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Yeah, it's that magical time again, where grandpa charlie comes over sets you on his lap, asks you what you want for Christmas ignores it and tells you old war stories today. I wanted to take you on a journey, a spiritual quest through the content. I posted online when I was 15 years old when I was just a boy coming into his own a coming-of-age story of Charles when I was still just coming to terms with the fact that I might not get any taller, and I found some of it today, which put a big smile on my. Face and I wanted to share it now as I've said, I've made a couple videos on this. And in those videos, I told you all that I made this channel when I was 11. On this channel, I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos that I deleted both out of embarrassment and out of fear because a lot of the stuff I uploaded was like music from unsigned rappers like soul.

Boy, before he had a label. I used to post his songs on my channel way back then and stuff like that. And I made montages using really. Popular music and I was worried about getting struck for the DMCA. So I lit the whole library on fire and pissed on the ashes.

I removed hundreds of videos. And I still regret it to this day, I'm still shaking. My fist cursing the day that my prepubescent mind decided that this was the proper course when dealing with a potential threat of DMCA. I when my video got picked up by ray William Johnson the q up video, I panicked.

I thought like all of a sudden my channel was going to be on the radar of. Like music industry hitmen, I thought there was going to be like assassins coming for me, because I used a breaking Benjamin song in one of my Gears of War montages. So I just blasted all of those things out of existence. And to be fair, I wouldn't be surprised if there are assassins that the music industry sends against 12 and 11-year-olds for music. But I really do wish.

I just private the videos instead of just outright removing them, because I have still not found a way to get those back. Hopefully YouTube still has it somewhere, but I have no idea how to access it. But anyway, what I did find isn't those videos that I removed, but I found some of my old Justin TV, live streams, that's. How long I've been doing content on the internet, I used to stream on Justin TV, uh, pretty often I'd say like three four times a week. And I was around 15 14 15 at that time. And brother, let me tell you what these are.

Some of the finest live stream clips you'll ever see as god is my witness. I make the. Claim that these are potentially the best live-streaming clips to ever survive. The Justin TV.

Purge , I'm. The last one critical, we can do, oh , , , oh, , . Damn it. I ran out of ammo. Ah, split.

The defense split. The defense hustle play. Go critical, buy something . I bought the same damn gun. I hate this , gun, .

Furthermore, I did it holy . Oh, Jesus all right. I'm back. Okay.

What's going on here? All right who wants to tell me where to go? Now that second clip, I know. You needed to cool down after all that adrenaline coursing through your veins after such a high octane paper Mario stream there asking the chat to just guide me through it.

How naive I was to think the chat had any idea how to play the game or really any game they backseat on. So this is, uh. The only two surviving clips I could find of my Justin TV streaming career. I only streamed for like the first half of 2010. And maybe late 2009, I don't quite remember, but I streamed like Luigi's mansion a.Bunch of old style, old school games.

And I'd really love to see some more of those, but they don't exist any more unless Justin himself, somehow kept the records from my old channel there. But for those that don't know, Justin TV was the predecessor to twitch before twitch. There was Justin TV.

I remember when I was streaming on there, the most popular streams were like 200 viewers for angry. Video game nerd 24 7, streams and also a channel called four player podcasts and other than that. It was mainly. Just channels like mine where it was like 10, 15 viewers, just playing a bunch of games in almost unrecognizable quality. So you didn't even know what the you were looking at it looked like snuff films or footage of Bigfoot. But that was just kind of the fun of it. It was just a crazy wild time for the entire internet when it came to content creation now, we're in luck, because I got a double whammy here, I'm coming in with both fists.

I also found my old game facts posts. Now, as I've said, On the podcast and I'm, pretty sure I've talked about it in videos before when I was first starting to create content using like my voice and narrating stuff, I came up with a series called fun tactics. And it was for battlefield. Bad company 2 as well as other games. But bad company 2 is where it really started with making commentary videos. And I used to post every video from the fun tactics' series on game facts. Because at the time game fax was the most popular forum for gamers.

This was like the hub. Of gaming like if you had gamer gunk in your veins, if you were an ultimate turbo gaming warlord, you were on game. Facts writing shitty guides and participating in arguments there. It was like Reddit, but without everyone pretending to be super genius, MOOC, mastermind, supreme intelligence overlords. And it was just such a nice trip down memory lane seeing all this.

Because I thought games had wiped all of their old from their old unused boards. But I guess for some reason, these fossils have. Survived which is great to see nowadays game, fax, isn't as popular as it used to be. I think there's only like four or five active users anymore. I really don't know, I don't know, who's still using game fax or what for maybe to buy and sell drugs. But I haven't really heard anyone talk about it in a long time, but I have to tell you going back and visiting it feels so good. So let's, go ahead and take a look at some of these bad boys here.

They are in all their glory. All of these incredible fun tactics. Posts, oh, goodness, gracious still, the best fire to ever drop on the bad company. Two game fax board.

I would say now I scrolled through a lot of these reading some comments because I was looking for one guy in particular. And I talked about it on the podcast. I had like an arch nemesis in here, like the Thanos to my avengers. His name was bony. Tony I'll, never forget his name. He would insult the out of me every time I posted one of these, but I couldn't find him in any of these threads.

I. Don't know, if like he removed his account to remove the post or something, but I couldn't find any of them anymore. So I know, I don't know what happened there? I guess maybe there was like a truce at some point that I forgot about. But man, I still remember, he would insult my voice, which is why in one of the videos I was talking about how it's my real voice. And you know, I'm, not afraid to be confident in the way that I sound and then there's this post, right here episode five. This is a very.

Controversial one so, uh, when I made this advanced spotting technique, people did not like it. I don't, remember exactly what happened. But I know people were really upset because I wasn't actually helping the team at all. I was just kind of standing still and just making a mockery of it. And I have to , tell you they held my feet to the fire.

I was thrown to the wolves. It felt like they did not like the video. And I felt terrible. I felt horrible. I removed it and came up with a different fun. Tactic.

The next day it was rough. They were eating my for lunch. I wish I could see the video because like I said, I don't, actually remember what I did in it.

If I had to guess I imagine I was using like a tracker dart and shooting a teammate. Maybe because I at the time, I know, I hated recon players that just camped in a bush sniping. So I guess probably what I would have done is just taken the tracker and shot my own teammate with it. So the enemy could see them, which would make sense with the title.

But I don't know for sure I'm just spitballing, because that sounds like something I would have done in bad company 2 back then that would be my guess? But uh, yeah. Anyway.

That was definitely the most controversial fun. Tactic. Video. I ever made. And just seeing these posts again is such a , joy, it's just manned what a crazy time on the internet back. Then I think this is every surviving artifact from my early days on the internet that I could find. I really do hope at some point I can get access to.

The old deleted YouTube videos I had because . I want to see those so badly. I had Amos and .

Furthermore, I had montages. Furthermore, I had 1v1s. It was a . I really want to see all that again. And there were boner jams galore in those videos.

I had boner jam after boner jam in those montages. And I don't remember a lot of those songs. So I'd like to hear those songs again, too like . I mean, hopefully those still exist somewhere on like some dusty old crusty ass, YouTube servers somewhere that I can. Eventually get access to, but for now can't find them, and I just wanted to share this with all of you, because I thought it was a really cool trip down memory lane and just a little journey to the past and yeah, that's about it see ya.

Dated : 25-Mar-2022

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