Loki Vs Thor! Ninja Kidz! / Solar Eclipse!

Tuque vs, Thor ninja kid, style, enjoy the show gar, where's, Loki, Loki, summoned power from the solar eclipse and used it to escape from this portal to Midgard. This portal leads to Midgard. How long will it be open? We believe that it is tied to the solar eclipse and will close at its completion, very well.

I will go to make garden and return with my brothers alert. The Odin with my whereabouts, my lord with the looming friends and frost giants. This portal is the only way in or out of Asgard. If you do not. Return in time you may be stuck on Midgard, then I, mustn't dawdle, an idle chatter, what who's stopping around like a fat elephant hunter have you seen a slender man with gold horns passed through this way?

Yeah, you were that way the Tarawa like get out of my house. You long-haired, hippie I'll, be on my way sir have a good day look. My brother we're all hiding. What teacher take me damn install foretold trick step many toys for my pride, hey, boys, hey, girl, who took the stars out of the sky and put them in. Your eyes you're so sweet, you stay around.

We can be sweet all night, I'd love to stay and play. But I've got this crazy ex-boyfriend who won't stop stalking me. Maybe we can help really, wow, you're. So strong, what's. This guy look like I mean, he's got his long blonde hair and carries around a hammer and calls himself the god of thunder or something god of thunder, long, blonde hair, sounds like a , oh, for sure he's definitely not as strong as any of you guys, I, take care of him for you can I get - no. Of course, sweetie, but I have to run, so I'll, I'll be back for you. Yeah, here pretty hair.

Goldilocks, I paint, not this goalie, lots of whom you speak I got a thunder. What you going to do hit us with that hammer. No, you there's not much time. I must find Loki before the portal, closes there's, no time to wait into the portal. Oh, this solar eclipse is over looks like we're staying here. No, no I'm, too late I. Failed Loki, you'll, stay in my custody until your return to Asgard, what hey guys, if you enjoyed the video.

Make sure to LIKE, and if you haven't already click, the bell to join our needy notification team, we did this video in honor of the solar eclipse, which is on Monday we're going to go to a dome to see it. Where are you going to be during this Eclipse? Have you ever seen an eclipse because it's going to be awesome? What part of the world? Do you live in? Are you pretty excited about the solar eclipse, totally it's going to be awesome we're excited to announce?

Our first shoutout goes to tell me he made us a lot of cool. Artwork one the power rangers lightning bolt, which is pretty awesome, and some origami it's, pretty cool and a reference to our ultimate black belt test no retreat, no surrender. See you next week, .

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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