High Wind Warning In Effect

Early in the morning by the time, most of us are out there trying to enjoy the day it's going to be much colder than that all because of this system that's going to kick up the winds too Amira. We have a high wind warning in effect from 3 a.m to 4 p.m Sunday. And let me walk you through this for tonight thinking after midnight, we'll have some showers come through, maybe a few rumbles of thunder in association with those showers, or maybe those storms a damaging wind threat will be there then we're. Going to shift gears, the strongest winds from the cold front. This time will occur from 8 a.m to around noon, and we're talking wind, gusts of around 58 miles per hour, or greater and that's. Why? The high wind warning is issued.

And in effect, power outages are possible with winds of that magnitude. And even some localized damage, we can't rule that out either here's a look at the storm, the warm front that's. Still warming us up as we speak. And also the showers and the thunderstorms all of this is going. To be moving through metro Detroit, but right now we're just getting in on the warm-up let's.

Look at a local snapshot here, 60 degrees in Adrian 59 in Monroe we're still at 52 in Detroit, up towards port, Huron still cool at 41. That's because of the easterly flow before the warm front moves in eventually, the warm-up will get everybody into the overnight and that's going to also accompany those winds. So it is area wide for the high wind warning. Everyone is included in this. And even if you head up.

North far enough, you will be in a wind advisory. So the winds are going to kick up for everybody for tonight with those winds from the southwest we'll also have temperatures climbing up near 60 degrees. Rain moves in late thinking. After midnight, anyone of those showers or thunderstorms could produce some damaging wind at the surface. There is the initial line. But the cold front comes in behind that overnight lows down to around 53.

Your Sunday will start off windy and mild with numbers near 60. But. Numbers will gradually cool off throughout the day. And once again, the strongest winds will be for the first half of your Sunday, and that high temperature is going to occur for the first part of the day Monday is a different scenario once the cold front comes through, and the winds die down. The temperatures are going to be set back we'll.

Go back to the 30s, we'll have some rain and snow moving through metro Detroit. And I put the temperatures on here. So you can get a perspective if you're along and.

North of m59, you're expected to be cold throughout the entire day and by cold, I mean, near the freezing mark, you have a better shot of picking up some accumulating snow, but it's, not going to last long because the temperatures bounce right back, so I'm, calling it a slushy setup. And maybe a slick start to Tuesday morning. But after that temps recover, we get back to the 40s for the rest of the week. So it's only going to be active to kick things off for Sunday as well as Monday.

All right. Mike. Thank you. And make.

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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