Massive 128Gb In An Old Black And White Ipod. Flash Modding An Ipod Classic.

Get get get yeah. Man. This sink turns out it was, it was a hard drive out of a Norwegian iPod. How neat is that hard drive works. Good man. This thing runs great, but 20 gigs man that doesn't cut it for me. Look?

How filthy this thing is after yeah, that's years. Fold anyway, I'm going to show you how you take out ye, oldie, hard drive and replace it with one of these I'm going to make sure you the love up. First things first, we got to get this puppy, open always the hardest bit. Let me show you how to use. One of these every time to get a battery or anything to fix an iPod, they give you one of these. And what most people try and do is he just dig it in there, and they try and reef upwards. No am I in down.

And then you slide because, oh, these clips open up. You just want to push them down and pop up up you're in mate. Awesome, hard, drive that's got gear. Oh, yeah, this is a special hard drive to me.

Now if I ever want Norwegian music, I, just got to put this into an iPod and off. We go right. She's already got. A brand-new battery from our little servicing in the first video we're going to get those pins the line-up with these pins. So II, just put it in there and . And we basically have to do like this is like reverse Pokmon. Now we have to devolve this thing micros to SD to compact.

Flash compact flash to 1.8 IDE. My I need is sticker in there and know like if we've done everything right, it should work just plug a hood, a hard poor thing still thinks it's gears. iPod is filthy all right. I. Wanna we're. Gonna put into disk mode so menu and middle to reset and then the bottom to good give good man.

Now, we're going to have to do debug menu a middle to reset middle and left Wow it's, not giving us debug mode. Oh, okay. Let's try a more reputable SD - compact flash adapter, the cheap and dirty usually works that way. Oh, oh weird that weird, whatever this one's more reputable, they typically, uh, well, oh we're putting that to bed Hey that is interesting that's.

Good, oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Go baby. Go. Oh, my Jimmy's still. Full matter for the last time I did this.

Then why didn't it just work? Well, what if it does just work? Yeah, it's. My new fear, it's. My new favorite sound. Now let's do a reset on it, literally you just treat it like any other like it's, my favorite bit this little part here, oh it's. Look how official it is Matt.

It gives you a little 1:28 tagging. Everything let's, try restoring it. Come on.

Dear yes. Go give welcome to your new iPod, iMac, typhoid, 128, Oh, Oh, baby. We are done and there it is right one last. Little thing to do before we wrap this one up, so I've taken some cloth back gaffers tape.

We've made a little double-sided Dudley like this because I don't like that board, resting on that it's just going to lift this up I'm going to slide that in it's, just something it doesn't have to be pretty, and I've got these little pre-cut pieces of foam that I like to stick in there, that's all you need. And when that foam, compresses, yeah, ready, no rattles. There you go once way a good track.

This guy was not good I. Flash they're, the ones you want I'll, see on the next one we can do this now it's flash.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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