Mips R3000 #4 : Lire 2 Nombres Au Claviers, Addition Et Multiplication De Deux Entiers.

It doesn't rhyme. So we continue with the MIP it's. A unifier Louise went to this video we're going to write a program in IPS, the 8.7 mobile assembler, allowing you to read many opinions, and then do the addition well, the subtraction or the multiplication to know.

So we start with always I will start with a comment. So this program makes it possible to read many anti, clavier. Yes of displayed are therefore I become it Hitachi NAS have, for example, agree. So we have need two messages or three messages. Between is the first tool between the 1st and the 2nd Antilles. And then the result is, so we will declare 3 3 character strings. So the declaration that we have already said is done in the d part 'Haiti, where everything is declaration.

So the first string, the type 6 to 6 because here between so returned, I felt, okay, then your part Kasai time control. These checks am I going to check life. So and this shot one against the second of this shot 2. Cl to these results, countered the second antibody, and the. Third string of characters.

This is the result is therefore the result of the addition is in agreement, then we start by displaying the first message. So the hour of the visual media, the services number 4, then the further address at 0, the summer character, string, then six strings. So there we go to Vichy the first message there, if it's the locker room display, ok, then, I mean, the first anti.

So I always go back to the system call table reading a chintzy anti wrinkle. If service number 5, the results and. Saved in the vision register. So the immediate zero, the value 5, then if score by including six as okay. So there I have to save the value, which before retrieving, a Laval, UL and save in the life register 0. So always you have to free the register of the arguments of the king 0 generally, okay. So I'm going to put a move or cold moves in a temporary register.

For example, aim high for the vision value. So that if the first anti him so nerfs 10-0 contains the value I, put back anti of crime. And anti, okay, tomorrow for it's, the same thing, so I'm going, including against 6 against the it. So when filing this shot in question, one year, the compiler displayed a message, we create the second Antilles in the same way. We got said, one service number 5, these wrinkles inc, then I will register Laval 2 0, including t1. For example, since I have already looked at the first rank Telus, whose register t0 concluded 2nd in 10 years, following this level I will do the addition.

So simply addition is the. Mnemonic had at we have several variants of had, so I'm going to m, no, for example, t1 the sum of tea 0. And you agree then I'm going to display the message of the results. So count raise the semi-tower res result. Tats o'Connell will display.

The message is there. The result of the addition and how to display a name of the game will make you table, spring, chintzy. The number one service, the Nikon the world and to save and register to 0. Okay.

So we humans say in the first place will tell us a move. The. Result of the addition to May 21, he did everything at zero. So at 0800 land, okay, then the road. So no I'm going to call the service at the after-sales service. It digoxin the service, a number one, ok.

So where you live 0 service number one, so every time so that's, the speaking service it, ok, then Cisco I'm going to save my program. Then we forget, so I already have a file, which has a name in semi round 2 2, Antilles I made a build try no problem. It works very well.

I will understand between is the first. Tool 4 counters and the second 10, the addition and 14. So the program works perfectly so entered the first integer in four in the second says, this result of the addition and 14, okay, I can modify the code between the multiplication simply these bubbles. Okay, we had all the turns and the results 2 beyond the multiplication is okay. So have a look amused tells you the multiplication works between is an anti. For example, five entries to Nancy 1 0, the results of the multiplication and can see, therefore. Returned to Nancy 0 to 5 between the second 0.

So the results, m. Thank you. Allah. Next diagram.

Dated : 05-May-2022

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