Paw Patrol / 10 Miniature Doll Hacks And Crafts

This kitty is turning into a duck. Remove the ears and paint the fur brown paint the eyes now liberty has brown eyes, she's so cute make ears they're floppy and cute liberty is going to go on lots of adventures. The birds are relaxing in the sun liberty was waiting for the right moment to jump out and scare them. This is so fun. Suddenly the dog heard crying. What happened?

We have a problem. We lost our phone. Liberty, went looking for the lost thing. The scent led her to the bushes that's right here it. Is she grabbed the gadget with her teeth and went back to the girls you found if it's a miracle? Thank you paint.

The plastic container blue. Add flowers we'll need these wheels secure apart from a car and a wire handle now it's convenient to pull it. Even if it's full good morning, it's time to go searching for food, the dog, put away the newspaper blanket jumped into a cart and went to the grocery store. Hello what's wrong. I can't see my friend, can you tell me where my friend is? He works here I'm. Replacing him today, oh don't worry.

Baby. I won't leave. You are hungry. Liberty, got some tasty corn. Bye, fluffy baby. See you next time? Wow, a box.

Magically appeared cut out an entrance every car can fit through fold the paper put a thread through the holes. We made movable blinds paint the templates pink cute blades, decorate the garage what's hiding behind. The blinds Skye is on a mission. We need a plane asap, oh, no. The lock is stuck. What should I do liberty came to help? Hey, I can't get inside that's it.

I. Can fix it in a minute? Liberty took a pin. And the garage door opened, yay, the plane is back in business. Now, listen want to go on a mission together that sounds like a real adventure. The propellers started up the dogs flew on their mission liberty.

We can make a helmet out of this ball, draw the lines and trim the excess foam paper, inserts decorate the helmet in the middle outline a horse blanket on artificial leather that's. The signature uniform now liberty is dressed as a member of paw patrol. The. Dogs came to the headquarters to learn what mission they have this time. Liberty.

Look. This is your paw patrol uniform. Wow, it's, beautiful.

The dog tried the clothes on. Thanks. Congratulations.

Now, you're a real member of paw patrol glue on inserts with the number 22, add bright yellow. Headlights, make a seat with a back. A couple of beads on a wire turned into a rearview.

Mirror add a big insert with a white rim and add a blue and white stripe. This moped is the perfect transport for fighting crime. Liberty is on her first patrol, the girls are happy to see her as a member of the team. Hey, liberty, you're doing great. Congratulations by the way we saw a criminal nearby that mean cat is back to his old tricks. Oh, no.

How does he look? The cat criminal was driving right behind. Her meow.

Get him. Good luck. Cut out an entrance paint. It pinks decorate with tiny bones, a cute box became a house, but we're, not done cover the attachment points with a foam paper, ribbon cover the entrance with a white arc that. Has a paw with wings. There is a soft pillow inside.

This is the perfect place to get some rest after a hard day on the job Skye is flying above the forest. When suddenly her motor starts malfunctioning she'll have to make an emergency landing, yay. She managed to land the plane, the dog is safe.

Oh, but it's so cold in the forest, even her fur and her suit don't help. She needs to look for shelter. Asap. The old paw patrol, bunker, yay, I'm.

So lucky after getting inside, she saw her old house. I can use it to. Climb the table, there was a laptop there a couple of clicks and Skye called for help. Now she can rest, hmm. The house needs to be closer to the fireplace.

Soon. She heard the sound of a motor liberty is here? Are you?

Okay, yes. I got nice and warm by the fire let's, go back to the office. And the dogs went back to safety, put a dog food dispenser inside a jar, make a long piece out of a clay ball and make smaller pieces, it's dog, food. This smell will call all the dogs here cover it with a lid, put the pieces.

Together and paint everything silver put a jar with food on top and a silver half sphere with a bone now paw patrol can have a snack anytime. Hello. Look around. Everything is different you'll have to learn about some new things, but we have a cool food dispenser. The dog started running around the machine Ryder pushes some buttons and a big portion of food spills on the floor.

The dogs are happily eating delicious. I am full happy to help. It has a white lid. And the main container will be pink cut out. The entrance hide, the attachment points under a lacy ribbon and a red cord cover the entrance with foam paper and decorate it with pom-poms, add a soft plush blanket.

And there are flower prints on the house is it just us or do they look like paws in paw patrol, HQ, the dogs get to work, and they get to play. We played a great game of ball. We did. I ran so much. And now it's time to sleep liberty went inside her new dog house, but Skye is still playing around and jumping on the roof of the house, what a. Cutie, but then she got tired too Skye laid down next to liberty paint a plastic container and highlighted orange a couple of printed details will become pipes.

Foam, paper, skewers, reinforce the frame attach it to the frame. There is a container from a toy on the side. Add foam paper circles, attach wide blades with a gold bead to them, add a crystal with magic properties, and it's convenient to move it with these bead wheels. Connect part of a corrugated tube with foam, paper rings. This unbelievable. Device can control the weather.

This machine was created by scientists to help the city. But the machine is going crazy and sucking all the clouds in what will happen to the weather in this city. The doll came to halloo. We've seen her somewhere that's, right? It's, Skye.

The mask doesn't, look, right. So let's, redraw. Her face, apply new lipstick draw the eyebrows and add blush make ponytails trim. The bangs pause sparkle in her purple eyes. Try it on Skye. This cutie got a new outfit, put on a helmet with a. Batch human sky is as good as dog sky is chasing the cloud catcher. The machine is eating more and more clouds each minute.

We need to stop it. But the pilot can't catch up with the machine at one moment, the plane flew inside a cloud and what a cloud ranger, the vehicle can't, hold the weight and starts going down. Ah, Skye is landing right near Ryder. Oh, what happened that was weird, hmm?

What who is that sky? But how they both can't believe? What happened? Liberty is barking in surprise, but she. Recognized her loyal friend in her new look.

Dated : 16-Apr-2022

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