How To Use Cac Post-Incorporation Portal

So what's up guys in this video I'll be taking you through the CAC posting corporation portal. The post incorporation portal is actually the most stressful portal, it's easy. You know, we have the pre and the post incorporation now print corporation is when you are maybe about to register a business name you're about to register a company, or you're about to register a NGO. But posting corporation quota is after you have registered your company's board. You need to modify your annual returns or you. Need to change your director change of address and so on and so forth.

Posting incorporation portal is the busiest sport in cc. And it is more technical. So I'll be taking you through the post, incorporation website. I will explain to you everything. You need to know about posting corporation and step by step on each of the buttons you need to press now before I check to the website, if you like this video and want to see more content of it kindly, smash the subscribe button let's get to 1000.

Subscribers before the end of this month and also after subscribing click on the notification button. So that anytime I use videos like this you'll be the first to see it and also comment on it. If you have any issues with your registrations or with your CAC. But I now answer your questions as soon as possible in this video I'll be taking you through the website that you can do your posting cooperation and CSC. Now, if you have not watched my video on pre-incorporation as cc, you can just click on any. Of the links below you could familiarize yourself with the print corporation websites of CAC.

And some of the things I think about it. Now for posting corporation is, why dot NG. So once you do that, first, you need to log in, I've always said to you, if you want to do a search as CSC, all you need to do is search at, then you will be able to search for any company now sets like I've done below. I've done a video about how to research your sales. So you can. Look for the video and what the video and how to probably do it such as CSC now, how to research our CAC is, if you want to do a search of any company, maybe you want to know whether a company is real.

And like I've always told people if you want to be sure whether a company that claims to be involved in trade, or doing forex, has registered with Nigeria, corporate affairs commission. You could check under the website of CSC and see whether the company has been registered. However, finding out that. The company is registered, doesn't mean that the company is legit. There are several things that need to be done anyway.

So another post, incorporation like where we were talking about before posting corporation is anything you do after you have done your registration of whether a company a business name or a NGO. Post, incorporation is actually easy for you what's the compression. You are searching for any company any business or any NGO. Now, the first thing that you normally do, you are supposed. To do under the search is that you type, the name of the company, the registered number or the address or the email or even the phone number.

So even if you type the phone number you'll, be able to see the company here, if I have the email, what I do most of them, I type the registered number, but because I don't have any registered number in mind. So I could just type you could just type something like Diego tech. The icon, take so once click on that content, if you don't know, anyway, that contact is. Actually the companies that is involved in digital marketing. So once you want to do any posting cooperation matter of any company, then of course, you click on search. So once you click on this, when you type the name of the company, then you click on the search. And once you click on the search, it shows the name of the company and the registered number, the business type of the company that it's a business name, the address.

And then of course, the date of registration after that, you can then click on. Proceed now, once you click on proceed, this is where bulk of the work is being done. Once you allow you to load. It takes you to where you actually do bulk of the work. This is where you actually do everything that you can on the company.

So yeah, if you want to find annual returns, but because of course, it's a business name, you don't need to file another return. If it's a company that's when you need to finalize it, then of course, cessation. The first event change name. If you want to change the.

Nature of business of the company, if you want to change any of the proprietors or partners of the company, I think the company had about four proprietors anyway. So everyone changes this information and so on and so forth like that. So a letter of good standing means how the company is faring. And of course, the name status report. Status report is to check this status of the company, the names of directors and so on. And so what the company is doing now because the business him, I would not.

Like to go much into deputy because there's really nothing much to do about business name. So I would go back and type let's say, denote, for example, denote is done with the sugar. I know you should bring out PS, plc. Anyway.

So you get down with the sugar refinery plc. So you can click on proceed to dashboard. So once you go to project proceed to dashboard, so once it goes to proceed to dashboard this something that I was talking about for business, it doesn't have all this company search conversion. Notice change of person with significant control and so on and so forth.

