Nhl 22 Be A Pro #20 *Rusty's Best Move Ever?!*

Yeah, there's, no, denying it. Last episode was complete chaos. We took on the number two team in the league, the San Jose sharks and let's just say it didn't, go as planned.

Where is he the good news is rusty did have one of the biggest hits of his entire career, they're, not bad. Thank you. My gosh, this man's head went through the post, not only that.

But we are fast forwarding our season and took two big losses against the 11 and 23 Calgary, flames. I know I say this every single episode. But today is the day. That we turn it all around before we get into this video.

I have to give a big thanks to ea for sponsoring us. This is actually hype there is a brand-new event in hockey ultimate team called the social showdown. And I have been chosen to pick two cards to add to the game. I wanted to pick cards that first are actually sick to use. But second of all have a personal connection to me.

You guys know, I'm a huge blue, jackets fan born and raised in Columbus. And I had to pick the man the myth. The legend. Rick Nash, rick Nash paved the way for hockey in Columbus and scored some of the nastiest goals that I have ever seen in game he's coming in at 96, overall he's also six for 211 pounds. So he is a huge body that can make his way to the net at any time up next.

I had to decide one of the hottest players in the NHL right now. And that is our boy patty linen. We all know what lanai does best his filthy hands and his booming shot. And that is represented here at 99 across the boards in terms of his. Shooting now this is the social showdown, apparently pave, barber also had the chance to add two cards in the game. I don't know which ones he picked, so you'll have to be the judge hop in a hut, try them out for yourself and see how they play again, big, thanks to ea for sponsoring us.

Now back to the show. So this is what's going down today. First off. We have a huge matchup versus a division rival the Vancouver Canucks also they have been buzzing we're going to take them on after that we're in the same thing. As last episode five sims, we have the islanders Ottawa, Winnipeg, Colorado and Dallas. And that is it all I'm, hoping is for once. And for once only we just go above 500 during the sim and all will be well, you guys know how tight the playoff race is getting.

So every single game means the world, and it's time to hop into our big game versus the Canucks. Oh, great. Now we have another mystery man that just comes in and has every single x factor imaginable. Sean Calder is the guy on the Canucks that we need. To watch okay, this is a huge game. I know every single episode we are putting a little something on the line. But this one feels a bit different all right we're playing our geographic rivals, the Vancouver Canucks.

And I am done messing around last episode. We got a couple nice apples. We did not get on the scoreboard ourselves today that is going to change I'm feeling. Some disgusting goals from Ross's. Lav Nash drops, some huge hits. And most importantly, a team win in the process, all right let's.

Go right up the middle I'm, going to try to I'm going to try to time this right? Try to get around him. I did, but he forced the pass at the wrong time. I did not call for that puck. Furthermore, I just want it to be no miller. All right, just pretend you didn't see that we're going to hop in little, oh, my little top tipsy, tourney, we're going to drop this to the point I'm going right to the net for a tip. And we got interfered by Myers to not let us tip it.

I know last episode I had mentioned the x factor. So I went through. And looked at every single, oh, what a save too Calder. You go ahead and sit down my guy how rusty has better stats. But I have one x factor and one x factor only, and it's the dumb spin. Move one.

That does nothing, but hurt me and Sean Calder's out there on the Vancouver Canucks. He has literally six active. X factors, nice, shot, rust. So I was, oh I'm going to find that back door. Okay, good, um, you know, you would kind of like a shot, you would kind of like a shot from gore there. And he finally does it. It took an.

Extra 20 minutes for our boy, johnny Gordon to shoot one. But once he finally did the puck found the back of the net beautiful passing from this first line, look at YAGNI, the little back, not going to lie. I don't think that shot seems possible in real life. The little backhanded, no look as he's turning. But we take those 1-0 for the Seattle kraken. I feel like I've been trying to say this thought for the last five minutes, but I looked through all the x factors. And there was nothing that we were even close.

To getting, so it is going to take another season before we really start to unlock some of those bigger x factors. Dude, this first line is disgusting. I know last episode we didn't get really anything going. But now we finally are every.

