Mala Da Mãe Para A Maternidade. Dicas De Uma Obstetra - Gravida.

Hi, Hi girls, today, I came here to give you some tips on how you can of the items that you can put to prepare the maternity bag for the mother, So come on, there's, always a lot of doubt about what's essential than what's important than what we can't forget. Then, remembering again that these are the items I thought to take with me on the day of my delivery. And then there may be variations according to what you think is significant or in relation to the quantity too. So we always think about the. Suitcase baby and in the mother's bag, Considering, the average length of stay, which is around 24 to 48 hours, Most people stay 24 hours. And some exceptions can stay more than 48 hours because it is not, But now with anemia, we have been trying to leave the patients sells Cola around 24 hours of hospitalization.

But if you have bleeding, but high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, sometimes a little more pain, not the oil You may have to get a deal. If I drink too much the skinny or very chubby, or. Had a specific diagnosis also you can stay for more than 24 hours, sometimes even more than 48 hours, So it is always important to check a little that your doctor also suggests in relation to the length of stay. In your case. If there is any detail, something specific that will indicate you stay more than two days. The vast majority, then, around 2448, hours, are discharged from the hospital, which is significant to remember, So first, we think about breastfeeding condoms, because you will be.

Hospitalized with your clothes and ring is going to have a cesarean goes with an outfit. The ideal who is going to have a cesarean now and everything without the pain So. It goes without an earring, It goes. Yes.

Alliance goes without a necklace and only with an outfit. You chose to go to the maternity hospital. When. You leave the center surgical. Furthermore, you will go out with the OS, nightgown, And. Then, when you go to the room to take a shower, you will wear the nightgown that you decided to take the person who is.

Going to give birth in real goes to the hospital with the clothes that he also decided to go, ideal to leave these clothes, a little thought out, because sometimes when he is at home in a lot of pain, you end up not knowing what clothes to take, I, leave it separate. Here will be the clothes that I'm going to the hospital. And when you have the baby, when you have the baby in the delivery room, you will have the hospital nightgown. Some mothers prepare a robe sometimes likes to embroider the baby's name. On the robe to use too. But if you don't want to think about this, one detail, the hospital will supply the hospital nightgown.

And when you go to the room, as soon as the baby is born, you will take a bath and then put your nightgown on, So it is ideal for us to think that it will have more balls than it will breastfeed. Because now the baby has arrived. We need to get them the sweater I'm going to lower the one that shows the chest here or these others. And if it's really made for breastfeeding, I. Bought this one of the little thing I chose and one option with Robin ho. There are also women who feel comfortable with the low-cut sweater and others who want to put something on top.

Sometimes to be more tidy This is optional right. But important to think about one I gave you to breastfeed, so I put on two sweaters, because if the people stay 24 hours, it ends up that you are going to put on this nightgown. The next day you are going to take a shower, and then, or you are going to put on another.

Nightgown from now on, it will be, ok, until I have to be discharged. Go. Take a shower. Go put your own clothes and go home. If is you are going to stay another day, you need another nightgown option this other one, she only exposes lowering the breast, but it is also possible to breastfeed. So between 24 and 48 hours, you will need two nightgowns.

Ok, that is cool Remember to take and the bra specific for breastfeeding that they open here also expose the breast or those that lower it, because we will already. Be with a little baby already able to breastfeed Already, wanting the breast, right? Then the bra you don't need to take it to you , I know, because the chest won't be playing, You don't need to take anything with the floor, So just the nursing bra Remembering that in the first few days, we only have Colossi and want a nursing bra in small quantities. You can take two too, right? Because sometimes it gets dirty or sometimes transfers And.

Then you used it on the day. The baby was born the other day to. Go home or to spend a day in the hospital will need another bra, and who will have a normal delivery is nice that thinks of a top Then. It can be a little touch of lace or just to go there, deliver in normal fabric. It can take two touches if you choose the heels here, White see if it is lined, because most of the time we will get wet And. Then the breast will be transparent. Take two.

Why Because sometimes you will get wet. I got it. It will not be born yet. It will be bothered because it touches wet. Then. We change the top. So we can continue the labor.

So remember to bring a separate bra, you will use to comment and the touches for labor. So it's important to also bring the highest waist panties for us to use in the postpartum. These high waist panties. We will use both in the normal delivery as on WhatsApp Those, who had a cesarean will have a cut that's.

Why it's not a high compression, panty, slim, medium, it's, only a high waist panty with low compression, because you won't sleep tighten that cut and the. Belly will still be distended. The uterus is still around 20 weeks. The other is at the height of the umbilical scar or a little above. So it is significant that they are comfortable panties a pantie with a high waist, but not comprehensive, It is or low understanding we have several models. And then the ideal is to take at least four panties Sometimes. You won't use them But.

You may use all four because of the bleeding, sometimes it gets dirty. So if you stay 48 hours, you may use four, so ideally, Separate four high-waisted panties to take a lot of people question related to the belt, the belt you don't need to take to the hospital, and then we'll do it in the other little video, since her body is because it's, the uterus is big. The belly is swollen.

Whoever had the cesarean section has a cesarean section. So we are not going to compress this region in these first days, it's, neither with panties nor with feel. So the high-waisted panties, just for you to feel a real comfort and not to compress. Anything that is important, you can take the postpartum pads, We can take them, So you must be mindful of nighttime pads or pads, even for childbirth, as we are only wider to accommodate a larger amount of blood, or we have this other tip with panties for ice cream are super practical. You can find panties at the drugstore They are panties for urinary. Incontinence They are in size, page GG.

And the that's cool about them, She has this part here that is absorbent. And this part up here that is. Accordion, so she already does a little compression. There are women who wear only her and don't, even put panties on top and others who wear this, and then put the panties on top of it.

Ok? It is practical. So you put it filled with blood tears that on the side throws away, and it accommodates better right than the tampon, because the shape is the same as panties.

So it is also a nice option to post, many women like it ends using it is at home for the first few weeks. Here is another cool tip is to take a. Sandal, right, or it can be a fluffier cap for you to use in the bedroom or Hawaiian, flip-flops, a flip-flop I owe you to shower at the time of delivery will come out of the bathtub will enter the bathroom, You will enter the shower that I gave you to use as well, so make some material that you can get wet, okay. It's also about what you think is good for you to remember to take a little outfit to leave the maternity hospital because the clothes to go out. She has to necessarily be able to.

Breastfeed so what you can lower or that you have buttons to open. And if it's also the Mama is another thing that we can't be bad for the mother is the documents, So, leave the insurance card in a separate box identity card in hospitals, many hospitals have a registry office So. You need to take your marriage certificate.

If you are married to be able to do it. The baby's record is also important documentation. So we don't forget another detail also that we have to take a toiletry bag with personal. Intellij n, then shampoo and usually Hospital provides some liquid soap bar soap. But if you want to take your own soap, toothbrush toothpaste, the hospital was, right, provides a towel, right, but I want to take one, but you can provide it ever. And the hospital also provides bed stuff. So sheet, blanket and pillow.

All these are items that you don't provide that you don't necessarily need to take in the other video we're going to talk a little about the delivery bag. Some things that we win for. Whoever It's getting ready normally And, then you can put some additional items in this little ball, Here, it's, also, good.

So don't, forget to let those of you who are students of the club who watch this video inside the club can leave me in the comments, any questions. You may have that I'll answer for all of you. And you here on Instagram, if you have any comments any questions, anything you missed. What you think is important also that you take it in your mother's bag, leave the comments here inside. Instagram also for me, ok, a kiss and even more.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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