Meringue Gateau Cake Recipe

Hi guys I'm Sarah. And it is my birthday today. Now, my daughter, Sam was going to make me a cake, usually I let the kids make the cake, but I wanted to make a video out of this one. And only one out of three was really keen, and she's actually just got an upset. Tell me I had to pick her up from school. This is actually a old recipe of my mum's. It's, it's, totally classy, it's its been done with a typewriter.

This isn't just written out. You know, this is typewriter, that's classy. And you can tell on a. Typewriter something is extra classy when it's when it's got these things see that in between. So thank you mum for giving me this recipe. So in a bowl need about 50 grams of butter, or you know, cheap table spread. Then about 115 grams of sugar beat those together until they're nice and creamy here, I'm going to add four egg yolks and just keep the whites to one side mix those in. Now we want to seven 115 grams of self-raising flour.

And then add in five tablespoons of milk, just put those to one side. For now to get these egg whites and whisk them, make sure you use a clean bowl whisk them until they form stiff peaks there. We go stiff peaks. So we want to gradually whisk in about 230 grams of sugar, I'm going to divvy this out and spread it between those two then we're going to cook these at about 150 degrees Celsius for about 35 minutes, excuse the chaos, I'm, making dinner at the same time.

However, my assistant, Sam who has now browsed herself enough to help me is going to put 300 ml of cream into. That bowl and I am going to put a teaspoon of icing sugar in with it to a symbol. Traditionally, this is also meant to incorporate flaked blanched almonds, but that's a bit expensive for my tastes. As is the tin of whole cherries I'm, not going to get tinned cherries or glazed cherries or anything. What I am going to get is these blackberries, which we foraged for free and put in the freezer. So we have one of those cakey things I'm going to get half the cream slop it on I'm going to get, however, much. Blackberries, I want because it's my birthday it's, not up to you, it's, not your birthday it's, my birthday, too much just gets annoying.

That's your opinion. Now here's the important bit. Remember to take the baking paper off the bottom of this, because I may or may not have forgotten to do that when it was Sam's birthday. And I couldn't figure out why it was so hard to cut. Yeah.

I had a nice, big cake with a big layer of baking paper. Look at that, put on the rest of the cream. This is rustic and. Gorgeous haha, and will you take a look at that? Oh, it won't.

Come true. We're, not winning lotto. This week, love, sorry, that is awesome. The actual cake itself, pleasant, plain, sweet cake. Then you get the little crunch of the meringue in there. You know, the cream the blackberries they're, pleasant and tangy it's, just it is yummy, and it's fairly easy. And it looks impressive.

I reckon very rustic, rustic glory. Here we go. Boom, hit like leave a comment subscribe make cake. Oh, yeah, eat cake. It makes my face. Look all pale.

On there, your face is pale love you're, a very pale person, you're all white. You are you're like snow-white, but without the black here and the ruby red looks, but you've got the right skin to be snow. White also I have blue eyes didn't. So I have brown could she okay?

I don't know what color? What color is the snow-white meant to have someone could leave a comment down below. And let me know, I'm, pretty sure she put lipstick on. You reckon her lips were not naturally as red as a red rose, yeah, that's. Disappointing you.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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