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If you keenly observe every kid has characters taking from the parents, yes characters from both mom and dad have you ever wondered why this happens? Why do we find random characters in the kids which belong to the same parents in simple language? We can say that it is because of the sexual reproduction in organisms. Yes, although the logical reasoning can be provided by genetics.

We will not really get into the details of it. We will restrict ourselves to the major process responsible for this. Now. You may wonder as to how sexual reproduction can be responsible for the variations in organisms for this. We need to stop by the definition of sexual reproduction. Once again, do you remember what it was? Let me help you sexual reproduction is the type of reproduction, which involves fusion of gametes to give rise to new individual.

Now here the term fusion of gametes is the answer to a question. Why is that? So this is, because if we say that the zygote is formed with the fusion of gametes, then it means. The newly formed individual will have a blend of characters does an order to learn sexual reproduction.

We need to understand that gametes first gametes are sex cells and are different in both males and females. Do you know what they're called? Yes, we have come across. These terms. The male gamete is called sperm while the female gamete is called ovum in order to study them. We first need to take a glance at the reproductive systems. This will give us an idea of how the gametes are produced and help us.

Understand the fertilization process better. So in this video, let us learn about the male reproductive system to begin with. We take a look at the location where the sperms are exactly produced. These oval-shaped structures on either side are the ones we are referring to the single structure is called testes. While the pair is called testes or simply a pair of testicles. Now, these are an important part of the system and need to be protected.

Right? So we have a covering of skin over it. This forms a bag. Like structure and do we have a name for it. Yes, the bag like structure is called the scrotum. So the scrotum is the pouch, which contains the testes.

Now, the sports traduced will have to travel in order to reach the female body. So who will make sure that the sperms are carried outside the testes. This responsibility is taken up by the massive coils that we can see here. This is called the epididymis. And the pair is called the epididymis. The mass then carries the sperms to this single connecting long.

Coil this is called the vas deferens, where will the defer ens carried further directly outside the body? No, they will carry to do something called as the ejaculatory ducts. But where does the ejaculatory duct head - it heads to a destination where the sperms get mixed with the nourishing fluid?

Wait a second, what kind of fluid are we referring to? And why is it needed here? Basically, the spawns require nourishment to survive. Also, they need to be protected from acidic conditions coming their way. Hence, Various glands come to the rescue by secreting a few important secretions. The first one is the seminal vesicle. It secretes, a fluid that helps in nourishing the sperms.

Can you see this bud like structure here? It is the prostate gland, which helps in secreting the prostate fluid. Now, the sperms floating in the fluids reach the urethra from where they can be released outside the body, but wait all the secretions are not yet completed. This B shaped gland found here gives another significant secretion. It. Is called the Cooper's gland, or even the bubble urethral gland. Now, with secretion, the formation of semen is complete.

The semen is simply the fluid carrying the sperms. It is carried out by the urethra, which runs through the penis. Now, these pumps will reach the female reproductive system.

And only one among all will be able to carry out the fertilization of the ovum. But tell me one thing looking at the structure of the single sperm. Can you guess whether it is a unicellular or a multicellular? Structure, it is a single cell, although the structure may not seem to be that of a single cell. The sperm is definitely unicellular.

It bears a head region called the nucleus. Then it has this middle part with the mitochondria for providing energy to swim across. But then who will help in the swimming process, physically that's, the business of the steel region, the tail helps in the swimming activity. Now we are done with the basics of the male reproductive system. Let me quickly recap the process we saw.

Above the sperms are produced by the testes, the massive coils called the epididymis carries the sperms to the vas deferens, which is a long coil from there. It goes to the ejaculatory duct where it gets mixed with nourishing fluids from there. It reaches the urethra. And after the secretion from the Loops gland, the formation of semen is complete. So what will we learn before the fertilization process?

Of course, the female reproductive system. Do watch our next video to learn more about it.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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