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The biggest thing man is understanding who you're going against. Yeah, I know I have to beat this center. I do a great job at using my hands and being able to rip over it. And then from here, you know, you're, tackling Saxon, Barkley, and it's near the goal line. So you have to drive your feet because of his power his center of gravity. He doesn't go down right away. I was able to hold on drive back.

And then my the gang was able to fill in for me, what allows you to know whether you have to take on the. Center, right, you got to lower the pads and take him on, or whether you have the ability to move around him and the timing to be able to get around him and still make the play based on the block scheme based on what my three technique. And my one technique does Antoine woods right here. He does a great job at winning his gap and keeping his gap.

So for me, it's its, freedom, I get freedom wherever you win, stay hot. And the first thing you got to do though after you defeat the block, you got to. Square up gotta square up got it got to square up trying to get the edge. Cowboys, have it bottled up, and he's going to get only back to the original line of scrimmage. And again, it's Galen smith, linebackers were paid to make plays on the ball. Here's.

Some jet sweep motion. What is your key right here? I've recognized that y is off on top of the motion. And whenever y is off he's going to take you to where it's going. So my triangle is through 81 through the guard through the back little isosceles.

Triangle, that's, my kid I'm seeing everything in that picture, even with the center coming up on you here, it's just a question, keeping your eyes up and following the cut back here to be able to defeat that block exactly drops the football. And I think the cowboys got it as he's making the move in the hole with drake his hand, comes out and pops the ball free and Dallas recovers. Honestly, I really don't like the technique I used, I'd rather use my hands and stuff shed and really be able to make a.

Play, but I'm an athlete. And sometimes it just happens when you scrape, you scrape square, you're, always trying to stay as square as you can always try to keep the shoulders square, always where do your eyes go on a snap like is it? A is it a feel like a big picture? I feel it do?

Do I look at somebody's feet? I blurred my vision through the y through the guard in the back okay, that's it as linebackers we're matching the steps at the back pretty much for the most part. What are you. Reading here, because I see your first step is kind of a hesitation almost back b.a.p.

Okay, read read read slow. Two. I know, okay, if that makes it load two, I know, I like that, until I know, until I know just patience pace. You've got the speed and the quickness to go make the play. You know, what last thing you want to do is overrun, it is too quick. The problem was somebody, and he wasn't shooting from that side, how much right now Galen with all the pre-snap motion that you get mm-hmm.

The fly sweep it's, a. Lot of cheese high right now. I see people snapping right there, right? Specifically in that spot right, Jaylen, quarterback, the jet sweep. How does that affect where you're going to end up it's so challenging? And then they combat that with tempo?

Yeah, so, you know, when you fatigue makes cowards of us all, yeah, you know what? I mean so, well, I mean it, just you talked about, you try to blur your vision through that triangle. But now we're just going to add something to that.

Triangle, right? We're. Going to add one more piece to it, so there's movement everywhere, that's, Richardson in motion they're going to give the handoff to Thompson before he runs into the other Indianapolis man, Jaylen smith because it's all about messing up they're, always trying they're all trying to mess up your eyes, trying to mess up your eyes. All they need is one right?

Adrian? Right here could go either way he's staying on a.d all day. Yeah. He can go anywhere. He can make any cut at the drop of a dawn who do you have. Your eyes on, I am responsible for the b gap.

So my triangle is the center through the back through the y and that's. My that's, literally, my key it's all about patience, it's all about understanding where your help is, I know, Leighton's coming over the top why because we're paid to make plays on the ball right? So understanding that when I shoot, I shoot outside in Galen smith came across boy, he's, explosive from that middle linebacker position to make the play. I've always wondered this why a linebacker. Okay, the ball's on the one-yard line.

I mean, you're sitting six yards away from the ball, and I'm thinking to myself, why? Why are you so deep? I mean, what's the goal being deeper momentum being able to really read? Okay, you can't, miss your read.

So I see your first step you're still attacking, though it gives you that two or three yards to read while you're coming downhill. You can't, miss your read. You can't have a false step through bad experience of being up closer thinking. It would help it. Didn't so, um, we kind of recognized that as a unit and okay and kind of worked on correctly. We got better and better as the year went the guard is pulling here, too so everything's, telling you to go right mm-hmm. And you see I'm matching the back, yep, it's, footwork downhill.

