How To Insert Different Page Numbers In Word

Hello, everyone welcome to San, super EE COM in this video tutorial I am going to show you on how to put a different page number on the same document in Microsoft Word to understand what I am talking about. Please follow me by going to open Microsoft document I have a document that has certified pages. So what I really want to do to put the page number from the content page in the roman number? And then we scroll down to this page and from this page on board, I want to change the pin from Roman. Number and it starts from the first number in simple number to do that just going to the first page, and then we are going to insert the page number by going to insert tab rebound and on the header and footer group. We have page number menu, click on that. And then we have to make decision where we want to place the page number on the top on the bottom.

So I decide to select the bottom of the page. And then where you want to show the paint number on the right-hand side in the middle or on the right. Hand side so I, select on the right-hand side. So now we got the page number in roman. Number in case, this does not show the roman number.

You can change the format by going to design tab reborn. And then under the header and footer group click page number menu and then click on format page numbers. Here you can change the number of a man interest, maybe the document the default is not the simple number or the default is not to remain number.

You can change the format here. But here on my document they. Got the default number format in roman number, so I, just leave it here. And we scroll down to the peg that we want to change the format of the page number and East and from number one. So here is the page that we want to restart a number from one and change the format to a simple.

Number let's, go down to see what pay number de continue from the phosphate to change this pay number to a simple number and restart from the first number. We have to break the relationship between this page. And the about. Page to break the section our relationship between the pay we have to place the cursor at the bottom of your tagger document and then go to page layout ribbon tab and click on breaks' menu under the section break. We click next page, and then I just move back my document by press Delete key.

So we have already broke the section break between this page and about page to make sure we can go Home tab reborn and then click on design or icon. Yes, you will see the section break next page. Okay. Now we are. Sure we have already broke up the session break between this page and that page. The next thing we need to do is to change the page number format and restart, the number to one now I select that and then go to design tab reborn and click on page number and click for my page. Number here, I want to start from number one, but I also need to change the number of a man to simple number and click, OK let the ball check.

Now you can get what you want from the content page. You will see the Roman number and. From this page chapter 1, you will restart app a number to one and all what in a simple number. Thank you for your watching. If you want to watch more upcoming video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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