Jenny69 Gets Backlash For Doing Drag Performance!!!Proof!!!😮

Hey, guys, welcome back to another video in today's video. We are going to be talking about jenny69 getting backlash, because she will be performing at a drag club. And people are coming at her like saying, like why are you going to be performing at a drag club? If you're not a drag queen like you're, a girl like you're, not a guy? I guess you have to be a guy to do that or whatever, but she responded back on that topic and yeah, but before we get into the video, hi, my name is Marie. And if you're new to my. Channel, I hope you consider subscribing and also like this video, it really helps the channel out a lot.

Now let's get to the tea. Okay, guys. So I'm going to be showing you guys the video, and then we can chase me out about it. And then we can talk about it. Okay, here it is for you guys to check it out. So I have a huge surprise that I'm about to announce right now.

I'm going to post it, literally in like the next five to ten minutes, but oh, my god, I'm. So nervous, because this is something that I've been. Wanting to do and something that I've been contemplating for like two years in the , making, um. But yeah, oh my god. You guys I'm about to post it right now, I know I always say, oh, I've been excited about this for two years like I feel like I always say that for everything, but it's, because I really don't know how to express myself like I'm kind of like a little benefit when it comes to expressing myself, like, I only know like three words in my vocabulary and that's how I express myself. Anyway, I'm getting my toes done right now.

Yes, Emmanuel is getting his toes done too for the first time meet up in paraffin wax. But you guys I'm so excited, I'm so excited about my performance like I'd love to perform. So I can't, wait to see everybody there save the date on the 18th of march right? After my birthday, you all Pisces, season. Okay. Girl.

What do you think about this? Well, she is saying that she feels like she's a drag queen and being jenny 69, because she always goes all out and her makeup is always. Popping and she's always she's cute, you know, but, um, they're saying, like, oh, you're a girl that's only for guys or whatever like girl, whatever makes you happy. I think like there's. She has a lot of drags that really like her and want to see her perform and there's nothing wrong with that.

So, yeah, let me know your thoughts down below what you guys think about this. And yeah, this will be the end of the video it's, a really short video. But yeah, let me know your thoughts down below.

And I will see you guys. Back in my next video bye, you.

Dated : 24-Apr-2022

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