Yang gourd, Ross, slob, Nash drop the dream trio as every picks up his own rebound, buries it on that left side. And the boys are buzzed Ross. Bob let's, keep it going. You know, the smartest thing to do is to get another goal on the board. I got you coach let's, get it. I. Told you guys, I was feeling something different today.

I mean, do I say that every episode, yes, but today I am actually feeling something different. We got van check in net who usually makes about one total save per game. So he might already be past his limit. We do have to keep that in mind. The next shot is probably going into the back of the net you heard it here.

First here comes they still do not have their. They still do not have that shot on net since I've called the next one going in. So I mean, It's, just something you guys, probably think this is pre-recorded, you probably think I'm lying. But I told you better check one save a game at most.

He was already past his limit. He had made two. You knew that the next one was going in. And there it is this game is so predictable, you know, exactly what's going to happen before it happens. If you've played it as much as I do, you know that that is the case, oh there's.

Another one, look at that. Look at that, literally, six seconds later, another pulse in the back. Of the deck, I don't know what we have to do.

Can we get first it's a divisional game, we have the playoffs on the line, and we are putting Venice in the net? The man who never in his career has made more than five saves. What is happening here? Dude, I was in such a good mood to start this episode. And then I just I go to the bench and look what happens.

Now we have a little knock on them, holy dude, YAGNI good is out here popping all right. We're. Laying a hit, go ahead and sit down format. Finally, We are not forced to drop the gloves as well. We're going to go for one more quick rush.

Look here comes rusty. We're going to sidestep one side set, beautiful, look their defense, absolutely lost here's. Rusty 11 seconds on the clock, we're going to pull up wind off the bank. One more Yang, one more nothing there, no penalties, three, two one. And we get to the first intermission tied at two.

So a good opportunity to end the period there. Unfortunately, not able to get it, Venice, absolutely garbage. But that is. Okay, we will bounce back all right? We really need to this point. Somebody dropped the gloves, dude, I'm, sick of getting destroyed and not a single player on my team me being the best player on the team. Stand it up for me.

Larson give me this puck all right. Rusty little. Why you get the Bowie to rusty get off the ice Larson, look at this little Bowie around one. I think that went through three sets of skates, two Vancouver players, one cracking player. And it somehow goes in a rusty goal. We make coach.

Happy we make the team happy let's, get it tell you what this big? Boy, Tyler Myers back there on defense is very annoying to play against. I feel like I mean, really the only way that I can get shots off is if I go for that trying to get too fancy all right geography, you know what to do feed the puck to rusty and good things happen and good things happen.

Let's. Go. This first line is so sick. Another beautiful setup, another pass from a defender too rusty to the back door, tick, TAC, toe, don't mind. If I do rusty. Gets the job done again, I just have a feeling we're going to get back onto the ice, and it's going to be 4-4. Okay, not this shift.

But the next shift by the time we get there. It will be tied you heard it here. First one last shift before the end of the period here. So all good things. So far we have been playing very well.

It looks like the kraken are finally almost found that top right corner looks like the kraken are finally starting to come together a little. We have figured out one more dude, I hit it. Off the tip of his glove, the first shot, the tip of his block of the second, neither of them go, no. But I feel like we're starting to finally make a connection with some of our players.

The thing that I'm curious about is since we are fast forwarding a little right now. We're at January 1st. What is going to happen? Come trade that line? We know our coaching and our gm a little questionable at times.

I don't know they might make some dumb decisions like trying to split up Yang gourd, Thor, Beverley. And Ross so that will remain to be seen. We are up 4-2, right now division rival game. Let's, see what we can do here in the third all right van check. We just need. I feel like every time I say, Banach's name, a puck is going to end up in the back of the net.

We are just so close we're going to dangle around thing around once dangling out twice a little spin. And we tried to force too much all right a couple. Nice moves there from rusty, but we are getting too fancy at some point. We just have to pull up. I'm just going to take my eyes out of the play.

This guy's really making me angry, better check. Can we show some love to our boy panache in the comments? The man has made his third save of the game. All we require is one more goal to secure this dub, you know, one last safety net, and then for all intents and purposes. We are good to go, but there still is plenty of time. Still certainly plenty of time for us to choke this game.

