How To Claim 50 Fc Santos Fan Token In Trust Wallet | New Airdrop 2021

Hello guys, welcome to my YouTube channel today, uh, in today's, tutorial I'll be showing you a method that you can claim 50 Santos subsidy talking into your trust wallet, um, these two Santos Pepsi token has been training for a while as we all know, some all about the football kind of, um I'm talking just like the previous one, which was the FC photo. And this is the FC Santos, uh type. And it said to be listing that, um, just, um.

I think two, uh, 2.5 dollars. I don't know this token is said to go out. So we are. Giving about 50 of this talking to individuals who will be willing to uh partake. And as you all know, their partner with the banner, smart chain, which you can be farming, your sample sepsis token, even your finance mat chain hub.

So that is very easy. You can go to launch pad and also farm just deposit. Some BNB and you'll be getting reward of the Santos FC token into your um account. So I'm going to show you how you can claim these Santos actually talking straight into your trust, while it's, just 50 of. The hair drop we're giving, and also you can decide to by taking a service, if you are willing to I'm going to show you all this method on how you can do this as it's a tutorial. And now for education, I purpose, I don't get confused when actually doing the um transaction for the Santos FC token so go to stars wallet to see how this is done.

They meanwhile, I'm going to drop the link, uh at the description below and also in my telegram channel, including their contract address. So for you to be able to. Use so we'll go too trustworthy to see how we can easily do this in GPA. So the first thing we're going to do is to click on adapts.

Then we include the link, which I will drop in the description below and also my telegram channel, including their contract address so paste the link, and we go straight to the site. And if you always know, the first thing you do neatly, this loads up is to change a network from material to smart chain. And once this is changed to smart change. So you can just decide to claim. The drop, but let me show you how you can also decide to perfect their sales, where for every amount you buy you'll be giving, uh for 0.01 BNB you'll, be giving about 750 of the Santos token as you all know, the maximum supply is 30 million of the Santos.

So you can decide to buy and um, if you want to refer, you can compute your BP 20 address here. You click on invite buy copy the link and share among your friends and colleagues, um about this particular token. If you get listed, you can go higher than the. Suggested amount is going to list and carbon drop.

So immediately you get your coin, and it gets listed it's advisable. You sell it on time. But if you are decided, you want to hold a coin, that's also, fine, um. So right now we just clean our teardrop and services down. So introduce you click on claim a drop, which is there, then it will ask us to connect the tab to our wallet click on connect a smart contract called initiated, which will ask us to approve the transaction. So we just click on approve down.

Below here once it's approved, our token have been strictly put into our trust wallet. So right now, what we need to do is to copy the contract address, which like I said, I will drop a description below and also in my telegram channel. And you can also go through via scan to see how we can get your contract address from here, click on the top right? You click on smart contracts and see how many people are holding the coin actually for now. Okay, we have over 3000 holders already. So here we can copy the.

Contract address. So after copying, the contract address, we go back to the top left now, click wallets. Now click, the top right now paste if it doesn't come up, all we need to do is to add custom talking. Then we change the network from material to smart chain and paste here. I can see everything will come up now click on done. So this is it. We have our 50 samples talking already into our wallet.

So that is all for today's tutorial. Please, uh. I want you to know this is just for additional people. So don't. Get confused and also always do your own research on every token. You are buying anywhere, maybe finance beat from major obvious exchanges, gates dot, Io anyway, make sure you always do your own research, please and also your citrus to your wallet do not release it to anyone do not on under any circumstances related to anyone I will never ask you for your seat phrase. I will never ask you for your uh wallet.

So, um, if you have any questions, you can ask at the description at the comment section and um, I. Will attend to them as soon as I can so uh, please. Thank you for watching do not forget to like share comment and subscribe to my channel.

Thank you.

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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