Massive Beer Review 3002 Southern Pines Duck Hook Cream Ale

How are you doing YouTube, Matt, massive beer, reviews back with a little of, uh, yeah, southern pines jams in the form of their duck hook. Cream, yeah. This comes courtesy of my boy, oak ridge, um, he dropped me off a southern pines last time. He did a beer drop. And I dug it quite a bit. He dropped off a couple more.

This time got some cream all up in this piece. So I'm pretty excited, lab wise I'm, not going to say I like it, but there's something about it just being a cream ale and having this kind of goofy kind. Of cartoonish kind of artwork on it just kind of makes sense for the beer. So I'm, not going to say I hate it.

Either, um, yeah. I mean, what does that look like? Ladies and gentlemen, that looks like a cream? Ale, um, yeah, rich, clear, color, soft, carbonation. It looks like your classic of kohl's pilaster kind of thing going on.

This is almost extra bit of cleanliness to it a little of sweet, magnifying glass, kind of clearness to it let's, even get a nose on it. Oh man, that is all the parts of a crayola now for a. Cream meal for me more specifically, it shares a lot of attributes of a lot of beers. I like it has that crisp clear kind of crispness that you'd expect from a pilaster, but it doesn't have or lager. I should say, but it doesn't have that kind of, uh, lager nastiness to it.

It does share a striking similarity sometimes to like koshers to where I get this kind of little fruited melon kind of thing I'm getting that in here. There always tends to be a little more of a kind of heftier kind of pilaster. Maltiness to it something a little elevated beyond just your classic kind of pills or malt crisp, clean smells every bit of a coal, slash lager without the lager yeast let's dive in cheers. Yeah. What do you want there's a nice bitterness to this too? I did not expect that, um, they said this questionable clean cream.

Oil comes sweetness and a crisp check hop. So it's almost doing like a taste like it, too like a Czech pills version of a cream ale and uh, yeah, fermented with ale. A lot of yeast. Okay.

They're doing like a mixture thing here they're doing like the blend of two that's refreshing, uh, go-to choice to get you through the back nine. I didn't know that I didn't think I'd pull out a lager kind of thing off of this. Yeah, it's really mall driven, especially in the nose. I have that sweet, malty, green mess. But once you dive into it, well that saltiness still is kind of leader in a clubhouse.

You do get a decent for its ABV in its size you're talking about 4.13 cream. There is a nice little. Of bittering to it kind of lets, you know, uh, hey, I'm. Here, not just a basic beer. I got a little going on it's, not necessarily a bad thing.

I like it. Furthermore, I did listen, you know, how like you dislike some things, and you're kind of hard to be unbiased towards it that's me with green? Nails, primal are one of my favorite styles in the history of mankind.

I will always love cremains if they're made really well. And this one is so it's kind of like, no . Sherlock. Am I going to like this?

Yes, you could see it. From the get before I even open, the can I was giddy with what I was about to drink and ended up proving now is that. Okay, you like it? So you're going to think it's really, really tasty, or this is a sign.

I typically kind of lean into do you judge these beers a little harsher are you a little more picky about these beers because you like them so much? And I think that's where I kind of fall when it comes to beers that I really dig, um, it shows a lot with them. Belgian, quads, I'm, very tough. On and specific beers, I just like to be done in a specific way, that's, why its massive beer reviews and not some kind of BCP nerdy kind of rated 93 garbage kinds of thing going on and um, yeah, I just think it's, tasty.

I think it's. Well, made there's nothing wrong with it. Nothing overtly negative about it. I like that little twist a little pop of that little of bitterness.

And you get the combination of the cold or the ale and lager yeast, which I don't think I would have picked up on if I didn't. Read it, but it lends itself to a little more kind of crispiness, yeah, good beer. What can I say I dig it?

Uh. So let's, talk about if it's. One of the better cream mails I've had it was like, yeah, actually, it's up. There probably Mount Rushmore status, let's, put it that way.

Yes, side by side with johnny. Jenny cray meow, king should have me out when it comes to cremains, uh, valued availability. No idea oak ridge, let me know it's what or anybody else down there and uh with these guys, North Carolina. I believe, yes, southern pine, South Carolina who would have thunk it and leave you with if you like what we like this beer, if you like cream else. So there you go another review of books.

Thanks very much again, oak ridge for dropping us off. Hopefully you guys enjoyed a review down there. If you want to talk about it, massive beers, if you want to check me out in the social media stuff, beer, massive want to check me out in the whole podcasting thing. And hopefully you guys enjoyed the review, hopefully.

Enjoying a little of remain right now and hope to see you next time, cheers,

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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