Pbs Program Break (Feb 28,2017)

Local support for a portion of today's programming is provided by Wells Fargo. Our support of Aggie students goes beyond just banking by supporting News, 22 we're, giving back to the community Wells Fargo together we'll go far are you hungry for more of the Great British baking show now you can get all the pudding cakes and pies, your heart desires. This is absolutely delicious as a member of this PBS station, you can stream three full seasons of the Great British. Baking show plus master class.

Episodes now available in Passport catch up anytime become a member now sign in and start streaming passport today, get extended streaming of PBS programs by becoming a KRW MTV member at KRW G, org or toll-free 1-800. 55 passports is only a benefit for television memberships at the $60.00 level or higher that's just five dollars a month for sustaining television. Memberships current $60, a year TV members can email feedback at MSU dot EDU to unlock passports. New members join us at KR WE, org or one. Eight eight, eight, nine, two, two, five, seven, nine, four.

This is KR WE, Las Cruces serving the entire region. Thanks to your support become a member any time at KRW Chi. Org, local, telecast of the PBS news hour is provided in part by the New Mexico Humanities, Council seeking to understand who we were who we are.

And who we hope to be the New Mexico, Humanities, Council proud to support public and interpretive programs throughout New Mexico. You.

Dated : 28-Apr-2022

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