Let's Play Gta Iv #16 - Bye Bye Mr. Faustin! [Deutsch Hd]

Tojo sweetheart we'll be back and yes, I'm looking for myself or Nico. I can't find him. Hello.

I feel like the fly you're, aging cows made a floating phone awesome that you can look at it and ever the normal yes. And then the micro video disappears we're going here with me with spirits, not, oh, , I'm, really packing today to control I can somehow even about hello I wrote here, I have no idea what age is concerned because here I. Ca,n't get down the stairs. The problem okay, let's explain it very. Slowly down the wall and Sweden again, a bit Nico. What are you doing? Hello, I'm in micros head old, man, could somehow so something is right here, not onliest than Nico and his clouds of smoke I'm. The ghost of the past with the huge shadow that's now hitting you eat skin.

But also with you there, you see there you are lying and yes, super cool what's up. Hello, Nike. Where are you great that's? How it can also work I would say I restart the game, and then we'll see each other again. But before that, wait a minute. Do the following get out with super ghost Nico and a police car sounded invisible cops, oh, , we're, super.

Okay. People I'll do a reset we'll be right back. Yes, we're back and Nico is the cool thing again. Yes, you're probably wondering why he leaves that in there.

I have no idea. I thought it was funny, and I'm also not a fan of cutting things out or son be then is it somehow funny or unattractive? So we would be here again. We don't really have to expect parts lists. Anywhere. I think first of.

All again on the call we just had. And if I remember correctly, this mission point was back there, as soon as we get the call the coffee case before we even get him to others. So now he can slowly get calls where we call the routes' lumen, just that s messages romeo come to my depot. I would introduce someone to you as of course, fine, then we will go to the depot. The depot is where if not in the toilet, then it is what isn't even marked where I am just thinking about where that was exactly. I was thought we. Can find the way there manually.

I think in Weimar, of course, a nice little room for it. I hope I can find the way funny, yes. And there the arrow appeared which I just meant, and we have to for our good room with our cousin, ours cousin then also give his girlfriend, an alibi to his lover here, Dimitrios, So to speak, Dimitri, we have to talk. I will heal on the promenade in firefly, be your friend. Mr Dmitri, ok. I'd rather have the voices imitated. That's.

Not my thing. Dude, you are a lot for driving and up to the. Police officer op, everyone not, so now I can also go there.

Hello, the problem with Michael, mister Faust n. Oh yes, we can choose the game we want to play, but we. Can't change the rule. Yes, that is a great piece of wisdom because there garbage can, oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. It was optimized. How far is it that he's going to drive the region special chamber? There that's, .

We still have to stand back there. And of course, the hope under the good one should be Faust in the, so it's, not only annoying us. But also. His actually best buddy Dmitri, there has probably changed a bit mister Faust in. So there you have it Yes, seen in the parts before that you have indeed gone through a lot. But actually there is a problem here yourself to bring 15 who have a common past, and which right understanding has the minister fist in the polls go to war atlas and his whole company and yeah, that wasn't great. Now you probably really have to use it I'm curious.

And it doesn't seem to be easy. S, o, how it looks fist in is in. Perestroika was okay, what has the humility to say, Nico, first, no mistakes can happen. Michael is a dangerous. Man. I have left something here on the side of the club to protect you from the meeting wrong, the gate on the side of the club.

Think we first have to get out here. So on the side of the club, probably right here that nice vest the bulletproof vest, yes, less damage. Yes. The good problem is which weapons do we only have the UC or USI?

Why is it said? Well, first get in there, neutrally and see. What I give take my jacket off, I want to give my jacket. Hello. Hello. Well, then not any.

We won't hit a woman Nico. The funny thing that would be techno exactly. This is just the way in UFA.

You need yourself so much SME July convinced, okay, some things have already fallen over nothing there here will not be picked up attention here, says that hardly anyone because the group actually not very casual. We have the z since the romantic city of Mainz play old farmer, yes, that's faster than expected. Thank you. Love and she's always zigzag, fuchsia with you, yes, we'll definitely find out. And there's a pigeon down there. There are 100 pigeons or something like that in GTA to collect I'm, not particularly keen on finding them. All I don't want to do that at all.

But if we can see one, then we can also take it with us. So your audience gets up to running Nico, because you have to fall down a real spot like that. I prefer to distance myself a bit, ok, then just like that.

Hello. Hello. They kill. I don't, even remember. Anymore, I can't remember it never like that, yes, still 199. Peace like rats in liberty city left over city 199, ok. We certainly won't do it here on the net player.

But I also said from the beginning so come down here because now we will talk here and people panic if only a bit you RCH, the area is being shot at, and you are in liberty city there. It is common practice here at least as long as we are here. It is here. There is actually cool. Our motorcycle is also there is here is a better. One can't.

Really, but we have one here, to the next point will have an effect on the penance of every boy so let's go there on a motorbike and see what the discarded steroid junkie has to do for us. If we start, then unfortunately, because it's a very nice sequence this easy, Christmas, you're, whole can now too. Contribute start menu, risky, kick then start on foot or not so now, but a get a police car. Yeah, whoever we meet here as new characters, I have to say, yes, take something that's still something here in the. Water of liberty city or something like that me, don't know, a police car, wait a minute.

I know how that went, but I think you can come here if the police call, then of course over. And you can look at the car. Clown happens. Nothing more going on the streets. It was so that let's think about it.

We can found it here. Allah. Okay. These are our normal wait that a police car took care of, but I thought, oh, wait that could be dialed manually here or something like 911 that the US number is great for the. Platitude and the blues sent, oops microwave. Why does it take too long if you don't have a patrol car for that calls the widows on 9 11 old? Can they come to you be great there?

They come like man already and how sweat first ours away because they don't need it anymore, because they and they if you get out now, because here it just happened, we can tell you. Hello actually, get up the most promising, but not here. Now so I, remember it that way that you actually get out, and then you can grab the car. Maybe this doesn't work here with me again and then let's press it now, but come there's the right one, he'll probably get out Jaiden get out now have to get out now then I'm stuck then I have to clear it up quickly, there's the next one coming. And of course, we want to prevent it that's.

Why we just drive here in the park one day without us getting out of the car Nico also like the on like that people I'm just waiting here for a bit we'll, just wait here, and hopefully nobody will discover.Then and then we'll continue in the next one part exactly if you liked this part document subscribe to that, and then see you soon.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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