In-Frame Engine Bearing Replacement

So this is the front bearing off of the crankshaft is a main bearing. You see it's starting to come apart. So it's, definitely time to do this. Bearing roll crank still looks good we're this far anyway, and I was actually visiting him, and he's telling me showing me the tractor I said, well, you know it gone.

This far you're freshening at the top and might as well do a bearing roll while you're at it. So glad we did that now we're doing it because we're this far to the engine, but you can also see if your. Bearings are worn by doing an oil analysis. And you go to have the equipment truck shot, they'll, give you a little container. You collect some oil and bring it back to them, and they'll analyze the oil it'll, tell you whether there's brass nickel copper in there, antifreeze dirt they'll, even tell you if your air filters too dirty. So good way to see what condition your engine is in. And also a good way to do an analysis on something you're looking to buy, maybe then you'll know what kind of shape.

The engines in if there is a lot of crap in there, you want to avoid it if it's nice and clean, then, um, yeah, go ahead and buy it. You know, the engines in good shape. So here we go.

Alright, not much left of the tractor they're, just redoing. The rad was in a buddy shop. And we had a head gasket issue. The fuel pump was leaking. So we're fixing that all up we're going to do a little bearing roll on it. So we freshen up the top half so still enough crosshatch to leave it alone.

So what we're going to do is we. Pulled one of the main bearing caps off, you can see the oil hole. You do is take a little set screw like this and just bend the head.

And then you could pop it right in the hole. So that the head is nice and flat against the surface. You see that and then shave the top of the head off, so it's, no thicker than the bearing itself, and then we're going to take it to the grinder and just take a little off and then turn the engine over.

And you can roll the bearing out. So this is my little set screw and. Just pop that in the oil hole, and then I have a pipe wrench here, I'm just going to turn the engine over slowly and carefully see how that set screw is shorter than the main block, but it catches the bearing I can roll.

And then there comes my other half of the bearing stop. When you get close pull the bearing down and inspect it I, keep going make sure you grab that screw pull that back over again, perfect now to roll it back in again, I can see here that you see the wear on the bearing I'll shoulder, The light better, you can see the little marks here. So it's definitely time to do the bearings good time to inspect it, I, can't feel anything. So right now, we're in good shape, let's, take a clean bag, dumping it, clean oil, and it's got the little tab on it. So you do have to start this yourself, sometimes you can roll it in entirely on your own, but it does get tight.

So then you can use the set screw to roll it the other way. And you can even have the head sticking out farther, see the bearing. Poking through there perfect now, you can pop the bearing on the bottom, half put the cap back on again. And you got a nice tight bottom and ready to take another beating in the field. It's also handy when you can't start it - just put it in through the oil hole, and then spin it, and it'll pull it up pleasant this back one just wanted to be a little extra tight I'm, just going to make sure it's centered, don't force anything.

But just putting that little set screw in the oil hole gets you that first little. Turn then you can pull it out and try and push it by hand or put the set screw behind it again, sorry, go. Now deer is smart where the tab on the top bearing is off to the side.

And the little tab on the bottom bearing is in the middle. So you cannot put the bearings in backwards there's, a tab right in the middle. So you can't mistakenly, put this half at the top and that's important, because the top half needs to have the hole in it too for the oiler. The bottom one does not have that groove for the. Oil does not have the hole in it.

Some engines do I know, the cats the 3406 is pretty sure you can put the bearings on either side. So if you put the solid, if you put the solid bearing on the top with no oil hole you'll starve, the crank and in about 15 seconds, your engine will cease so do the exact same result, the bear and oil ox for cleaning, your main bearing cap, torque it back up to the manufacturers specs. And you've just done a bearing roll I'll show you guys how to do rods, pretty. Straightforward when we're doing the rod bearings for this engine, we're, stretching the bolts.

And what that means is all steel flexes. And when you tighten the nut on threads, it pulls on the threads against the nut and that's when the nut is tight when you stretch a thread, it moves past the point where it could come back again. So when you stretch rod bolts or head, bolts, it's a one-time-use and stretching is usually a torque. In this case, 55 plus a certain amount of degrees.

In this case, it's, an. Extra 90 degrees and then an extra 10 degrees so 55, plus a quarter-turn, plus another, 10 degrees. And this is the tool I like to use or that. It goes in between your Johnson bar and socket. You clamp this in a certain spot, and that puts your it keeps your dial from turning. And then you just loosen the setscrew, put it to zero.

And then when you tighten your nut, it tells you how many degrees you're, turning very simple had perfect luck with this. The only other way to do it is to put paint on. Your socket and on the rod cap and on the bolt to show your starting point and your finishing point, and then and then seeing where 90 degrees is and then another 10. But this is a much more accurate way. Okay. So I think I'm done with this old.

Girl, all new bearings are bottom, Goa pumps back on again, I'd hooked the head down for him. If you guys want to know how to talk ahead, let me know pretty straightforward, but I think I saw a fleet lying on the way over here's I'm going to stop in and see if I can. Buy it I can blow all the money that I made today and put it into an old car, that'll be the demise of the Bhaskar husband here we go. Hey, thanks for watching don't, forget to Like and subscribe. If you love the channel, consider picking up a tape boss to make those projects go faster.

So you got more time to watch you too. And remember, if you're not filthy you're, not rich, you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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