Joe Reflects On Conor Mcgregor's Jose Aldo Ko, Reacts To His Muscle Gain

The juryman experience the Connor Aldo same thing like it's like right to left just straight across while he's coming forward makes his head spin. The fact that Aldo was so hell-bent on destroying Conor. He just was hell-bent and Conor took advantage of that. I remember that it was like here we go big fight.

And there was like one it's over immediately, smiling it's like when she slaps somebody, and then it was genius. But this was a powerful punishment you first look at that, boom, bang, bang, first. Of all you got to realize it's perfectly placed, yeah, absolutely accuracies. Impeccable. Second of all some people can just crack.

And if you look at Conor's build there's, a lot of guys built like that that can crack. I want to see it in slow motion. He's got he's got real wide shoulders, he's real fast, and he's got big hands like all those things together he's just got that freakish punch there's, there's, just people that just have that kind of punch. Man. Oh, I mean, that's just genius left foot. Gets hit afterwards, too.

Yeah. He had a little of a cut over his right eyebrow from that punch mm-hmm from all those. Uh, punch.

Look, how genius this is look at this, bam, that's. So genius with one punch, he was like, you know, what's even more genius. He worked on the exact thing, and he mimicked what he was going to do in the green room, there's video of him of whom Connor Connor Connor pretending to be Aldo and then him showing what he's going to do and counter.

He does the exact move in the green room. Knowing in the dressing room, knowing that that's going to be the fight reminds me of moss Vidal ascertain, right, oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Same thing he practiced that step off to the side. She was a great one.

He was like it really is when you factor in that like it gave his career look on the left, that's, Conor pretended to be Aldo. And this is him, bam, look see, he's, literally, saying, how it's going to go down he's walking how Aldo does. And I want to see both sides now, wait, let me see. Okay. Look at this.

I. Mean, it's, literally what he did, he practiced it. He predicted, it was happening. He knew all those movements he had it time down, and he's like much more light on the foot and as Aldo moves forward, he times it perfectly. Bam.

Look at that. Yeah, with the right. Dude, that left hand that left hand is a missile too damn that left hand's, a missile that that guy he's he's, one of the most spectacular punchers in the history of the sport he has some punch KO victories who Conor, yeah, his one when he beat. Eddie Alvarez show that you want to see genius striking with the hands, it's genius, , like you could see Eddie Alvarez just got bewildered by it. I mean, the combinations he hit him with.

Wow, just subtly. Avoiding Alvarez's. Punches genius, , genius, dude.

He was I used to love rooting against him. He was such a good heel too. Yeah. Furthermore, he was a cheer for Diaz. Oh guy, he's the best healer. He got everybody into it. Yeah, he's.

The best he'll ever we're like . I hope you got your comeuppance. He just would never dude I'm telling you when you watch this combination it's, , watch it's, look at the sidekick to the body. I mean, he's hitting him with all kinds of , he's. So light on his feet like this is prime Conor in my opinion, she's so light on his feet. Look at these combinations.

Watch this just like it's, just getting out-of-the-way like Eddie can't touch him. He hit him there, though, but it's Connor, just looking for the opening, but not enough to hurt him. Now, they're. Saying, boom, that was, you know, people get all wrapped up in all the personality and the flash and the money and the rolls Royce and everything that could fight. He could fight and guys have beat him. But you got to be like an elite of the elite you got to be like a habit or a poor. Yeah, you got to be top of the food chain to beat them.

Go towards the end of this. Yeah, I just want to see that I just wanted the final combo. This is what I wanted. Because the finish of this fight is legendary it's.

Like in highlight reels all over the place. Look at this, oh look at that combo. Look at that combo show me that again, watch this look at this. He just slides in on here, boom, him, boom.

I mean, come on there. She slides just out of the way the punch lands, four or five right ruthless punches perfectly placed. Let me see one more time.

Oh, okay. Look at this look at it. It actually touches his chin. He doesn't even flinch one, two, three, the accuracy full punches four and just swarms on him and perfect placement. Right there's, no extra wind up that would have made a mess. Look at this Bing. Bing.

Bing. Bang. Look at me. This , that's, amazing. It goes from fine to cut up bro that's, an incredible combination that's, an amazing combination. What happened to him? Got fights man fights happened to him.

Yeah. And then also a ton of money. And then also sometime out of the game while I was doing the Floyd may weather thing.

You know, he trained for quite a while for Floyd may weather, which was Ibeing sure. Just doing boxing if you're going to play, you know, you're going to train for a giant 100 million dollar fight, you're, most likely not going to do any, you know, MMA sparring or anything probably just did that for a while. And then you get that money, what's that Marvin hauler quote about it's hard to get up at five in the morning and go running when you're sleeping in silk sheets. I think that's the that's him now, he's, super jacked, whoa, USDA's. Going to take it wait took a visit that's Connor.

Yeah, right. Now, oh, dude, he looks like he's about to go WWF. Yeah. He looks like a bodybuilder.

Well, 70s, it's a weird picture. Honestly, I mean, he's, definitely jacked. But it looks to me like he's the middle of lifting. And if you, uh, if you see a guy's body in the middle of lifting its, a little deceptive, because everything see that's what he looks like now, he's still jacked.

He still looks great. But when you're, um, when you lift weights like as you do it like those bodybuilders that go on stage before those, uh, big. Mr Olympia things they all get pumped opioids. Look at him.

He looks good though, whoa, he looks so old now he looks different. Yeah, he's got that crease that beard's? Crazy, yeah, but he looks fit is he tucking up his shorts to let his dick come out? He's got a hog. I bet he's going to hug him. Shorts, he's, uh, looks like he's walking around on that shin.

I wonder, uh, like what percentage healed it is you got to feel like if a bone breaks in half like that. And then you get like a metal plate to hold it in. Place and all these screws and , yeah, that's got to take a while you.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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