I Threw A Frappe At Her At Prom! Roblox Royale High 👑

Get them ready, ladies, it's time, it's time. Hello. All of my loyal subjects, uh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. We got to school and I totally forgot to put makeup on read to the bathroom right to the bathroom. Well, it has been quite and exciting a first, you know, first month of school, I already won prom. Queen, I've, tried almost every single type of Frappuccino, and I'm I'm.

Just so happy here. I, just hope that I could stay studying at this school forever. Because, I, love it. Well, okay. Now that that's over time to do my. Makeup okay, we have to look on fleet got a roll this school, I mean, I already rule a kingdom.

So I might as well rule this school til oops. We have so many hairstyles, oh, you know what? You know what let's try let's try to be bad for a day.

We always look like the bubblegum princess, maybe I just want to be incognito and I don't want people to know who I am for one day of my life. Let's, just try this out I, want to be bad, but the ancient song, don't, listen to it. Okay, guys, let's. See what everybody thinks. About me in my evil, dark outfit.

This skirts gotta go. Okay. We are ready. We are the queen of the Nights.

Oh gosh, oh, my gosh and we're. So bad at flying. Oh, my gosh, hi guys, uh.

Do you want to be friends with a really dark evil? Princess follow me. Follow you where? Uh follow you where?

Um, hi, hey, can I get can I. Come hang out. I know, I know, I'm, scary, but I'm a princess of the dark evil realm. Oh, well, they're there sitting on opposite sides of the elevator for me know what? Oh my gosh, do they not even know. Who I do they not even know that I'm gonna undercover bubblegum fairy why can't I come with you? Why leave us alone?

Why? Hey I just want to make friends I. Am from a Dark Kingdom that's. Why I look scary come on.

Please, please don't make fun of me because, it's. None of your beeswax. You are you're. So rude now I see how high school truly is for princesses.

Would you change your look everybody's rude to you excuse me, but she wants to talk to me for a second, so I'll, hang out with you later, Ruby, come on? Why why can't I be your friend too I, don't I, don't know why she's? Being mean she was so mean just kiss. My kingdom is dark. It.

Doesn't mean, you should bully me. Well, I got to get to computer class, and I was so distracted by the bullies that I didn't, even get my book out. Well, let's, just at least do good in school. Okay.

So, so far, nobody else seems to have a problem with me. Let's, see if people can not be shallow, um, those girls are still back here. She's still just drinking a frat. They might as. Well just go to class, oh, my gosh.

Princess bubbles. You are so late. Oh, my gosh, this girl's just eating chicken and drinking frats any pizza. They say I want to eat pizza, to dig it she's eating. Pizza. She's drinking FRAPS, right in the class, I mean, I don't, I don't, even want to be in school anymore.

This isn't even fair, well, at least we should pass this quiz. So oh my girl just got here. Hello princess charge. Our banana, oh my gosh.

She left, um. Well, this is awkward. So I was going to tell her nice name, maybe. She didn't want to sit by me what she sat by me left.

Okay, so we got a new princess. Oh my gosh. She left too, literally, three. People have sat down beside me and left.

And those do switch seats. Nobody wants to stay seated by me, I'm just I'm, too spooky for them. Oh, my, gosh, I.

Hope, this doesn't happen to anybody. My friend is stuck in detention in the dungeon. Uh-Huh, is that what really happens will they actually send me to attention I, really hope and that's the case that I'm officially. Scared of this game and I don't think we should play it anymore, and I think we should go back to the bubblegum Kingdom. Okay. So class is almost done.

Yes, whew. Okay, oh, my gosh, best in class best in class I never get a plus this. Never happens. Okay. So the desks are scooted back, hopefully people will be nice to me.

Now, oh my gosh. Well, I have to go downstairs, Oh school's out. So I, don't know what people are doing, but uh, what are you doing let's?

