, not the point. Her mother her foster mother.

They didn't love, Wendy, it's hard for us to know how they felt I know how you're supposed to feel have you had those feelings yourself God gives people children. And he sometimes takes them away. How would you know anything about that?

I don't further I have a feeling that you do? Did you lose a child? How old would she be? Now ten must have. Been very painful for you. She was nine months old when she died. You loved her very much.

I'd do anything for her just like you'll do for Wendy. You know what they did, you know, ready to turn. Nobody treats crystal that way. Nobody?

You know, if you pray hard enough, sometimes God answers, your prayers.

Dated : 24-Apr-2022

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