We just cannot, we're going right in the middle rusty one hand, dude, the whole. Left side was wide open and rusty, just throws it directly to the corner. Miller, go ahead and sit down. Buddy, there's, one, big hit I'm going for the trifecta here. There's one, oh, I was going.

I was going down, oh, good. D. Good. D. Good. D, Myers. I just want to take Myers out of the play. One time that is all that I'm curious about. I couldn't even see the play in front of me.

And I am telling you in my mind, I almost said it out loud in my mind. I knew that that puck was going to end up in the back of the. Net 1 000, all right, 4-3, 15 minutes, not like this. I thought there was going to be another one Brandon sod. Yes, Brandon's side is always coming through when we need him most.

He is the one guy on our team that can score when rusty is not on the ice. And he does it at the biggest of moments, five, three, we're going for a tip. I to be fair, I did tip it to be fair.

Um, is anyone going to play the body here, say, bench we're going to throw that out we're going to go here? We go let's get a little of. Wheels, rusty with speed, I have never seen rusty actually skate fast in my time. No go interference.

Wait, wait, no, go interference. Dude. I just ran their 10 to you. I thought I took Deadpool completely out of that play watch this cutting across. Oh, I mean to be fair. I do get kind of bumped. I thought they were calling that one back nanny where the wheel little spinner spinning around one.

Oh, my god, the inside the outside, the windmill, the spinner every sitting back door. And our panorama x factor working. For the first time ever rusty.

How do you do all right? Put it in the comments down below was that the nastiest rusty play that we have ever seen? I don't know the combination I think it was like a spin-up. I think it was like a spin into a windmill into and I'm, just kind of feeling it now we're getting a little too cocky I'm getting off the ice before anything bad happens. We are going to end this episode on a nice and positive note, no more hatcheck goals.

We are chilling. I mean, this game. Started out pretty strong, you know, right?

Once the puck dropped the Seattle kraken. They were buzzing right away. But to go out and put on a show against a division rival in a playoff hunt, the way that we did this episode that is something special. I feel like this team is turning a new leaf. It feels like we have finally, okay.

Just I mean, just a mat. Listen, we know it's not going to happen. We are currently 76 overall. But just imagine for me that that puck goes in three two, one, three, two one and.

That is going to do it the Seattle kraken with a statement win against the Vancouver Canucks when we needed it most we came out. We scored probably one of the nastiest goals that we have scored all year. Actually, I didn't score it. I tossed the pass across, but still one of the nastiest plays that we have ever had not only that we got Venice a win, which that's basically the same as winning the Stanley Cup. We saw how terrible he was in this game as you can see our current record, 18, 14 and 5.

We are. Going to sing the next five games, and we are hoping to get just three wins if we get three wins, I think we'll be in a good spot in terms of the playoffs will that actually happen that remains to be seen game. Number one, a big win versus the islanders.

We do lose to Ottawa, a win over the jets, a shootout loss, and it will all come down to this the 500 dream versus the Dallas Stars, we're going period by period on this one just to build some suspense period. Number one, we are already down two goals. Period number two, we are still down. Two goals period. Number three, we still lose by two goals. So unfortunately, for us, the sim still did not treat us. Well, as we lose three of the five, we did get that OT point, which is at least a little helpful.

And I believe we are going to be hanging on to a playoff spot. Yes, looking at the standings. We do have that final wildcard spot, but it is getting closer and closer. Each episode we may need to step in and make some moves to prevent us from dropping out. But. For now, we are in also I saw some of your comments. People were curious about the league players stats.

So we're going to bring up the leaders. Now we have dry settlement. David Bouchard, Crosby, MacKinnon, Rankin and Lana up there and main. So honestly, not too far off from what's going on in the real NHL. If is the injuries didn't happen, we go down one more and our boy Ross slob Nash rob sitting there with 43 points.

So just outside the top 10, our boy rusty is here and making a name for himself. But we. Still have some work to do another crazy episode of be a pro here with Ross's slob Nash drop. If you guys did enjoy it, you know what to do hit the video with a like to let me know hit that subscribe button.

We are on the road to 1 million subscribers, I'm, neither, and I'm out. Peace. Foreign.

Dated : 02-Apr-2022

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