Got to go gotta go. I mean, that's one thing they always say, right, fire your gun. Oh, you have to shoot down. Yeah.

I can put my head down and go in the red zone being a mic here's your game, though speed I'm fast. I mean, I can. Move rolls right buying time cuts it back left being chased by Galen smith, hidden sack Galen smith.

Finally, got his man, but your speed on this right here just goes sideline. The sideline and just tracked us down snap to winds. Three-Man rush. They get pressure. He scoots to his right stops.

Throws Galen smith breaks up the pass no problem at all for Galen smith. One of the fastest linebackers in the league ran a 4.44. I know wide receivers and maybe one talking right now who couldn't accomplish that. Like how many times do they want to test you on this exact same play risky back throws it in the back of the end zone that is knocked away, that's a touchdown saved by Galen smith. You got to understand boss man, I'm I'm from Indiana, it's basketball state. Yeah, know what that means.

So this is just I can strap up. Yeah. So this is a three by two it's, a's, a cover two, but it's, a red, two we're down in the red zone. So it's more matched principles.

You can't, you can't get help with your safeties. Because they're already wide enough, you're responsible for the number three inside mm-hmm. I got the stick. I got the stick, nod, yep, got the drive little stutter and go. Furthermore, I got it everything.

How do you play this? When you go? Okay, I know I got him one-on-one.

What do I want to take away? How do I cherish my feet? He was trying to beat me vertical, but, um I'm fast. I mean, I can move for me, it's just about having that inside leverage getting to that hip and playing it through the hands right? Defend the. Rim, yeah, defend the rim, but just clean hands. That's, that's, that's, really what I'm what I'm looking for.

I just got a personal mentality. I don't, I don't really like getting scored, though, uh, I don't like it's, a pretty good mentality. Yeah, that's. A guy.

I don't want to be the guy. You know what? I mean, and what about the fact that you're sitting here inside the tent? So you, I mean, what you do here is you drop underneath it, right? You know that you've got the end line there, so it's like I'll, let him. Get to me, he shoots it vertical.

I got the speed in the range for it to be a hard throw. I got the ability to get there if I'm too high, and he cuts under and let him inside it's going to be a touchdown. How much does it help you that they're spread like there's, no back there's, no really no threat. I really just I really hate it. It puts straight.

It puts all that puts all the stress on me, um, but I know they're coming to me. You know, down here, we're in the red, two they're going to put speed at three and. They're going to try to work really nice play there by Galen smith, you get that out, but they come right back. Mm-Hmm.

Same play. Same play. Yeah, same play. Same it's.

Unbelievable like that you don't get a repeat play a lot like that snap the risky back and looking over the middle, no pressure back of the end zone knocked away again. Same play Galen smith. Again, listen, I know that they were. I knew they were coming at me every single play down here. Why? Why do you say that?

I mean was there something about. I mean, film study was it something about just film study down in the red zone they like to work number three. So this is blitzer right? So now you're going blitzer, but I would have to assume nothing changes for you. You still got number three, basically, our red zone is legit. And the only way that you can really win.

It is if you come at the mic and then one-on-one just a little seam up the field there. And again, Galen smith with a nice play on this football, he's, athletic enough to cover a wide. Receiver with the boundary back there behind him, really two, really pleasant, defensive plays by Galen smith. So what's your goal to play this, because you got to take him if he crosses your face, you got to take him if he goes over the top of you.

So for me, positioning is first okay. So once I'm in position now, I'm fighting through the hands. And if I'm in position, clean hands, I'll be good enough with the shotgun running out of time tosses it up over the middle. And it is picked off that's a heck of a. Catch there by Cayden smith, great catch we're taught to get the ball. Man.

They are given this media was giving me so much hell. Because I hadn't had an interception in like 80 games, or something like that. It was crazy. Well, I wanted to put that in here. I wanted you to what's the balance when you're in zone coverage to playing your zone. But reading the quarterback, you know, the balancing because you know, you got responsibilities, but you know that the quarterbacks go where their eyes go it's.

So. Hard and because it's, the receivers are changing, and they're finding windows. And as you guys get more advanced, you do a lot of tricks right a lot of it's, it's, it's so difficult.

We always we're always looking to find that balance. So when they read the quarterback and then when uh read the route concept, right, just trying to find the balance to be able to make those plays and that's, really that next level for me is just to continue to improve on that to figure out how I can create. More turnovers.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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