Just ask some people I'm kind of bored there's, also a homework. Center, I guess, I could go to, hey, do you want to meet my friend? No way? No one wants to be my friend since I got this spooky makeover, but we'll see well, see if they don't like my moon crown? Okay, but, but this is who I am inside. And you can't, fix me, uh, well, I don't really want to do any of my homework, but I, guess, since we don't have any friends here let's just ask one more time is anyone doing anything? Do you guys?

Do you guys want to hang fluffy cocoa? A cowgirl? Anybody?

Anybody wants to hang? Hi. Are you from the dark realm? Oh, I!. Am are you finally a princess who understands me with her bat wings, and she looks cool? Yes. Finally, someone like me who understands it's, not all sparkles and sunshine.

Okay, okay. It is dark like my soul and like her soul, I know, you're my fave, hey, guys, oh my gosh. We finally found somebody as dark as I look there's. A whole crew, a whole crew of dark is assembling.

What is there? Even for people like us to do around here? I'm so new I've only been to like five days of. Schools so far, maybe six so not that many, but I just I don't, even know what there is to do I want wings.

Now how much are the bat wings Oh more than I? Have? Oh, hi Ella you again, you were so mean, oh yeah, right. You fell on purpose. Pushes don't make me angry. You don't realize that we have powers darkroom unites, I, I, wasn't mean, yes, you were you.

You told me to go away because I'm a dark princess. Okay, I'm a dark. Princess. I saw what you did. You meant to do that on purpose. She did do it on purpose. She.

Wants to make the dark realm. Looks bad. You came at the wrong time. She is so rude. So freaking rude OMG, we will be watching you Ella. We are watching okay, let's get out of here. Yeah, let's.

Go. I. Am over this let's go in the elevator and get out of here. You know, what is these light fairies? Go breaks our leg. What did she do?

My leg I, I will sit here. Somebody get me. Some ice, please I, really I really need some, oh my gosh and there's a dance tonight, you know, what guys let's hit her back at the dance. Heals her leg.

Thank you. Oh my gosh. So a princess fairy just healed me, I'm all better I'm all better. Now, oh my gosh. Thank you magic is so useful.

Thank goodness for all. These magical kingdoms, my magic can't do positive things only negative things. You really think I'm a dark fairy.

You know what guys I love being dark so much I just might, I just might stay this forever. At the dance you guys, everyone throws frapp at her, it's its payback from the dark realm. Yeah, okay. I got my frapp. Everybody ready. To go okay, that sounds like fun.

It does don't it. It does sound like fun. You can't. You can't just break my leg, hey, Lily. She likes the dark. If she can be overprotective, I, I, don't know, exactly how to say this, but is it?

Okay? If I can be your friends. It is we got it. We got to stick together they're trying to kill us.

All the dance is starting let's. Go it's time, it's time to throw our frack on her crpes out. Everybody got their fraps out.

Okay, oh, my gosh. Okay. Get the FRAPS I'll get the FRAPS.

Out get the FRAPS out everybody FRAPS out I'm weary of FRAPS I thought, I thought we had a plan we're all supposed to throw our FRAPS on her. What happened to the plan? Get them ready? Ladies it's time, it's time, oh my gosh.

Look. She got her. She got hers out. Furthermore, she got hers out. Furthermore, she got hers out look hurry by the limbo. Wait a second wait. A second is that not her wait a second here she is throws frapp right in the face right in the face through frat better through frat better.

Oh yeah, she's. Throwing it to that's what you get for breaking my leg, throw scrap in her face? Yeah, you go cry about it, whoa, I'm going to be limbo. And with my frat labeled with my frat, 25, diamonds, yeah, limber with my friend. Oh, oh, no. Oh, no. We didn't do so good.

But it's. Okay, we still threw a frapp in her face. One more time, let's do this Oh No so bad, oh, gosh. So bad. Well, ladies, if you need me, I'm going to be limbo in back to my dorm room, uh-huh, let me know if you guys think I should stay from the dark realm or go. Back to being my beautiful bubblegum princess.

Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next episode humans, bye. Bye.

Dated : 30-Mar-2022

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