So we're going through everything step by step, we might not click on everything, but we're going through everything step by step. So annual returns are to, of course, if you want to check if you want to file, oh, this was the profit to make. It was net profit to me. It was total profit to make this year and item is something that is composed. You must file it. In fact, you cannot do any other thing in a post, incorporation matter at CAC.

If you have notified, you are not returned. So make sure that if you want to do any company registration for anybody make sure you ask them whether they are annoyed is up-to-date, because before the CSU allow you to do anything, they must check whether the annual choice is obsolete. And if it's not up-to-date, you would be queried. Now, if you want to know everything about queried, I made a video on post-incorporation. So you can check everything and all you need to know about our accounting query.

The. Appointment of administrator receiver, receiver manager or supervisor. So if you want to appoint an administrator a receiver of your company and so on and so forth, you can click on that. Then of course, if you are looking for satisfactory copy of any document, I'm sure there's a fee, you can prefer, but I've not applied for it before anyway. But if I'll give up a satisfaction copy of any document or any certified extract, you can click on it.

And then it will there will be where you feel all the. Information if you want me to also make a video of these things just kindly comment on the comment below, and I'll make a video on any of them, because I've done quite almost all of them, except for, except for certified to copy and appointment of administrator. But there are also some that you cannot do online. You have to go into CSC directly to do them. Now for change of allotment of shares if you want to change your allotment of shares. So maybe you want to reduce it. You choose the number of.

Shares you give to someone you want to reduce it, and you want to add it to another person, you can also do that. Then of course, you want to change the circuitry. You can change the director. You want to change the name if you want to change the registered address, for example, if you click on change your register, it takes you to where you can click on it. And you can begin to do your change of registered address.

Then of course to change your visual address is if you want to change the location of the. Company, possibly you're the headquarters of your company when you're finding it is in Lagos, but you are changing it to Abuja. You can that's where you do your change your vegetable address. Now, change of name is possibly you want to change the name of your company from maybe less Azania who they should go to that would take refinery illuminating sugar. You can do that. Then, of course, the change of director is if you want to change the director of your company, you want to change it from someone's name to.

Another name and then, of course, you want to change your circuitry, then for conversion and registration of companies. Now, conversion adjusting of those companies is always done if you want to change your company from limited to plc. So you want to do it from limited, even after you have filed your documentation with sec and so on and so forth, like that you need to submit all those all this information at CAC to be so that they will change it from ltd to plc.

Then of course, notice of change of person. With either control, those are the persons that have the highest number of share at the highest number of shareholders in your company. So the highest number of shareholders if you want to change them.

So that that's how you could do that then notice of cessation, maybe your company wants to know some cessation. Then of course, in case of issue of shared capital. So if you want to increase the issued share capital from a particular month another month, so that's I'll do that then of course, those of. Change of particulars of director and so on and so forth.

So this information is quite easy to understand. So once you just once you want to do any post incorporation that says, once you have done your clicked on it and search for the name of the company you look at which of this info, each of these information here, do you want to do? And if it is registration of charges, I don't really think it's, actually working, yes, because I've tried it you actually, I need to go to the CAC office. They have not.

All started working. So I think this is one of the problems that I think it should be solved by CSC. If they want the network, the things to be easy for lawyers without going to that, they must success as much as possible to make sure that everything here can be done online instead of going to cc and submitting documents, which sometimes we might not even respond to as fast as possible.

So I think this should be done as urgent as possible. So that's, everything, you need to know about spring. Corporation Assisi now, if you want me to do any video about any of this, any of these at all, you can just comment on comment below, and I'll, make your video as easy as possible. Instead of you paying people to do it for you.

Now, if you like this content, and it has helped you to know, you're posting corporation portal, cc don't, forget to smash the subscriber team, because you want to get to 1000 subscribers before the end of this year and also click your notification button. So that any time I leave. Videos like this you'll be the first to see.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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